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Monsoon romance: 'We walked hand in hand'

Last updated on: July 17, 2009 17:47 IST
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Do you have any special memories that were created during the monsoons? We invited Get Ahead readers to share their romantic monsoon memories with us, and we have been flooded with responses. As part of an ongoing series, we present three stories we received.

It was one of the most romantic moments in our life and not to forget it was the first one.

It was our engagement day -- June 24, 2007 -- the official start of our life together.

It had been drizzling since morning. We got engaged in the afternoon in the presence of all our relatives. At around 4 pm, when everybody was leaving for home, my fiancee asked me whether we could go for a drive. I felt as if he read my mind and said yes immediately. We had never imagined how romantic that drive was going to be.

We came out and it was pleasant weather, drizzling. We said goodbye to our parents and went toward the bike. Since ours was an arranged marriage, there was still an unfamiliarity and shyness between us. He started the bike, I sat behind him, a little shy.

He drove for a very long time. As time passed, the shyness was decreased and we started enjoying the drive. He stopped the bike somewhere and we got down. It had started raining a little heavily. He said, 'Let's walk for sometime.' And we started walking on a very lonely road, there were just two of us. He was walking beside me. I felt on top of the world with the most special person in my life with me and with noone around. Suddenly he held my hand. It was such a romantic feeling. We didn't say a word and just kept walking with hand in hand. It was the best conversation we had.

We came back to the bike and looked at the watch. It was more than 2 hours which went by as quick as 2 minutes. We headed back to my home. It was still raining. We both felt like we knew each other and all the unfamiliarity had gone away after the walk. I kept my chin on his shoulder and held him tight. That firm hold of mine conveyed my love to him. And he said 'I love you.'

Those three hours we will never forget. Those moments made us feel that we were made for each other.

-- Swati Barve, Pune

This happened two years back, to be precise on the July 14, 2007. It was awesome, mindblowing. It couldn't have been better and the best thing was that our office closed early for the day, and it was just the right time to spend some time with my love. The weather was just perfect to spend time with my loved one -- a very pleasant cool breeze blew and both of us just enjoyed each other's company. I had always longed to kiss my darling and was just waiting for one oppurtunity -- it couldn't have been better than this.

As expected, the rains blessed us with the moment. Mumbai city was flooded with water everywhere, all means of transport were badly hit. By then we reached Andheri station where we came to know that there were no trains, and therefore caught an auto. By that time my girl was completely drenched. By the time we reached Vile Parle I could not control myself, I pulled her close and lifted her face; she closed her eyes and allowed me my first kiss -- all so good and heavenly. Till today I still kiss her, but the first kiss will be cherised.

An awesome day that I can never forget.

-- Praveen Kumar, Mumbai

This happened sometime in September last year. I knew this girl for 4 years. We met in a chat room and then went on to becoming very good friends, but I had never met her personally. I was on a official visit to Mumbai and she had recently shifted to there. We decided to meet in the evening after I finished my work. After completing my work I went to her hostel to pick her up.

As I was on my way, it started pouring heavily. I called her and asked whether she still wanted to meet, and to my surprise she was ready to meet me.

I reached her hostel at around 10 at night. She somehow managed to sneak out of the hostel. When I saw her for the first time, I was speechless. She was so cute and beautiful, and because she was wet she looked even more attractive.

We took a rick and were looking for some place to have dinner but as it was raining too heavily all the hotels and restaurants were almost closed. We managed to find a CCD and spent our time talking about how we started our friendship... we did not realise how the time flew by. It was almost 12.30 and we wanted to sit and talk some more, but we had to leave.

We took a rick back to her hostel and I dropped her and went back to my hotel. I still remember that day. It was one of the best days of my life.

-- Lucky Boy

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