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Men prefer beautiful bimbos to ugly, clever women

Source: ANI
March 21, 2009 15:33 IST
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It seems that beauty is more important than brains, for a new survey has revealed that men would prefer dating beautiful bimbos than ugly, clever women.

The study carried out by has shown that more than 50 percent men would rather go for good looking girls because it was important to impress their friends.

Nearly 80 percent of the respondents said that they would be intimidated by a clever girl. However, the responses from girls were completely opposite.

Almost three quarters of women said that they would go for brains over good looks because handsome men are too vain, and those with brains would be able to provide for them. Only one in ten said that she would go for a good-looking guy rather than a clever one because the "sex would be better".

"It seems beauty is more important the brains after all," the Telegraph quoted a spokesman for as saying. "It's only natural people go on first impressions but going on a hot date with a supermodel can only get you so far.

"Although it's worrying that we don't seem to appreciate people's intelligence. If someone is exceptionally bright then it should be congratulated -- we shouldn't criticise them for not being attractive," he added.

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Source: ANI