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'I don't think Pooja knows what she's saying'

December 27, 2002 17:24 IST

Ranvir ShoreyThe Mumbai police arrested Rahul Bhatt, actress-producer Pooja Bhatt's brother, on December 22, after former Channel [V] veejay Ranvir Shorey filed a complaint against Rahul for allegedly assaulting him.

Vickey Lalwani caught up with a distraught and anguished Ranvir:

How did you get to know Pooja Bhatt?

I am acting in her forthcoming film Jism. I play John Abraham's friend. During the making of Jism, we got very close. We have been living in for the last two-and-a-half months.

How would you describe your relationship with her?

Just like any normal couple. We had our share of tiffs. But today (pauses and begins to look at the ceiling).

I used to drink at her place. Often, she used to say I was drinking too much and not taking enough care of her. On such
occasions, I used to volunteer leaving the scene. That used to irritate her and she would get violent. A scuffle would ensue.

Mind you, it takes me drinking to get violent. She gets violent without drinking, too.

I must have told her a relationship cannot work if she behaved like this at least 30 times.

What happened that night?

Like every day, I was at Pooja's place. The usual scuffle ensued. I decided to call off the relationship. Things got out of hand. I packed my bags and left. When I slid behind the steering wheel of my car, I realised I had forgotten one of my bags. I started calling Pooja on her cell phone (groans).

How did she react?

She disconnected my calls.

Pooja BhattAnd then?

I kept trying to reach her. As I was dialling, I heard the glass shatter around me. I looked back to see that both windows of my car had been broken. I came out and saw Pooja's brother Rahul standing with an iron rod. I was dazed. Before I knew what happened, he started whacking me with the rod.

But Pooja has said you were having a scuffle and she got hurt.

(interrupts) Rubbish. Rahul was not present at the time Pooja and I quarrelled. I am still not able to figure out how he sprung up outside my car. Her statements that I hit on her stitches and her brother came to her rescue are all lies.

Did you not resist him?

Have you seen him? He is a physical trainer.

Nobody came to your rescue?

Not a soul. There was a watchman, to whom Rahul said, "Tum bhi aa jao." He, just stood there, watching.

And then?

I dashed off to the Bandra [a Mumbai suburb] police station. I wanted to lodge a complaint there, but I was
badly injured and bleeding. The police sent me to hospital first.

How bad is the injury?

(points out) I have five stiches at the back of my head, a rib injury plus a dislocation of the knee cartilage.

You say Rahul hit you near your car. Pooja says he came to her rescue at her flat. How does she explain the damage to your car?

I don't think she knows what she's saying.

I went to the police station. By then, everyone had come over -- my people, Pooja and [her father] Mahesh Bhatt. We filed our complaint first. Then they must have filed their's. During the time I was there, Mahesh Bhatt was getting lots of calls from police officers. Apparently, he was using his connections.

Did you and Pooja speak with each other at the police station?

Not a single word.

I was appalled when I heard Pooja and Mahesh Bhatt speaking to the media and painting a wrong picture about me. I did not know Pooja is a publicity freak. And she claims to be a private person!

Pooja says Rahul was doing just what a brother would do to protect his sister.

(interrupts) What protection! He used to sit and watch television with me. We were not bosom pals, but he was certainly the younger brother of someone whom I had a relationship with.

This is terrible. Suddenly, he comes down like a terminator!

Do you wish to pursue the case from here on?

If they continue to act cocky with me, why not?

Are you looking forward to Jism?

If they retain all my scenes.