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Tarot: Should you change your name?

April 29, 2009 16:06 IST

When is the best time to get married?

What does the future hold for you? Is it a good time to invest/ quit your job/ have a child?

To answer these and other questions, tarot consultant Aparna Bose hosted a chat with GA readers on April 14. For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:

Aparna Bose says, Hi this is Tarot consultant Aparna Bose and i'm ready to take your questions

bhavna asked, Hi, my dob is 30.7.74, will i get married?

Aparna Bose answers, your marriage period starts from around November this year till march 2011. All the best

soumya.samantray asked, Hi i am 3rd feb 1977 place-pipili,orissa,3,28am..whethre i am able to chnage my job or not and possible to go outside of india..can u plz tell job future

Aparna Bose answers, Soumya it's not a good idea to try for a job change for at least 10 months. There's a better chance for you to get the kind of job you are looking for after that. Going abroad may also not be the best option right now. Stick with your current job. All the best

ram_shree asked, DOB: 5/3/1977 when will our financial status improve

Aparna Bose answers, Ram you financial status should improve by the end of this year. It might be a slow process, so you need to be patient. All the best

shankygaddar asked, I am Shashank a confused guy born on 18/05/1988. Going by birth name my sun sign is gemini. What in the world am I gonna do. Nothing seems coming myway...please...please...suggest something....I am ready to take anyway and also suggest some sort of lucky things and tricks...ever grateful to you please..

Aparna Bose answers, Shashank, it looks like you need to study further or do some kind of work related training. Wearing a yellow Sapphire on the index finger of your right hand(after you have made sure the stone agrees with you) would help. A pearl or moonstone on the little finger of your right hand would help calm you down. All the best

Genie asked, I was born on 13th August 1985, and the guy am in love with was born on October 15 1983. Will it be possible for us to stick together?

Aparna Bose answers, Genie, if your relationship survives till the end of this year, you have a chance of being together, though there might be quite a few rough patches in the relationship. Think logically before you make any decision. All the best

Arjun asked, Hi Aparna, my date of birth is 28.02.1958, i am overseas and intend to go back to India to take care of my ageing parents. Pls advise as I am not happy with the job just now and want to stop somewhere to be with my parents and spend quality time with them.

Aparna Bose answers, Hi Arjun, you could come back to India after 6 months. Make sure though, that you have something set up work/profession wise before you actually come back - don't make any hasty decision you might regret. All the best

jhumi asked, Hi, I am upcoming writer .. which name should i use .. i have two options JHUMI OR RANJABATI date of birth 05-08-1976 Kolkata 6:00 pm

Aparna Bose answers, Hi, Ranjabati is a better name for you. Practice writing it 108 times everyday for 40 days, and check on the difference it makes, especially if you are planning to legally change your name. asked, Hai, I am shashidhara, D.O.B.23.3.1966. Regular interruptions in my personal and professional life. Nothing is working for me. Pls suggest, remedy.

Aparna Bose answers, Hi Sashidhara, Saturn seems to be afflicted in your chart, that's why you have these problems. A good way to appease Saturn besides going to a Shani Mandir on Saturday, is to give charity to servants, labourers or even monks. Feeding crows on saturday is also an option. all the best

saiprasad asked, DOB:7TH OCT 1978.I WANT TO KNOW WHEN CAN i BECOME FATHER.we are trying for child for last 4-5 months.Can you please let me kow.,

Aparna Bose answers, Hi Saiprasad, You could conceive a child within around 9 months from now. It would be a good idea to consult a specialist for help. All the best

raghukanth asked, I am raghu born on 1st feb 1978.I am having health problems related to kidney. Can you suggest me something

Aparna Bose answers, Hi Raghukanth, you need to use alternate healing therapies like reki, crystal healing, homeopathy. A lot of your health problems also have to do with your state of mind, so you need to work on that too. Take small steps and don't get discouraged if healing takes a little time. All the best

akshay asked, Hello, Iam Akshay born 18th July 1979, wish to start an ad agency with my two friends. Do i go ahead or i start single handed.

Aparna Bose answers, Hi Akshay, You could start your ad agency with your friends as long as you are all clear about what each of you is responsible for, how much each of you will invest, and how you will share profits. All the best

anurag_lodha asked,  Hello, I am Anurag born 9th march 1983, in love with megha born on 11th aug 1985 . her parents are acting stubbron against the marriage,everyone else agreed. we both wanna get together ASAp.can u tell me the approx time of our marriage ( which is bound to happen )

Aparna Bose answers, Hi Anurag, Your marriage period starts after 6 weeks. Try to make Megha's parents agree to the wedding if you can. All the best

NirajS asked, Hi Aparna my DoB is 21.12.73 am desperately looking for a house since 3 years. When do you think will i be able to fulfill this wish

Aparna Bose answers, Hi Niraj, your time for buying property starts from July this year till Jan 2011. All the best

milin asked, i am mona milin desai dob is 13-3-76 born in mumbai, i am getting chance for scholarship abroad but at the same time we are trying for kid- my husband is milin desai dob-8-11-76 ,mumbai ,since my pregnancy is complicated n ivf is suggested,i am confused-studies or kid first? pls help

Aparna Bose answers, Hi Milin, If you want to settle abroad, it would be better to go for the scholarship right now and try for a child after 2 years. All the best

Amk asked, Hi! DOB 7-May-1974 1:35 AM. When will end my offical trouble (which is badly hitting my career since 2005)?

Aparna Bose answers, Hi Amk, Your official troube should ease out by the end of this year. you may have to make some compromises though. All the best

apapa asked, my name is APEKSHA, DON - 13/2/1987. SHOULD I TRY FOR CIVIL SERVICE EXAMS?

Aparna Bose answers, Hi Apeksha, Though you could try for civil service exams, it would be good to keep other options open too. All the best

Administrator says, The time is up, it was a pleasure to have you all with us, if you want a paid consultation, email Aparna Bose at