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Restaurant review: Are you Mad Over Donuts?

August 14, 2009 15:44 IST

We invited GA readers to contribute restaurant reviews and share their opinions on their neighbourhood eateries with us. Here, Sarbani Sengupta from Mumbai tells us what she thinks of dessert chain Mad Over Donuts.

I am walking on Carter Road by the sea after a traumatic day at work.

As I pass the pavement food shops buzzing with youthful conversation, diners jostling for chairs and kebabs burning on skewers, a bright little shop seems to sketch a welcome wave. "Ah! Just what I need after dinner," I say to myself as I register the name of the shop, Mad Over Donuts (MOD).

The warm orange glow on the walls is reflected on the smiles of the assistants dressed in the same hue. The counter has doughnuts (or donuts) on vivid display -- ranging from dark chocolatey ones, to shiny glazed types and even savoury cheese rings topped with olive slices! As I pick up the menu card and go through the astounding range of 25 flavours, my mouth starts to water.

The MOD chain has been launched in Mumbai and Delhi with a mission to popularise doughnuts in the country. This is evident on the menu card which tells us that it will be "love at first bite" as "fresh gourmet donuts are finally in India." I select a chocolate doughnut with a creamy filling called Black and White Bavarian, the late Michael Jackson being top of mind. As I take my first bite, it is a wonderful surprise for my mouth and a delight for my taste buds.

Doughnuts have a disputed history. One theory suggests that they were introduced into North America by Dutch settlers whereas another theory points to this pastry being prepared by Native Americans. While they have now travelled all over the world, doughnuts are viewed as quintessentially American. National Doughnut Day is celebrated in USA on the first Friday of June, with the famous chain of Dunkin' Donuts serving a free doughnut with every cup of coffee. This culture is also apparent in popular television shows like The Simpsons, where it is shown to be animated character Homer Simpson's favourite food.

I take another bite of this piece of American culture in Mumbai and my eyes close in ecstasy. The sweet sauce oozes out into my mouth. Mmmmm...soft, fluffy and delicious. "One more?" asks the smiling girl at the counter. She suggests the Apple Dream, freshly baked and generously sprinkled with cinnamon. A dream indeed, a most delectable one, I conclude. By this time, doughnuts have me fully 'hooked', as the Yankees would say.

I struggle to shortlist a few to take home from the varied range and the friendly counter girl comes to my rescue. At her recommendation, I pick an assortment of 6 (original, chocolate, coffee, cheese, mango and caramel).

It is midnight now and I sit at my balcony with a scalding mug of coffee. I dunk my doughnut (the classic glazed one) in it and take small bites. As I savour each delicious mouthful, the stress of a tough work day dissolves completely. All that matters is this moment of pure bliss, between my doughnut and me.


Mad Over Donuts (MOD) has 4 stores in Mumbai and 3 in Delhi.

While each doughnut is priced at Rs 40, you get discounted rates for 6 (Rs 200) or 12 donuts (Rs 360).

Beverages to accompany the pastries are also available (Espresso @ Rs 40, Latte @ Rs 55, Hot Chocolate @ Rs 55, Iced Coffee @ Rs 70).

Visit their website to find out more.

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Sarbani Sengupta