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Study UK: Are there scholarships to Oxford, LBS?

May 22, 2009 09:20 IST
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Are you thinking of studying in the UK but unsure of whether you can afford it?

What are the qualifications you need to apply for a Master's course?

Is the university you've been accepted into an accredited one?

To answer these and many other related questions, Amit and Chandan from the Education UK team, British Council, hosted a chat with Get Ahead readers on May 15. For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:

Surendra asked, I am a mamagement professional with 5+ years of managerial experience in marketing communication. I have got admits for Full time MBA from Leeds, Durham, NOttingham, Bradford, surrey, leicstershire, Newcastle. Would you be able to suggest which would be a better B school for me? IF not would be able to tell me which ratings i can refer to for making decision

AMIT answers, Hi Surendra, we can not recommed which university to attend, but please log in to, and decide for your self.

Brinda asked, I have completed 3 years diploma course in electronics and communication. I would like to study further in UK be it UG or any other short term technical course ? I can clear IELTS exam and also have enough money to support myself. Kindly let me know the options.

Chandan answers, Kindly consult this website for information on UG courses This website caters to PG Hope this helps.

manikandan asked, Hi, Where could i find the rating of a university based on the research activities happening there? I am trying for my PhD studentship and just wanted to know. Thanks and Regards, Manikandan

Chandan answers, for ratings.

nmn asked, There are school offering MBA without GMAt is it wise to join them

Chandan answers, There are a few institutesoffering mba without GMAT. this needs to be checked from the institutions website.

nmn asked, i am looking for a school offering cyber law or Cyber forensics can u suggest some.

Chandan answers, kindly refer this website for PG courses. website for the UG courses is mentioned in the early reply.

manikandan asked, How easy is it to get PhD studentship for a Non-Eu students?

AMIT answers, Dear Student It's easy to get the PhD studentship, to explore more you can log in to

Namrata asked, Hi! I completed my B.E. in information Technology in 2007. It's been 1.5 yrs since I have been working as a Verfification Specilaist in Mobile Software organization. Now that Iam interested in Telecom domain, I would like to pursue my higher education - MS in Telecommunications next year after having 2.5 yrs of work experience. Iam planning to go to UK. Can you let me know if post my masters, whether I would have better work opputunities in U.K.? What kind of work can i look forward to ? What are the type of courses and that I must target in U.K.? Which are the corresponding best universities for the same?

Chandan answers, Yes, you can pursue MS in Telecom. Kindly look into the industrial links for the university. Attend the Job fairs, and once you are doing your PG course you can register yourself with the University's Job Shop which will keep you posted with the job opportunities for your particular domain. Kindly go through the course contents to match the skill sets you would like to develop.

amareshuk asked, which r the top 10unis for management related subjects in Uk?

Chandan answers, Kindly find the relevant information on

jigarh asked, hi wanted to study Masters in Architecure in UK.what are available options..

Chandan answers, Pls refer to the PG website

paramesh asked, I have done 3 years diploma course in computer technology, and i wanted to do some professional course for 6 months to 1 year. can i find one from UK.

Chandan answers, yes surely. more info on the PG website which i am sending to you.

anu asked, i want to know what is the process of getting admission for an mba program in uk and how are the placement scenes in the colleges therein such turbulent time? I am an engineer and work experience of almost 2 years,i am interested in doing MBA operations management also will the degree be recognnised in india and what is the approx amount of fees to be paid for the program?

AMIT answers, Dear Student you can decide for your self, which institution you want to chhose, for more information log into, and find the list of comparitive research reatings. Since you have 2 yrs of exp, i'm sure it'll help you get a good institution,

krishnaswamy asked, My son is final year BE information tech. He wants to pursue his higher studies like MS in UK. Kindly guide me

Chandan answers, Kindly go thru the PG website

vdgarg asked, My son is studying at IISER Kolkata . He has completed his second year and taking chemistry as major and physics he will complete his integrated MS degree in 2013. He is interested to do his summer research programme at some UK university.Please tell me that how can he apply for that.

AMIT answers, Mr. Garg. you have to choose an instituion and write to them and seek opportunity.

AmithPallavoor asked,  I am a mamagement professional with 5+ years of experience in Financial and Business Research? Which would be a good University to prusue Doctoral programs?

Chandan answers, pls go thru the website this will help you in assessing the options vis a vie which uni to select

Ashok asked, could you please tell me how the collage Holborn for MBA (G)

AMIT answers, please log into, and decide for your self

amareshuk asked, what r the top 10uni for masters in management related courses in uk?

AMIT answers, for management subject pls doa course search and see for your self the ratings at

rishit asked, Hi, I wanted to do mba. I have only 1 year work experience. I have given toefl and scored 95. In which universities do i have a chance?

Chandan answers, Pls refer to the website Also most of the universities seek 2-3 years of professional work experience. Kindly go thru institutional websites to find the specific eligibility criteria

Ashok asked, i am dgree in Hotel magmt & 6 year of work experiace in five star hotels planning to do MBA from Uk & looking of for PR our their do have any programme which gives the workpermit or pr.

Chandan answers, Don't think there is any work permit. But after your PG studies one is allowed two year post study visa which allows you to search for jobs etc in line with ur course.

Ankit asked, Hi Amit & Chandan, I am in std 12th. I wish to pursue Architecture. Can you tell me the elibibitlity for courses in UK and the fees?

AMIT answers, Ankit - the requirements very from every institution, you can log on to, and choose an appropriate institution. the average tution fee would be in the range of GBP 10000-12000.

Purvesh asked, hi i am an MBA from Mumbai university and have around 4 years of Sales experience with MNC. I want to enhance my skills in marketing which university in UK would you recommened or course

Chandan answers, Pls visit the website given below

Namrata asked, Thanks! But, I would like to know specifically the good colleges for doing Masters in Telecommunications in UK wherein I will have good placement offers after my course?

Chandan answers, Pls visit this website this will help you with ratings of the college/uni

red asked,  tell me - y shud i study in expensive uk in such recession time , where in ppl are coming back frm abroad , the jobs r better out here!!!

AMIT answers, Dear Friend we are not pushin gyou to study in the UK, but if you look forward to Quality International education then UK is a preferred choice


Chandan answers, Yes, provided you receive a visa letter from the university You can take spouse under the spouse visa category

Abhi asked, How much value does a certificate from UK (BA hons, BSc Hons) carry in India?

AMIT answers, Dear Student - the international degrees are valued here, but rest depends on the subject you choose and how a particular employer values.

sandy asked, how is london school of business and finance for MBA? i am an enggnn graduate with 6yrs of experience in IT.especially looking at the return on investment,will i be getting jobs once I am passed out from there?

Chandan answers, kindly refer to the website given below It gives ratings and instiutional rankings

aftab asked, i completed b com so plz tell me what is my next step in uk

Chandan answers, if you want to go for PG in UK then you can visit the below listed website

tajinder singh chugh asked, what is scope of computer son is doing and intend to complete at UK

AMIT answers, The IT is doing well, some universities are offering good choices. please write what level you son wish to peruse in UK

psur asked, What are the options available to somebody seeking to study in UK after his 12th std.

Chandan answers, Refer this website for info on UG courses.

gurwinder asked, hi this is gurwinder. i want to know that how could i know the library science job..

AMIT answers, Gurvinder you looking for a UG/PG?

r_kush123 asked, Hi Amit & Chandan, IS there any Short term Graphic Courses like specilased courses in Flash, 2D and 3D Animation?

AMIT answers, Student -the courses are available, pls mention the level you are loking at

student asked, i saw toefl scores are accepted by universities but will british council consider them as well to provide scholarships or i have to take ielts to apply for british council scholarships

Chandan answers, Yes, we accept TOEFL too. For more info on scholarships pls visit

ashishd asked, Hi, could you suggest hotel management colleges in uk. I have done my HSC

AMIT answers, please look at, and doa course search, you'll find appropriate institutions for your self.

Rutu asked, Hi, for MBA in UK, how much is the aprox cost and do we get funding? also, what are the job prospects after MBA ther ?

Chandan answers, Hi there, the approx cost is anywhere between GBP 10-15, 000. You can look up scholarships link Kindly look at the industrial links for the college for Jobs

patrick asked, Is immigration easy for Uk student visa now?

Chandan answers, We are answering questions specifically catering to education and for the visa queries kindly wait for the visa chat.

anurag asked, hi amit i am accountant amd doing mba what course suitble for me in uk or whats it cost

AMIT answers, Anurag - course you have to decide for your self, we can not recommend a course for a student

Amarnath asked, I have four years of exp in IT industry. is it worth doing a MBA in bradford. I have got admit for the same .

Chandan answers, Kindly visit the website mentioned below which will give you a fair idea of the ratings

jayavelu asked, i finished bsc computer scince and additionaly arena multimedia 3 years course also. i want to further studies in multimedia what i can do?

Chandan answers, Look up the website

sandy asked, how is london school of business and finance for MBA? i am an enggnn graduate with 6yrs of experience in IT.especially looking at the return on investment,will i be getting jobs once I am passed out from there?

AMIT answers, your choice of institution is fine, but predicting job scenario is difficult

jaded asked, Hi Done my Masters in Economics and an Engineering Degree. Have my CFA Level 2. Planning to do my Masters from LSE . Can you please advise the criteria. Have 5 + years of work ex in IT

Chandan answers, Kindly look at the website for the institute in this case for LSE.

2323 asked, i want to persue phd in plant molecular biology is it compulsory to have toefel sore or gate score

Chandan answers, It is required only if the university website states so.

Abhishek asked, Hi , I have 7 yrs of IT experience. I want to study in UK so that I get a Master's degree for the HSMP. Can you suggest me the shortest and the cheapest version for this?

Chandan answers, We are looking at qs specifically for education. asked, hi i am doing BCS(computer science) from pune university i want to purse MBA from UK what will be the expense and eligibility

AMIT answers, the average cost for an MBA will be 12000 - 15000 GBP

saswat asked, Hi, I am a software proffesional having 3+ work exp in SAP(ABAP)Tech and intrested to join a good management college and can do a part time job simeltaneously.Plz help me out

Chandan answers, Kindly visit the website below You are allowed part time work of 20hrs during your term time per week.

Prashant asked, Hi, I am a s/w engineer and working in finance co. as in s/w and in operation, for which type of course should i go in uk?

AMIT answers, Prashant - you have to choose a subject for your self. pls log into, and explore options

priyavrat asked, my daughter is in 12 std would like to do fashion communication in uk.

Chandan answers, Pls refer to the website

Munish asked, I need latest updates for UK study programs

Chandan answers, pls visit the website

reddy asked, hi i am from hyderabad I have 1 year of work exp I want to MS in UK could you give the details.

AMIT answers, Reddy - you can apply to universities with 1 yrs exp also, pls choose the subject you watn to peruse your MS in

manu asked, hi, i have done btech and now working .what are the further prospects.. job ar study...

Chandan answers, pls visit the website

Pratyush asked, Hello there, I have accepted an unconditional offer at the London School of Economics...I have a few questions pertaining to the visa letter. I understand that according to the new UK visa rules, the university needs to issue a visa letter before a student can apply for a student visa. - Considering that my acceptance has already been processed by the Graduate Admissions Office, does that mean I'm automatically eligible for a visa letter?

AMIT answers, Hi Partyush - your confirmed letter from the university will be treated as visa letter

Mohit asked, Hello, I have more than 11 years of experience in IT. am interested in doing an MBA. I would like to know from you about the options available in UK to pursue an MBA with NO GMAT score required. I am full time working and doesn't get time to prepare for GMAT. - TIA

Chandan answers, There are some universities that do accept students without GMAT also. Kindly visit the website of the institutions individually to see their criteria.

Dinesh asked, Hi am Dinesh Wagh I am graduate in commerce & post graduate in personnel management so please give me advice for study in UK

AMIT answers, Dinesh - you have to decide the subject for your self

santosh asked, sir I have done HND (Higher national diploma )from Edexcel Foundation London in year 2003 can you tell me what is the prospectus for me for further stdy in uk?

Chandan answers, You can get the degree by doing one year top up course. Kindly check with the institution for the same.

uk_student asked, i saw toefl scores accepted by most UK universities. However i was wondering whether they would be accepted by british council to provide scholarship instead of IELTS

Chandan answers, yes we do accept

abhi007 asked, Could you please let me know about MBA prospects in LSB, OXFORd and other good colleges in Uk and also scholarships information in these colleges?

Chandan answers, Pls visit the websites for Oxford and cambridges for info on MBA and scholarships. In addition you can also visit the website below

ashish ashish asked, Hi, could you suggest hotel management colleges in uk. I have done my HSC

Chandan answers, Pls visit the website

MINAKSHI asked, may u suggest me some good further qualification or research centre in UK which i can pursue there. i have done MSc by research in Microbiology

Chandan answers, Pls visit the website

Basavaraj asked, I am a post grad in veterinary microbiology, is it possible to get PhD seat in UK, if so, which are the universities I should contact

Chandan answers, Kindly visit this website. This will give you a fair idea.

Vipul asked, Hi Amit/ Chandan, I am a financial professional with 3+ years of experience post my MBA qualification. Can you tell me top 3 universities to pursue Masters in Finance in UK? And also the approximate GMAT score?

Chandan answers, Pls visit the website

rja asked, I am an IT consultant with 20+yr experince and want to do executive MBA partime with job so that i can support my family also. Pl advice what is the best way

AMIT answers, Dear Student - universities are offering degrees in Distance learning, for detaisl log into

abdullah asked, at present i doing my final year of graduation (TYBCOM) and i have great shiiping knowledge, so is it better for mr to do MBA in Shipping management, kindly let me know is there is any scope in this field. and the suitable university.

Chandan answers, Pls visit the website

SunnyM asked, HI AMIT & CHANDAN...I m an IT Professional with 5+ yrs exp. I am planning to do an MBA in SPORTS & Recration. Wondering whether my IT exp. would be useful after my MBA in Sports Management in Sports Industry. What is the scope of MBA in Sports Management being an IT professional? Do you suggest any other unique or different MBA streams which will go very well with my IT background? Which B Schools in UK you suggest to do an MBA from Sports Mgmt or suggested unique MBAs?

Chandan answers, Pls visit the website

MINAKSHI asked, may u suggest me some good further qualification or research centre in UK which i can pursue there. i have done MSc by research in Microbiology plz answer me

Chandan answers,

chakriraj asked, I am into actuaries carrier. I have cleared 4 papers from Indian Society. I am looking to have some part time studies and part time job in UK. Which visa should I be applying for

AMIT answers, you can apply for the student visa

rahul asked, sir i have done my engineering graduation frm pune and mba frm bombay, what further courses can i study there?

Chandan answers, pls visit the website

sameer asked, my wife did BSC(Microbiology) she planning for MSC in same do we have option

Chandan answers, you can do M.Sc pls visit the website

neeta asked, what are the courses afer completing M.Sc. Physics

Chandan answers, Pls visit the website

prateek asked, can u please let me know about the kingston university for masters in accounting and finance?? howz it???

Chandan answers, Pls visit the website which will answer your query

Anubhav asked, hello..I am working with Infosys fr past 2 years..i want to go for MBA at UK next year.can u suggest me good budgeted schools..n i need to get employment n settle over thr..Thnx

AMIT answers, please choose your institution, you can look at and for work, under the Tier 4 you can work for 2 years post study

sandeep asked, Dear Amit & Chandan, I have more than 10 years of experience and currently working in Infosys. I have got an admission in Lancaster Univ for MBA starting Sep'2009. I plan to work for Mgt Consultancy firm in UK for few years and have a back-up plan to join a IT company based on my 10 yrs experience in UK itself. How do you percieve job opportunities in UK after doing MBA from Lancaster?

Chandan answers, We're currently taking questions about education prospects. Kindly look at the industrial links for that particular uni in your case for Lancaster which should give you an idea.

lokesh asked, IMP: Hi There, I have got UK HSMP (Tier 1) visa for myself & my wife recently. I plan to find a job there & migrate. I am looking for something that my wife can do there. May be some vocation study that her her find a job as well. Can you suggest something. Regards

Chandan answers, Pls visit the website below

sriki asked, Amit i have seen many universities/colleges web sites but none of them specified the placement scenario, i am planning to do International Business management from Greenwhich university can u tell me abt it and the placement scenario over there. thanks and waiting for your reply..

AMIT answers, Sriki - the golbal job situation is a well known fact and UK is equally effected, but as a student i'm sure you'll find part time job in London (as you are going to Greenwhich)

neeta asked, hello sir, please let me know about the courses their after MSc and expenditure

Chandan answers, Kindly visit the website The costs are between GBP 8-12,000

Ankur asked, Hey I am MBA in Finance, and now i want to go to UK for some specialization , can you suggest some?

Chandan answers, Pls visit the website

Rakesh asked, hi.. I have done MBA in marketing and currently working. Total i have exper'nc of 4 Yr.. may i know is thr any course which will help in my bulding carrer at UK itself?

Chandan answers, Pls visit the websites mentioned below

avinash asked, Hi this is avinash from Hyderbad I would like to know, if i do my MBA from UK what are the advantages

Chandan answers, The course duration is only for a year which means you are into the job market soon.

r_kush123 asked, as i mentioned short term courses of Graphic design and also please let me know the PG courses on Desginging and fine arts. Thanks!

AMIT answers, you can peruse masters in Designing and Fine arts, one year Degree, for detaisl log into, and decide for yourself

Rajesh koduri asked, I am studying B.E 3rd year I like to study MBA. What is the course Fees

Chandan answers, The fees can vary from uni to uni. But on an avg its anywhere between GBP 9000 to 12000

uk_student asked, 1. should i get a admission letter from a UK university first and then apply to british council for scholarship, or i could both in parallel

Chandan answers, Only a proof of application is reqd to apply for scholarships

nicholas asked, I have already Got a seat in University Of Bristol, i want to know when should i apply for my Visa??/

AMIT answers, Dear Student - 6-8 weeks prior to travel is the most appropriate time to apply for Visa

manoj asked, hi amit iam a medical student i want to pursue md in uk.tell me the medical colleges available and approx cost

Chandan answers, The approx cost is anywhere between GBP 12- 15000. Pls refer to the website

sandy_123 asked, How much total cost to me for BBA at UK

Chandan answers, Its ranging GBP 7000 to 9000 per year.

raghunath asked, hi amit i am company secretary and completed LLB want to some course in uk related to legal, can u suggest the course which can be done in india or uk and will use in both country for working.

AMIT answers, Raghunath - you can take up a programin distance learning, for detaisl log into

pi asked, I will appear in 12 in 2010. How to apply for London school of Economics?

Chandan answers, UG application for UK are only thru UCAS. Hence go thru the website mentioned below

AMIT says, Dear all - Thank you for your question and participating in chat, you can send your queries at delhi.

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