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CLAT 2009: Last minute tips

May 29, 2009 11:13 IST

The Common Law Admission Test is finally here. The CLAT presents you with an opportunity to change the way you live for the next five years and even after. So as you prepare to take the test, keep these points in mind:

This section will either be a piece of cake or your biggest nightmare. Accordingly its role in your roster should vary. There's really no study tip or special preparation that anybody can give you for math. The math involved is very basic and uses only primary concepts. Use the options, they are there for a reason. (If they really wanted to test your mathematical ability why would they give you options?)

Logic is a lot like math, but it's easier to crack in a short time span. There are certain categories of questions in logic and each has a certain way they need to be solved.

You should have enough opportunity to acquaint yourself with this section of the paper, besides all you require to crack this section is "Good Reasoning Ability" which cannot be taught, and comes naturally to you. The best thing about this section is that you can crack each question in this section without having done any similar problems prior to this test.

The only even remotely advanced area in the entire test is the vocabulary section. Since it's the first, it's also the most demoralising if you have to take random guesses, but given that NALSAR has been asking more usage-based Vocab than straight synonyms and antonyms, it gives you a little more breathing space as a lot of it can be cracked by using logic.

Grammar-based questions: Most of you have done the rules of grammar in school and have devised your innovative rules and internalised them as well. You have reached that stage where you can make out if something's wrong with a sentence and what it is by saying it in your head. Just follow your instincts.

This is the joker in the pack -- the format may be fixed but there's no way to predict the type of content. The GK section's a lot easier now without the short notes, so make the most of that. Also you'll realise that a lot of what you have read during those history and civics classes in school, has stuck. A lot of questions will seem familiar and even if you don't remember the answer, one look at the options should make the right one clear. You'll realise that your intuition will bail you out more often than not and a lot questions will just click on the spot.

The writer is National Marketing Head, Law School Tutorials, Career Launcher.

Senthil Kumar