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'What should I do after Class XII?'

June 05, 2009 13:07 IST
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The Class X and XII results are out and after a long vacation students now have to decide what course to opt for.

Will is be Science or Arts? What stream offers the best careers?

How should you decide what stream or subject best suits your abilities?

What are the education options available post Class XII?

To answer these and many other related questions Tunvey Gogia, from hosted a chat with GA readers on June 4. For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:

Tunvey Gogia says, Hi everyone, Tunvey here from I am ready to take your questions and help you get Careerwise!

Ajit asked, My daughter has done Diploma in Commercial Arts & 12th in Vocational Marketing. I would like her to pursue BA in Advertising. She insists that she would like to do BMM. Kindly give your advice. Regards

Tunvey Gogia answers, Hi Ajit, Since she has already spent a year doing commercial art, my first recommendation would be to pursue BA in advertising or any other course in advertising. If she enjoys the arts, she could also pursue commercial art further, or find a job as a designer (graphic or otherwise). Since she seems keen on marketing, she could even look at a career in packaging design, which incorporates marketing and commercial art.

ingit asked, i have passed XII with commerce, want to do c.a but my father insist me for c.s.

Tunvey Gogia answers, Hey Ingit, CA and CS are very diverse and different courses, even though they offer an exemption to some papers, if you have already done one of them, and want to pursue the other. Even the career graph they offer is different from each other. Having said that, many CAs choose to also do the CS, and vice-versa. There are many lawyers who also pursue the CS. The CA and CS require different skill sets. Largely the CA is all about numbers ƒº The Company Secretary course is more about setting up and dissolution of large companies and corporations. So, there is more in common between law and CS, than CA and CS. Before you decide, do some research to find out which suits your abilities and interests, better.

Zimmel asked, I am an Arts student - with a view od doing MBA in the future which would be a better option BA with Eco/Stats or BMS. What is the scope for Economics other than MA

Tunvey Gogia answers, Hey Zimmel, definitely BA with economics is a better bet. Statistics also is a better option than BMS. I say this for two reasons: 1. It opens up more options for the future because the MBA is always an add-on, and economics or stats offers you an area of specialization that you could pursue later separately. 2. BMS is not a bad course but you will end up repeating many of the subjects in MBA and it narrows down your options. Having said all of the above, I hope maths is a subject that you have and enjoy, because you can't do eco/ stats sans it. After economics you can do everything like an MBA that you could after a B Com or BMS.

Anmol asked, Hi. I would like to know about the the difference between B.E and B.Tech?

Tunvey Gogia answers, Hi Anmol, BE and B Tech are essentially the same degree. The names may differ depending on what universities offer the course. There may also be a very slight difference in the course curriculum. There are many ways to pursue a career in technology including a B Sc degree. For more details, check out

PRAVEEN asked, My son who is studying in Class 12th Commerce. He got 74% in 11th. Please suggest best course for him. His interest in Managment side.

Tunvey Gogia answers, Hey Praveen, I am assuming your son has maths. Commerce with maths offers many options to students. The most obvious choice is being B Com Honors or BA Economics, followed by an MBA. You say he's interested in management- if he truly is then BBM could also be a good choice. However, BBM restricts future options of for careers other than management. So, you need to be sure before pursuing a BBM. I would suggest you son undergo some kind of aptitude test. He should also make a list of reasons why he wants to pursue management.

sheerjeel asked, With a 50% aggegate and an interest in Maths, what future do you think should I forsee for my nephew.

Tunvey Gogia answers, Hey Sheejeel, an interest in maths is great. But interest needs to be complemented by aptitude, too. With maths as a core subject, the options for careers are many. I would suggest he look at doing a BA in maths, rather than a BSc, though some universities started offering an integrated programme in maths honors, for science as well as non-science students. If he is a true beleiver in the subject, he will do well provided he understands his limitations and works hard to overcome them. Good luck to him!

kanchan asked, HiTunvI am an Science student I am very much interested in computer I got 80% in hsc What options you suggest to me

Tunvey Gogia answers, Congrats Kanchan on your HSc results! Computers are the future and many options are open to you, and these will only increase in the future. The ideal scenario is that you pursue a BTech in computer science or IT. If not, you can do a BSc in computer science or IT, which also provides many career opportunities. Check careerwise.topperlearning for all the dope on IT careers.

Anmol asked, Mam - If possible, can you give me your email - ID as I want to ask many questions. You can send me a mail at my email ID - . I promise not to tell anybody about your email ID. It is a request

Tunvey Gogia answers, Sure Anmol, you can drop me a line by visiting

Dhiresh asked, My cousin has passed HSC in IT College securing 56. Please suggest better career/ course/education?

Tunvey Gogia answers, Hi Dhiresh, I woulkd suggest that your cousin pursue some kind of vocational training or course in a field that is of interest to him. There is no point forcing him to study theory if he is not interested in it and not everybody is meant to do am MBA! So talk to him and encourage hime to find out his area of interst and then find out vocational training or curse he could do. All the best

HEMANT asked, Hi mam I just passed 10th with 72% with Eng. 53, Science 61, Maths 85, S.Science 93 Hindi 78 I want to do 12th with Computer science but my parents wants commerce please help me about next session

Tunvey Gogia answers, Hi Hemant, Your parents might be worried that you may not be able to cope up with 11th and 12th science curriculam given your present marks. If you are convinced then be prepared to work really hard! Though my suggestion is that you make a list of pros and cons of both and then decide what you want to. You could even take commerce with maths and computer science as an additional subject if your school permits. asked, mam-im totally confused which course to do.I am a commerce student with 85%.I wantd to do bba but im advise not to do.I have joined coaching for b.arch.Please give me suggestion which is better and the future for both the courses and also the job oppurtunities for these courses

Tunvey Gogia answers, Hi Aditi, The career opportunities are many after BBA as well as BArch. The only real way to decide is by finding the right mix of your aptitude, interest and aspirations! Making lists of each is always a good way to could even take an aptitude test online. If you want more clarity on how to find the right mix you can visit

Sundararajan asked, can you suggest some aptitude tests which will exactly find out what is my interests and capcities?

Tunvey Gogia answers, you could go to our site and take a test online.

Anup asked, My Niece has passed her Plus two with 70% marks in Commerce. We are all confused what career should she opt for. I have looked at Disaster Management, Animation etc. Would you recommend that she does Graduation before taking a call on what is of interest to her. Please advise.

Tunvey Gogia answers, Hi anup, Disaster manegement is a career that will have great potential in the futre but current ly there are very few places offering may need to study abroad. A lot of you have asked about animation as a career option and I would like to say that it is one with great potential. Many colleges are offering courses after 12th. Though the trend to do vocational studies after school is increasing, I would only reccomend this route if you are absolutely sure that animation is the career for you. The reason I say this that if you are unsure, doing a course after 12th will limit your options, later. As far as your niece is concerned...if you are unsure please do graduation before.

Kanchi asked, Hello Tunvey! Can you tell me is there an entrance exam for English honours in st. stephens? and i have secured 66% in non medical.What courses can I apply for in DU?

Tunvey Gogia answers, Yes as far as I remember there is an entrance exam for english as well as an inetrview. With science subjects you can apply for almost all the courses in DU but will have to take a beating on your percentage if you apply for non-science subjects. Look at someother options on the careerwise site as you may have trouble finding a course in DU with 66%

xx asked, My daughter shows interested in medicine and she is topper in the subjects. what is your advise for girls doing medicine.

Tunvey Gogia answers, Well my advise would be the same for boys and girls and that would be to choose a specialisation with care. The specialisation should be based on interest as well as the kind of lifestyle they want to emergency doctors, OBGYN, etc are on call 24/7 whereas some other areas offer a slightly easier work envirenment.

ravinder asked, hi tunvey pl tell me options after class 10th

Tunvey Gogia answers, Hi, there are many options. Do some research online to try and find out what you truly like.

Tunvey Gogia says, Time is up folks! For more tips, advice and mantras on cracking your exams and planning your career, log on to Good luck!

If you have a question about the Science stream or related topics, join us for another chat on June 9 (Tuesday) at 3 pm right here on

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