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Have a query about health insurance? Here's help

April 19, 2010 16:19 IST
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Have a query regarding health insurance or mediclaim policy? Maybe we can help.

Drop us a line and our expert, Harsh Roongta, CEO of, will answer it.

Please write to us at with the subject line as: Health insurance query.

Healthcare costs for hospitalisation in India have risen sharply in recent years keeping with global trends. Many a families have seen their finances going for a complete toss due to unexpected costs on hospitalisation of a family member. Despite increasing consciousness about medical insurance just about 12 per cent of Indian population is covered with some sort of health insurance.

Today health cover -- popularly called as mediclaim policies -- can be taken from all general insurers, standalone health insurers and life insurance companies. The options are too many but you need to consider few factors before taking a health cover. The needs and solutions to them vary from person to person depending on factors such as your marital status and/or you having dependent children, spouse and/or ageing parents.

We are sure you will have several health insurance questions to ask Harsh. Some of them could be:

  • Which insurance company to choose?
  • Is it advisable to take health insurance from standalone health insurers or general insurers or life insurance companies?
  • How much amount is enough to cover my entire family?
  • How can I get my parents, who are senior citizens, covered? What if I have children in the family?
  • What is covered in a basic health insurance policy?
  • What are the major exclusions?
  • What are family floater policies? How can they help me?
  • What will determine my health insurance premium?
  • What factors should I be aware of before selecting mediclaim?
  • What can I do if my health insurance claim is denied?

And many more. Whatever your question related to mediclaim policies/health insurance, whether you are a first-timer or veteran, we have an expert in Harsh Roongta who will answer your health insurance questions every week.

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