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Post pics/videos of attacks on Indian students in Australia

Last updated on: June 01, 2009 10:30 IST

Despite assurances from the Australian government the attacks on Indian students studying there continue unabated. Every single day we come across news of racial attacks on Indian students Down Under.

On June 22 two hooded men in Melbourne punched Hyderabad boy, 20-year-old M A Khan, a student of hospitality management, without any provocation.

Ever since this issue attracted widespread attention after horrific pictures of a recuperating Shravan Kumar Theerthala were shown lying on a hospital bed in a precarious situation on TV channels and newspapers the Indian community has staged a number of protests in Australia.

Perhaps, a few pictures and videos did what loads of newsprint could not do. That's the power of an image or a video.

If you happen to capture videos/photos of demonstrations, protests, attacks on Indians in Australia with your cell phones, video cameras or any other digital media please upload them at Rediff iShare and mail the link to with the subject line 'Attacks on Indians in Australia'. We will give them prominent display on so that people see these photographs and videos.

You can upload your videos by:

1. Going to
2. Upload your Videos/Photos using the title as 'Attacks on Indians in Australia' and mail us the link.
3. You can also share the link with your friends who might be find your content useful/interesting.