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Study Abroad: Should you join a US university?

April 24, 2009 14:18 IST
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Are you thinking of studying abroad? If you are, do you know which countries offer the best educational courses in your chosen field?

Is the US still the destination of choice? Does Singapore or New Zealand offer options that are right for you?

What are the qualifications required to apply for a Masters programme? And what are the financial considerations you need to be aware of?

To answer these and other study abroad related questions, overseas education consultant Karan Gupta hosted a chat with GA readers on April 17. For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:

Karan Gupta says, Good afternoon everybody! Welcome to today's session.

Karan Gupta says, A score of 1250+ is a good GRE score.

Abhishek asked, i hav business in India , i m 25 yrs.. done B.E. in Information tchnology.. want to do MBA from USA but not full time because of business.. for which MBA should i go ?

Karan Gupta answers,  You can opt for a Global MBA (online course) if you are not interested in a full time program. Have a look at for a list of schools offering the online MBA program.

Varlax asked, i finished in 2008. pla to give my gre now and apply for springs 2010... does this gap in ways matter for ms pogramme

Karan Gupta answers, It is important to explain what you did in this gap between your Bachelor's and Masters degree (may be worked, completed some courses and so on). Ideally, it should not be a problem

sachin asked, Which Universities can provide MS course in Computers in Singapore. Karan I am a software Developer (MCA) and working in a company with 3+ experience ... But looking for MS....

Karan Gupta answers, NUS and NTU are good schools in Singapore and offer course of your choice.

jittu asked, karan sir i am diploma in mech. so i want go abroad for work /study. so what is the process for go to work or what is process for study. plz. tell me

Karan Gupta answers, It is best for you to apply to a degree program of study in the US. You will be provided with an OPT (Optional Practical Study) where you are allowed to work in your area of study on completion of your course.

shruti asked, I have just finished my First year B.Com, and would like to study in Abroad, please advise me. shruti

Karan Gupta answers, You can complete your Bachelor's degree and then apply to universities in the US and UK. Keep in mind US schools require 16 years of education (MCom I), UK schools accept 15 years. Alternatively, you can apply as a transfer student now to schools in the UK as most US schools are closed for admission.

Scrap asked, Karan what is gre and what optimum qualification required to appear also what score i will need to get admitted?

Karan Gupta answers, For admissions to a Master's (non-business) degree programme in the US you will need to appear for the GRE. You need to have 16 years of undergraduate education before applying to a Masters degree in the US. A score of 1300 + in the GRE is good.

Varlax asked, Karan...regarding finance and scholarships...can you please give some information on the criteria and requirements

Karan Gupta answers, Tuition fees in the US are approx $35000 pa and living expenses amount to approx $10000 pa. Only students with exceptional academics and test scores can qualify for scholarships. Each university offre different types of scholarships and it is best to contact each one individually. Alternatively, you can approach state banks in Indis for loans.

vikas asked, hello sir i m CA student & will complete my course in three years. what should be My prosectus as CA in corporate world is it good. or should i go for abrod for higher studies aftet CA

Karan Gupta answers, You can practice as a Chartered Accountant on completion of your qualification for a few years in India as it is well recognized here. After 3 years, you can consider an MBA abroad.

arijeet asked, hello, i want to pursue llm in us , can u suggest me any thing

Karan Gupta answers, You can look at USC, NYU and Columbia for an LLM in the US.

Arjun asked, Hi Karan....I have an offer from King's College London..How is it rated....My offer is for Pharmaceutical Sciences

Karan Gupta answers, In my opinion, this is a good school.

Anjani asked, Karan: I have over 7 years of Work Experience in IT industry, I am bit confused should i goahead with MBA or MS

Karan Gupta answers, MBA is the right choice for you at this point.

mohammedsiddiqui asked, HI Karan sir i want to do M.B.A in abroad please advice me how i can process.

Karan Gupta answers, Take the GMAT test. Refer to for a list of B schools. Shortlist your schools and apply to universities worldwide. Check the requirements and take the Enlish requirement test.

bhargav asked, Hi Karan, I am planning for MBA in Australia and I have around 2 years of work experience. I just wanted to know which of the two universities are better reputed for MBA,if I plan to come back to India after MBA 1. RMIT University 2. UWA (University of Western Australia) I know that AGSM and MBS are the best, but I am looking forward at only these 2 Universities.

Karan Gupta answers, I would say it is best to talk to alumni and current students at both these universities as well as check with the placement records of both. Please study the course structure carefully offered by both and then make a choice.

rkr asked, Hi Karan, I applied for ETH Zurich, Chalmers university and Tu Delft for Master in Management and Technology beacuse its cheaper than USA university. But i still skeptical about joining these collegese . do you have idea about this . what you suggest for this . i like to know your opinion on this.

Karan Gupta answers, I have not heard of these universities and would not like to comment on them. Please check with the British Council on the accreditation of these universities as well as speak to alumni and current students before deciding on this.

khan asked, Hi I want to study in australia for Diploma in Account iam studend and having 2 year exp in share field plz let me know what would be the total expense. Thank you

Karan Gupta answers, Fees vary form university to university but you can average about $25000 per yr for tuition fees and about $6000 for living expenses.

Psharma-82 asked, i want to do my masters in international relations from abroad. i am not sure as to which country shall i opt for. i want to study in a country which would offer me a PR right after i finish my course. and which have enough job opportunities for international students as well.....

Karan Gupta answers, You can consider universities in the US as they offer students the option of working on completion of their degree course. Have a look at NYU and Columbia in the US for an MS in IR.

janmeya asked, halo sir, I have done Diploma in Mechanical Engg. I wish to do Graduation in Mechanical Engg. from abroad. Please guide me for that.

Karan Gupta answers, You can apply for a Bachelor's degree in the US with your current Diploma. Have a look at UPENN and UIUC for a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical. Take the SAT and TOEFL and apply by Nov 2009, for a program starting Aug 2010.

Dhiraj asked, what is the job position on campus / off campus in USA specially NY & DC

Karan Gupta answers, Students are allowed to work 20 hours per week on campus while studying in the US. Positions in the library, laboratory, dining halls and so on are given to students.


Karan Gupta answers, Have a look at University of Auckland. Take the GMAT and IELTS.

Varla asked, Hi Karan....I finished my B.Tech in 2008 and wish to apply for MS in Financial Engg. or Engg Management. Please provide the kind of qualification required for these two fields. Further i will be applying for springs 2009...Does the gap matter in any ways ...for MS programmes.

Karan Gupta answers, GRE and TOEFL will be required for US universities though some universities may even accept the GMAT. The gap year should not be a problem if explained well.

rajatwal asked, Hi Karan, I am a journalist and find Indian students very skeptical and scarry about studying in the US. One knows the job situation is serious in the US for now, how about taking up a course, say MBA or Engineering under the present gloomy scenario? thanks!

Karan Gupta answers, Infact most students are taking time off NOW to further their education. Besides, by the time you graduate, the scenario most likely would have changed for the better.

yogesh asked, Hii karan i would like to know about MBA from Australia? Does it carry Global Recogniisation

Karan Gupta answers, If it is from a recognized school such as AGSM or Melbourne Business School, it definitely holds global recognition.

Suresh asked, Hi karan, Which is the best stage to do for overseas education, under graduate,graduate or for post graduate studies?

Karan Gupta answers, Depends on your available finances and family support. Either way, it is a great opportunity to gain international exposure and work experience as well.

cegian asked, I got msc embedded systems course in nanyang university Can you tell me the prospects for the course?

Karan Gupta answers, Nanyang is a great school and Embedded Systems has good opportunities.

j asked, im getting a loan of only 20 lakhs from the indian banks but i need 60 lakhs. how do i manage the rest of the amount

Karan Gupta answers, It is important to have the required funds, before you continue for your education. some trusts such as Tata Education Trust, Aga Khan Foundation and many others extend help to students. You can approach these individually.

Manjunathan asked, Hi Karan My brother has completed his BSC Computer science .. And I would like him to study further .. Any advise - Thanks

Karan Gupta answers, He can pursue MSc I in India to complete 16 years first. Then take the GRE and TOEFL and apply to schools in the US for an MS degree. Have a look at and

imlegend asked, hi.. i want to do MS from US in telecommunication aggregare percentage in b.tec(ECE) is 65.6% what will be a good score for me in gre?? n for scholarship??? please do tell me.. sir...

Karan Gupta answers, You have good academics. Target 1450+ for a good scholarship.

Amit asked, Hello Karan, I am working with tata gp., age 31 yrs, gmat score 620, wanna pursue mgmt course from 100 top B Schools, would u suggest chioosing Australia/UK/US/Canada

Karan Gupta answers, Look at countries worldwide. if you re-take the GMAT and get a higher score, you may be able to look at some schools globally in the top 50.

j asked, is is possible to get an education loan in america without a co-signer

Karan Gupta answers, Loans in America are very difficult infact almost impossible now.

ParulV asked, hi karan, please tell me MBA options in USA now, I am an engineer, 6 yrs of exp including 2 yrs in IT sector, how good is MBA from an average college in USA, what wud be the fees in INR, and how the scholarships are available, thanks

Karan Gupta answers, You can look at Boston College and Northeastern University in the US for the MBA program they offer. These schools are good and come under the top 100. The approx fees will be around 25 lacs including tuition and living expenses.

Vaibhav asked, Hi Karan,I am a 2008 pass out Engineer with quite good academics. Currently working with a semiconductor Company. I want to take GMAT this year and apply for next fall. I'll have 2 years of worl-ex by then. If i score well in GMAT then can I aim for TOP 20 B Schools. Am i applying too early? Should i wait for couple of years before applying or is this the right to to apply?

Karan Gupta answers, Wait for at least 3 years after your Bachelor's degree to apply for an MBA. Even with a high GMAT score, getting into the top 20 schools is very competitive. I would say you should target the top 50 at least.

Roopesh asked, Hi Karan, I completed my engineering in 2004 and have been working with a leading IT company on the banking domain since then. I worked in UK for 2 years and now want to pursue an MBA in UK. I have planned for gmat this coming july. I am not sure about the universities in UK and their rankings. Can you advice the place where I can find this information? I am looking at MBA in Finance and mostly 12 -16 month programs.

Karan Gupta answers, Have a look at for UK university rankings.

Anil asked, I want to do mine Ph.D from abroad. what I should do??

Karan Gupta answers, PhD admissions are competitive and many times requires you to find a professor at your prospective university who will be interested in your area of research. It is important to contact the professors at the universities you plan to apply to and discuss your research work with them. Your prior research work would definitely be a deciding factor during the admission process and may also affect your funding chances. Getting full scholarship is possible if you get admitted to a PhD course.

Sharath asked, Hi Karan, I have completed my Computer Science and Engineering and currently have 4 years of experience. I am interested in doing a US MBA preferably in one of the top schools. I have written my GMAT last month and have scored 720 in it. Do In stand a realistic change of getting into Harvard, Stanford or kellogg OR do i need 1-2 years more experience...Kindly advise

Karan Gupta answers, Preferably 1 more year of experience, if there will be a positive change in your profile, designation and so on. Besides, top universities consider various factors other than work ex and GMAT. Your essays will play an imp role too.

prasadt asked, Hi have any free education in US w/o GRE tofel etc..

Karan Gupta answers, Some universities accept stduents without these entrance tests but it is very un likely that you will be able to get a FREE education. Though, on the basis of merit, and high test scores some students definately can get a full funding.

murthy asked, Mr.Karan let me thank first for this knowledge share session.I have completed MHRM & for the past 2 yrs working in a very reputed automobile company with a very decent package.I like pursue MBA aboard eventhough i hold a masters in manaqement & my age is 24.Is it advisable or can i look for someother alternative studies

Karan Gupta answers, I would recommend you to wait for at least 1 more year before considering an MBA.

Jeya asked, I was just wondering how hard would it be to get a Visa to the USA these days once you have your I-20 from the University? Has it become harder for international students there?

Karan Gupta answers, Students are required to hold an I-20 from a reputed institute and have sufficient funds to sponsor their entire education. If these criteria are met with, students generally do not have a problem with their visa. Be honest and confident in your approach.

mayank asked, Karan are foreign degrees valid for local jobs?

Karan Gupta answers, Yes, if they are from reputed and accredited universities.

vikram asked, i have 8 yrs of work ex in financial sector.i want to go for further stuies in top south asian bschool this year.can u suggest a few.also i want to change my carrer in mobile n animation which couse sshud i be doin/

Karan Gupta answers, With your experience, consider an MBA with a specialization or courses in the Animation sector. Some good Asian schools are NUS, NTU, and ISB.

rajshah asked, In ur recent ARTICLE in TOI cople of days before u suggested for study at home in institution like Ruseel square etc. How r u connected with them?

Karan Gupta answers, Russel Square is an independant institute and an option for students who are not able to go abroad to pursue their further education but are still looking for a degree with international recognition.

Karan Gupta says, We have run out of time and will have to stop here. Thank you friends for this interactive session and your participation. Good bye for now and have a great day ahead!

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