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AIEEE: Last-minute tips

Last updated on: April 24, 2009 14:04 IST

Are you a science student taking the All India Engineering Entrance Examination this year? Or are you thinking of appearing for it next year?

Do you know what it takes to get a good all-India score and gain admission into a good engineering college? 

Are there any last minute tips you should be aware for for this year's exam?

To answer these and many other related questions, Saurabh Kumar, National Head AIEEE, Career Launcher, hosted a chat with GA readers on April 22. For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript: 

Saurabh Kumar says, Hi. This is Saurabh and I am ready to take your questions.

raviteja asked, Iam confident in physics & chemistry. only in maths i have some confusion. any tips please

Saurabh Kumar answers, There is no subject cut off in AIEEE. so you can maximize your score by scoring good in other two subjects and do some questions in third one. many students do this. However, scoring in all three subjects help in getting top ranks.

dipesh asked, how many questions will be asked in 2009?

Saurabh Kumar answers, 
It can not be predicted before the exam. but most likely paper should have same pattern as of last year. 35-40 questions per subject (i.e physics, chem, maths),may be there in paper.

raviteja asked, What is the passing rate in AIEEE ?

Saurabh Kumar answers, 
Passing rate??? almost all student appearing in AIEEE get some All India Rank. But getting rank under 20,000 may help you to secure a seat in reputed engineering institutes

red asked, i will be taking the aieee next year... any tips on how to strategise?

Saurabh Kumar answers, 
You should try to understand the concepts in the subjects and practice the questions which have already come in AIEEE in Previous years and the questions of same type from the books.

aishwarya asked, can u please give some last minute preparation tips?

Saurabh Kumar answers, 
you have three days left for the AIEEE. now, students should go through all the formulas and key concepts. Some previous years AIEEE paper-practice might be of great help. Students should practice of solving the papers as per time schedule same as they will have for actual exam. This will set their body clock also and will not feel tired and sleepy during the actual paper.

chandni asked, sir,would most of the question in physics be conceptual?

Saurabh Kumar answers, 
yes. but you can answer those easily if you have studied good for you boards.

abhishek asked, Is it wise to get admission in some nit or state governmment college of repute like BIT sindri in jharkhand, as the state level exams are easier to clear

Saurabh Kumar answers, 
Hi Abhishek, it is always wise to select good institutes. obviously NITs have good reputation. But there are also some good other institutes through other entrance exams one can select. At the same time i would say, AIEEE is also an easy to crack exam and many colleges fill their seats through this exam. So scope to be selected is high.

Saud asked, What are the approximate cut-off's for NIT's?

Saurabh Kumar answers, 
student securing 55-60% and above can get into any NIT. 60% SCORE CAN GIVE YOU AIR UNDER 10,000.

ijup asked, sir will i get a gud college at a rank arnd 35000-40000

Saurabh Kumar answers, 
You can not get admission into NIT with this rank.


Saurabh Kumar answers, 
Any subject in which you really are good. But scoring in chemistry is relatively easy and time saving if you are good in the subject as the questions are straight forward.

sudhanshu asked, can u predict anything about the difficulty level tihs year

Saurabh Kumar answers, 
Difficulty level should be same as of last years papers.

bibha asked, hello Saurabh sir , sir i want to know that is I. Sc. Syllabus is enough to clear AIEEE or a student should take some tution for this?

Saurabh Kumar answers, 
Hello Bibha, it is sufficient if you understand the concepts because subject content is more or less same in all the syllabus or boards.

suresh asked, Sir How much marks translate to a rank of 1000? Is it possible to tell this? Suresh

Saurabh Kumar answers, 
somewhere 75-80% depending on the relative difficulty level.

sameer asked, Hi My son is preparing for AIEEE 2009 . He is getting average 33 % marks in mock tests for AIEEE. His marks reduced in negative marking is average 25-30. Earlier in IIT JEE 2009 he in not getting good marks due to negative marks for wrong answer.He is getting only 53 in IIT JEE . He is little nervous due to his poor performance in IIT JEE. He is fresher . Kindly advise him so that he can perform better in AIEEE 2009.

Saurabh Kumar answers, 
He should not be nervous. He should just focus and practice for better accuracy.

Saurabh Kumar says, OK. all the best to all the aspirants . This is all we have time for, today. Until next time, goodbye.