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How not to be attacked in Australia
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May 28, 2009 13:03 IST
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In the 66th reported attack on South Asian students in Australia, Shravan Kumar Theerthala, an Andhra Pradesh farmer's son studying automotive engineering in Melbourne, is battling for his life in a local hospital.

In what is being described as a racial attack, Shravan and four friends -- all students -- were brutally attacked by Australian teenagers with screwdrivers.

Three of his friends suffered minor injuries and have been discharged from the hospital, but Shravan, his family fears, may have a permanent disability when he recovers from his injuries.

While the Australian police and government say they are taking measures to prevent future attacks by setting up counselling services and helplines where assistance is provided in English and Hindi, nothing would be more valuable than advice by those who have studied in Australia and protected themselves from racial attacks.

If you have studied in Australia and have tips to share with other readers on how to avoid being attacked, please do e-mail us at with the subject line Avoiding racial attacks. Your name and identity will not be disclosed unless you want it to be revealed.

Your experience in warding off such attacks when you studied abroad would be invaluable and help other Indian students studying abroad to stay away from trouble.

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