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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » 'Should I opt for Science?'

'Should I opt for Science?'

June 26, 2009 11:07 IST

Are you cut out for the Science stream? Or are you better suited for Arts?

Will you're Class X scores get you into the college you want?

What are the career options after Science?

To answer these and other related questions, Prateeksha Joshi and Amarpreet Kaur, education experts with, hosted a chat with GA readers on June 9. For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript: 

Prateeksha says, Hi!!! Everyone, welcome to the chat

arunm asked, i have goit 93 5 and 92 in science in icse should i pusue science

amarpreet kaur answers, Hi! Arunm COngrats for such good marks. Yes you should pursue science. All the best!

ca asked, can i do an MBA after BSC or do i have to do commerce? is there any prefernce from bschools?

Prateeksha answers, Hi You can do an MBA after BSc itself but the curriculum of MBA is more linked with commerce rather then Science.

Topper asked, i failed tenth.what next?

Prateeksha answers, Hi We suggest you study hard and seriously and reattempt Class X.

rohit asked, Hi my name is rohit i got 56 percent in 12th will i get admission for Bachelor of Media studies

amarpreet kaur answers, Hi Rohit! For admission in Bachelor of media studies the minimum eligibility is minimum of 50% aggregate marks in Class XII. The admission is through a common written test.

sumit asked, I got 90% marks in Xth , maths 98% and Science 91% , Will science (non-medical will be suitable to me?

Prateeksha answers, Hi Sumit Congratulations for the good result. Your scores indicate the potential to do science subject whether non medical or medical depends on your interset whether you want to go for engineering or medicines

catstevens asked, how can maths be tackled?

amarpreet kaur answers, Hi! catstevens! Maths is a subject which can be mastered by practicing hard. You should solve as many problems as you can on each topic. Also, you can note all the important formula of each topic separately and learn them whenever you have time.

Babu Nair asked, Sir I have certain doubts regarding which course I should go for after my 12th I have qualified for AIEEE in Arrchitecture and am also waiting to write the exam for admission for BSc course in Mathematics and Computing in Institute of Mathematics Bhubaneswar and also SCRA. Which one should I opt for a better future. I would also like to know more about the Institute of Nathenatics and the future in studing the course there?

Prateeksha answers, Hi Babu It depends on what sort of courses you are intested in you wanted to go for professional course or pure science course. Accordingly you can make the choice. Visit this for more info

HEMANT asked, Hi my name is hemant I got 72% marks in 10th Eng. 55, Science 62, Maths 83, SST 93, Hindi 78. What I have to do science and commerce actually I want to chemical engg.

amarpreet kaur answers, Hi Hemant! You have got good marks in maths. You can take up the stream in which you are interested. For chemical engineering you will have to take up science stream. The career options in commerce are also vast.

kartik asked, i got 93% in maths and 87% in science my aggregate is 76% will science is sutiable to me?

amarpreet kaur answers, Hi Kartik! You have got good marks! Congratulations! Yes you can take up science.

kartik asked, i got 93% in maths and 87% in science my aggregate is 76% will science is sutiable to me?

Prateeksha answers, Hi Kartik Thats pretty good score Congratulations for the same. You can take up science based on your score but before making the choice think about your interst as well

AADI VAIDYA asked, sir i hav score 93% PCM in XII CBSE from himachal aieee state rank is 195(gen category)......but i m not satisfied can u please guide me??

amarpreet kaur answers, Hi! Aadi You have got good score in XII CBSE. Congrats for scoring 93% PCM. Your AIEEE rank is also good. If you want to go in for engineering or architecture you can get admission through AIEEE. You can also pursue B.Sc. in the subject of your interest.

AAKANKSHA asked, I have got 78 in maths, 78 in english and 65 in science. I wish to take PCM in XIth. Will I be able to handle it. I have already joined a private coaching center for engg. entrances.

Prateeksha answers, Hi Aakaksha, If you really want to go for PCM then be prepared for lot of hard work. If you are ready for that then go ahead

hetal asked, Hi I am confused write now,,, I am not sure to do Engineering or CA. I like Maths a lot and I am good in calculation and manupulating things,,, I am sure I will get above 85% in 10th..Please advice.

Prateeksha answers, Hi Hetal its good that you like maths and have the analytical bend of mind.Complete you 10th class first, you can decide about the career choice afterwards

Payal asked, I scored 94% in X and wish to pursue medical. As a fallback I want to keep Biotech. Is maths necessary for Biotech, if I could not get through medical

Prateeksha answers, Hi Payal If you want to go for an engineering degree in Biotech then Maths is required but if you want to pursue a B.SC then requirement of Math in XII is not mandatory in every university. You can check with the universities which you are interested to apply

ashwath asked, i am presently in XII and interested in IIT-JEE, AIEEE & AIPMT exams but find most coaching classes to lack quality in basics. Can I take the risk of self study based on internet lessons like Topperlearning?

amarpreet kaur answers, You can do self study for entrance exams. You can take lessons from topperlearning, solve mock papers and practice all types of questions. The way to succeed is hard work. So, work hard and All the best!

Gitankshi asked, I have secured 94% in class X in CBSE Delhi, not interested in BIO, kindly advise for other carrier options

Prateeksha answers, Hi Gitankshi There are lot of career options without biology you can opt for Science PCM group with computer science or Economics as the optional.

csd asked, hi, what are the options after HSc in science besides medicine, engg?

Prateeksha answers, Hi,Besides engineering and medicines there are a lot of options for the science students. They can go in for teaching after the masters degree or research after completing PHD.They can go for MBA or MCA after B.Sc. Architecture,Phisiotherapy, BCA, BBA etc can also be pursued by science students.

Ragini asked, I have got 88% in 10th CBSE. I wanna know if science would be perfect for me as I want to become a nuclear physicist?

Prateeksha answers, Hi Ragini, if you want to become the nuclear physicist then for sure you need to take up science PCM.In order to become nuclear physicist you need to do masters in Physics with Nuclear physics as the specialisation.A PHD is preferred

Ragini asked, Which institutes in India are good for nuclear physics after HSC?

amarpreet kaur answers, You can go in for BARC or Saha institute of nuclear physics for higher studies in nuclear physics.

HEMANT asked, Hi my name is hemant I got 72% marks in 10th Eng. 55, Science 62, Maths 83, SST 93, Hindi 78. What I have to do science and commerce actually I want to chemical engg. what is suitable for me science or commerce

Prateeksha answers, Hi hemant ,if you want to do chemical engineering then definitely you must go for science.But be prepared for the lot of hard work to cope up with science stream.

amarpreet kaur says, This is all we have time for today. Until next time Good bye! All the best!

Prateeksha says, Bye all, this is all we have time for,today. Do log on to for videos and online tests for the science stream