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Study UK: 'Will my work experience help?'

July 28, 2009 11:55 IST

Are you thinking about studying in the United Kingdom but not sure if you can afford it?

How can you check if your college is recognised?

Are there scholarships you can apply for?

Can you work while you pursue your degree?

What are the visa procedures you should know about?

To address these and other related queries, experts at British Council hosted a chat with readers on July 24. For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript.

Chandan says, Hi, this is Chandan from Education UK. We are ready to take your questions.

Charminar asked, why to go to uk for study?

Gayathri answers,  charminar UK gives you degrees that are recognised at a global level and gives you the opportunity to widen your experience and knowledge about a foreign nation

Neeraj asked, Hi I already have an MBA(IT) from IIT and 3+ years work ex. I am thinking about an MBA in Finance. Suggest some good clooeges in UK. Also Does it makes sense for me to do MBA now. Will it help me jump further in my future jobs and will it help me secure job in UK?

Gayathri answers, You can look at the website

Padmasree asked, Hi, is there any 1 yr MS in VLSI in UK?

Chandan answers, Padamsree, a good sit to look for this information is Hope this helps.

harish asked, Gayathri - I'm a working professional in UK and see lot of students being biased at UK universites due to their race and colour. Are the universities leagally bound to stop such discrimination

Gayathri answers, Harish one can always visit or meet the international officers based at their university campus should such situations occur which in any case is very very rare

ravi asked, will my visa being rejectde once hv an effect on future applications?

Gayathri answers, Hi ravi, decision taken on a visa is prevailing on the circumstance at the time of application. when u re-apply the circumstances and your documentation if complete in all senses does not stand to be rejected. Its entirely the discretion of case assessing officer

ravi asked, will my visa being rejectde once hv an effect on future applications?

Chandan answers, This question is best answered by the visa office. It should not, unless you used fraudulent documents during your first application.

shalinee asked, what are the good universities for MS(biotechnology).what is the future and job prospects in this field there?

Gayathri answers, hi shalinee, pls visit the following website and also

praveen16 asked, what are the scolarships avaliable to study in UK

Gayathri answers, pls visit the website

vani asked, Hi Chandan,am I late to apply for a PG course in UK.

Chandan answers, Not necessarily, you have to check individual institutional websites for vacancies. There are usually no last dates to apply for PG courses.

ABCD asked, Hi, I will be applying for a Visa next week. Will the new guidelines and the four point system apply to me? Also, what sort of documents need to be show to evidence financial condition? Will I be required to show that the money has been in my account for 30 days? Also, approximately how long will the complete process take? From application to getting the Visa?

Gayathri answers, Hi there, yes the new PBS system would be applicable for all student visas after 31 March. Plus this is a education discussion forum so we are taking only education related qs.

kanchan asked, after 12 th grade what type of course the offer in medical lines

Chandan answers, You should do a course search on to find this info

rana asked, what are the good universities for MS(elctrical).what is the future and job prospects in this field there?

Gayathri answers, pls look at the following website

shasha asked, How is the Cardiff university for MBA in UK for freshers ?

Gayathri answers, pls check the following website

Gurram asked, I heard that the international students cannot work (20 hours per week) on student visa from the coming September or in the near future, is it true?

Gayathri answers, Students are allowed to work on a part time basis for 20hrs per week on a UK student visa

Anku asked, I m a B.techand have 16 months of Work-Ex. Can i get a gud univerity and past academics has been just average?

Chandan answers, We encourage you to try applying. UK universities look for all round developed mature candidates.

dppd asked, I am a MA in Economics with work ex of 3 years. I am planning to for graduate studies towards PhD in Development Economics. I would like to know which Universities are good and also concerned on the issue of funding, as i need full funding.

Gayathri answers, Hi there, Pls look at the following websites which would help you in making a selection

Raj asked, Hi, I have 3 yrs of experience in Public Relations. Is there any MBA specialisation in Public Relations & Communication, offered in UK?

Gayathri answers, hi raj, kindly visit the following website

Anurag asked, I'm planning to undertake a master's course in journalism. Is there a specific course available for print journalism? What are the requirements with regard to Tests to be taken (like GRE) and can i do so after my 3 year BA course? Lastly, what are the fees details

Chandan answers, You normally do find a course you are looking for in the UK. Start from Further info is available on

Allwin asked, How is Warwick University rated in UK for an Undergrad course? I also have offers from Durham, Bristol & Bath Universities. Which would you recommend?

Gayathri answers, Pls visit the following website for comparative ratings of UK universities

sk asked,  will my visa being rejectde once hv an effect on future applications?

Gayathri answers, it depends on what the reason was for rejection in your previous application. we are dealing with questions on further education in UK now

irfan asked, Hi, i would like to apply for UK visa, i have finished my, doing mba right now here. i have three years of MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION experience. i do not have enough money to just go and study there, so i want to earn along with studies. will i be able to pay my fees from the work i do there. how should the processing be done.

Chandan answers, To apply for a UK visa you have to show enough funds in an account that you hold. You are allowed to work for 20 hrs during term time and 40 during vacations. However it may not be a great idea to aim to pay your fees from what you earn from it.

plraju asked, i am graduate civil engineer having 5 yrs exp .. i would like to do MS in civil engineering studies .. can u tell the best universities to study ? and what about the future opportunities in civil engineering in UK?

Gayathri answers, pls visit the website mentioned below

amod asked, Hello sir, i am a mechanical engineer with 2.2 years of experiance in automobile field,please suggest me for course available in uk

Chandan answers, You may look for info on

kishor asked, can we do a part time job in uk while sutdying

Gayathri answers, yes you can work partime for 20 hrs whilst studying and for 40 hrs during vacations

Allwin asked, Gayathri thanks for the web site you have referred. I am looking for soft information on relative image of Warwick, Durham, Bristol & Bath for an Undrgrad in Economics. Pls tell me your feel on this

Gayathri answers,

zubbs asked, what is the right requirement for study in uk

Chandan answers, It very much depends on the course and the level you are looking at Zubbs

aryan asked, is bangor university good 4 doin general mba

Gayathri answers, pls visit the following website for comparative rankings of UK universities

saurabh asked, want to do MBA in IT? WATS THE SCOPE?

Gayathri answers, pls visit the website for the necessary info

vibhor asked, hi.. I am a law graduate and have masters' degree in Cyber Law I am a practicing lawyer as well. I want to undertake research in IPR in UK.. can u suggest

Chandan answers, If you are looking at a PhD following you resaerch, you may have to do LLM or so first. Thereafter you may have to look for faculty already undertaking such research so you can find a guide and then apply...

Vigneshwaran asked, How can I know whether I am i eligible for study atUK ?

Chandan answers, The entry requirements are very clearly mentioned on every institution's website.

Raja asked, hi - is there an age limit to stop applying for a UK Study Visa? I mean I am 40 can I apply for a Project Management course?

Gayathri answers, Hi there, there is no age limit to applying for a study visa. Kindly keep questions pertaining to visas for visa forums. This is an education in UK query forum

Alok Kumar asked, Hello Mam... What would be the approx cost of an MBA in UK for an average University?

Gayathri answers, the approx cost of doing an MBA on an average can be anywhere between GBP 8000 - 12000 for an average university and 12000 and more for other universities

deep asked, hows the post study, job market like in the U.K?

Chandan answers, Feed back received from students is encouraging. It helps to know what indistrial links the institutions have before applying to one

lito asked, i have heard about partime jobs for international students being scrapped by sep 2009? is that true?

Gayathri answers, students are allowed to work part time upto 20 hrs on their student visa and during vacations upto 40 hrs

asifkhan asked, while studying how much can we earn money in London?

Chandan answers, The minimum wages are GBP 5.83 per hour, if that is what you are asking. 20 hrs during term time and 40 during vacations is how long you can work per week

deep asked, hows the post study job market like in the U.K?? plz name a few reputable universities for doing MBA!!

Chandan answers, University rankings can be found subjectwise on

shambhavi asked, hiii, this is Shambhavi and i'm an advocate with a years work experience. I have got admission in Queen Mary University of London for my masters(LLM) for the 2009-2010 session. I wanted to know whether this would add good value to my career back here in India and whether this is the right time (coz of recession) to go to UK as getting part time jobs and internships will be very difficult?

Gayathri answers, any UK education is recognised worldwide and bec of its international recognition it would only add to your career graph

Raja asked, Tell me a good college for Project Management course in UK?

Gayathri answers, pls visit the following website

k asked, 1200 Euros is sufficient for staying in Germany as a student?

Chandan answers, We are talking about UK only here today.

Radhakrishnan asked, How about the oppurtunites of doing MBA programme in UK rather than Canada?

Gayathri answers, Pls visit the website for your query

Raj asked, how do i find out, whether the university that we are applying for is recognised or not?

Chandan answers, The approved education providers in the UK are listed on

praveen16 asked, Is it possible to go to work and then apply for MBA in UK

Gayathri answers, it depends on what type of work visa you are on. if on an hsmp you can study.

irfan asked, is it 20 hrs of work per week or per month/and 40 hrs in vacation per week or per month

Chandan answers, Per week, Irfan

krishnan asked, How about the oppurtunites at UK rather than Canada?

Gayathri answers, we cannot compare with other international universities of canada or us. the onus lies on you to do the comparative research for the same.

shasha asked, In RAE ratings if 4* greater means a good university or what ?

Gayathri answers, yes shasha the higher the ratings the better the university standards of teaching

Puneet asked, I have done B.Tech (Indraprastha university) and MBA (SCMHRD, Pune) and have 3+ years of work experience (IT Sector). I want to grow in my career and think a 2nd MBA degree from aborad may be the right push I am looking for. Given the recession, this may be the right time for it too. Please suggest if I sound logical, and if yes, what suggestions you have for me

Chandan answers, You are your best judge, Puneet, but you sound logical. We suggest that you look at enhancing your skills and build on ones that you think will help you once you have completed your course. The course contents are therefore very important.

sunny asked, university offering course in resource conservation and management under environment and development

Gayathri answers, pls visit the following websites

sakshi asked,  i am sakshi i want to BA in character animation in uk which university is good for animation

Gayathri answers, pls visit the following websites

shambhavi asked, whether this is the right time (coz of recession) to go to UK as getting part time jobs and internships will be very difficult?

Chandan answers, Part time jobs are normally not a problem. You have a dedicated job officer at the institute, many general jobs are usually available.

shivaji asked, hi how do u rate liverpool john moores university for an MBA as they take do u compare this university with UWIC? please recomend which is the best for MBA

Chandan answers, The rankings and comparisions are available on

AVI asked, what esteem does a UK MBA hold in the international Mkt including India

Gayathri answers, UK MBA has global recognition and is recognised internationally. Since the case study based methodology plus most of the universities being AMBA recognised it enables in giving a boost to one's career graph

ravihbti asked, i am ravi and i want to pursue PhD in Food technology. i need some guidance

Gayathri answers, pls seek guidance from the following websites

Rajesh asked, How much you estimate to be fees for getting an Engineering degree from a good University

Chandan answers, At an average 8000-12000 GBP per year to give you an idea as tuition fees. Living costs will be around 650-800 GBP per month.

sakshi asked, i have gone through ucas and i have seen these university like bournmouth, portsmouth , teeside university which one is good for animation

Gayathri answers, pls visit the website for comparative ranking of UK universities

sunny asked, how do u rate kings college london

Chandan answers, Subject wise ranking smay be found on www,


Gayathri answers, pls visit the following websites

ravihbti asked, are we required to give TOEFL or IELTS for applying for PhD in food technology.....i have an M.Tech in Food technology.

Gayathri answers, its the university's discretion. if for them IELTS is a mandatory requirement then you would need to have IELTS Score. Pls check with the university that you are applying to.

haya asked, is threr a scope for people frm the radio industry in UK

Chandan answers, Very much. For UG go to For PG kindly visit

chandra asked, I am a BE and MBA form a private college in India, I am working as a Project manager in a soft company, I want to get settle in UK, can you advise by means of study for an yr or so and then get a placement from the college

Gayathri answers, this is basically an education forum hence would request you to restrict questions to further education in UK

amod asked, i wanted to know about post gradutaion in automobile design

Gayathri answers, pls visit the following websites

shivaji asked, why studying in uk helps us to bring more glory as compared from doing in india

Chandan answers, You get an international exposure which is vital to professional grooming. When sitting in a class in UK, you may be among 50 different nationals! More over luminaries in various fields are in UK universities; you get to work with them directly...

gunjit asked, which universities would you recommend for LLM in UK?

Gayathri answers, pls visit the following websites

chandra asked, Gayatri, What do you advise to study in UK , an year long course after BE, MBA-stemsy, for my profile

Gayathri answers, it depends entirely on what you want to do and what your future goals are

megh21 asked, hey hi, i am BE IT from mumbai, have an exp of 6 yrs, i want to do mba in a reputated college from uk,can u advice me abt the same

Gayathri answers, pls visit the following websites

hari asked, im planning to do my study in UK university, could you please let me know the possible intakes in a year

Gayathri answers, The intakes for UK are usually Sept/Oct intakes and few of them in Jan/Feb intakes. But there are certain institutions which do have intakes in July as well like University of Buckingham

Biruma asked, Hello, My question is when is the ideal time to apply for MBA. I was under the impression that june would me good but it seems most of the universities close their admission before June. I got an offer from Bradford this year but i'm not interested in going to bradford as the place is not developed and the university is also not that great compared to rest of the universities. My second question is how do we choose an university for MBA - Going by FT ranking does not make sense as the audit year is not base lined few have 2004,2005,2006,2007. it would be great if you could answer my two questions. thanks, Biruma

Chandan answers, Most univ start their sessions in September every year, we recommend you start applying 1 year in advance. most univ do not have deadlines though. give you govt rankings subject wise.

Roger asked, how much would it cost to study Accounting in UK?

Gayathri answers, On an average the cost can vary anywhere between GBP 7000 to 12000

Deepanjana asked, I have just graduated from CU with English Honours. Am I eligible for masters in UK ?

Chandan answers, Yes you are. Specific enrty requirements mentioned on institutional websites however have to be met.

Roger asked, how much would it cost to study Accounting in UK?

Gayathri answers, GBP 7000 - 12000 for a year

SaurabhP asked, Hello, plz suggest top three MBA for Strategy specialization.

Gayathri answers, pls visit the following websites

gunjit asked, after completion of studies can we join offices on student visa or do we need to take some special permits? I am asking for legal profession

Gayathri answers, after completion of studies under the new post study work visa after the successful completion of studies which is for a duration of more than 9mos student automatically gets a two year work permit which enables them to live in UK and search for work relevant to their studies

DNS asked, Hello friend, I am looking for 2 requirements. 1. I want to work in the UK with HSMP and I am eligible for it. 2. I want to pursue Ph D in Management. Would you please advise me as to how I go about?

Chandan answers, For working options, refer to PhD requires to find for your self a guide, then get in touch him directly and then apply with a research proposal.

SAP asked, Hello, I have around 3 years experience in SAP(Technical) and now i want to do masters(MBA) in ERP or Information systems. Can you please suggest some universities in UK for such kind of courses.

Gayathri answers, pls visit the following websites

sunny asked, for pursuing masters what are the test required for english language

Chandan answers, IELTS is recommended; but if you have taken TOEFL already, it is good enough.

praveen ghatta asked, Are there any animation courses in UK who i could study for in Masters and which colleges would be preferrable. What kind of financial aids could we entitle ourselves to.??.

Gayathri answers, pls visit the following websites

chanstri asked, I hav completed b tech and want to do mba from uk. what would i hav to do??

Gayathri answers, pls visit the following websites

Deepanjana asked, Would you please provide the such institutional websites

Chandan answers, Institutional profiles are available on our website

Ameya asked, Hi.... Can u suggest few good uni.s in U.K. that offer courses in International Politics or International Relations or Political Science at the post-graduation level. For MA or MS degree? And can these course b used as a basis to a Ph.D degree in India directly without doing M.Phill?

Chandan answers, These rankings are available on

Tauqeer asked, Hi, i want to study B.Tech Mechanical or CS from UK.How to proceed and what will be total expenditure.

Gayathri answers, pls visit the following websites total exp can be anywhere between GBP 7000-12000 per year. fees would vary from university to university. plus living costs could be anywhere in the region of GBP 750 per month if its London and anywhere outside London GBP 650 per month.

tarak asked, hi i am computer engineer. what will be cost of Masters in Computer Science? by doing Part time job how muc u can earn??

Gayathri answers, cost of masters can be anywhere between GBP 7000-12000.

ravihbti asked, what are the chances for scholarships for applying for PhD???

Chandan answers, Info on

Indra asked, Hello, How is the MSc in Operations Research from Lancaster University Management School valued in UK ? I do not have any work will it be a problem for me to find a post-study job in UK ?

Gayathri answers, pls visit the following websites Its again entirely dependent on the university. some universities insist on work experience while certain others don't. best to check with university recruitment officers for international education.

Parambir asked, I have been offered a place in Leeds Univiversity Business School for the sept MBA programme and it requires a total of 24-25 lacs. I am not able to arrange these funds. No banks offer this much amount as educational loan. Please advice me what to do as I am keen on studying mba.

Gayathri answers, You can try to avail of scholarships which should be able to help your cause. Pls chk the following website www.britishcouncil.orh/india-scholarships.htm

Chandan says, This is all time permits for today. Thank you for participating. Unanswered questions may be sent to Untill next time, Good bye!

Gayathri says, That's all we have for the day. Thank you for all your queries. Have a nice day.