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Lying at work can be good for your business!

May 22, 2009 16:22 IST
Telling white lies can actually be good for business, says an expert.

Professor Stephen Teo, Associate Dean of Business at the University of Western Sydney, said that lying to boss or a client can actually strengthen the relationship and help businesses run more effectively.

"People practice white lies as a way to manage relationships," quoted Professor Teo as saying.

"It''s okay and often it actually cultivates a better relationship."

"We all want to paint a nice picture and telling a white lie is how people do this," he added.

However stretching the truth can land you into more trouble.

"In terms of legal risk to a business or individuals, a white lie can potentially have serious implications if it's told in the right context," said Lesley Maclou a partner at Harmers Workplace Lawyers.

"A white lie could be the thing that is the catalyst for a deal falling over or termination of employment," she said.

She also advised people to be careful while bending the truth or leaving out important details because if you''re caught there can be serious consequences.

"Beware because something you may think is insignificant could have, in a particular context, significant implications," she added.

Here are some of the most common business lies:

Lies by contractors

1. I''m really excited about your project = I''m really excited about your money.

2. I''m flexible to meet anytime this week = I have no work on at the moment.

3. I''ve been working on that all morning = I''ll start on that this afternoon.

4. I''ve scheduled that in for tomorrow = @#$% I forgot about that, but I''ve just written it down.

5. Do you have a budget in mind? = Can I get away with charging even more than usual?

Lies by clients

1. Your invoice has been processed = I did print your invoice, but left it on the printer.

2. We want something really ''out there'' and quirky = We want something really conservative.

3. I''ll send you a full brief early this week = I''ll send you a wad of random documents next week.

4. Can you just throw something together? = Can you do a proper job but charge a lot less?

5. Can you give me a ballpark figure? = Exactly how much will it be? I''ll hold you to it later.

Illustration: Uttam Ghosh

Source: ANI