Will home loans become CHEAPER NOW?


Reserve Bank of India governor Duvvuri Subbarao on September 17 announced a 25 basis point cut (0.25 per cent) in the cash reserve ratio (CRR) that banks keep with the Reserve Bank of India. Though everybody was expecting a cut in repo rate (the rate at which banks borrow from RBI), the cut in CRR, though unexpected, pleasantlly surprised many.


But what matters most is: Will these rate cut translate into reduction of interest rates on loans, especially home loan EMIs?


Will you really benefit by this 0.25 per cent cut in the CRR? Is it the right time for you to go for that dream house?)?


If you have a query on how the home loan market will pan out in the light of RBI's 0.25 per cent cut in the CRR do join us for a chat with our home loan expert, Harsh Roongta on Tuesday, September 18, between 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm.


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