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The easy, inexpensive way to keep wrinkles at bay

June 01, 2010 17:39 IST

Instead of spending thousands at the dermatologist's clinic, just make it a habit to keep your skin well-hydrated. It's the easiest way to fight wrinkles!

Forget Botox. The key to staving off wrinkles, it seems, is far simpler -- and less expensive. Skin scientists claim that a normal moisturiser is more than enough to smoothen the face.

In the first long-term study which measured the speed of wrinkle development, boffins discovered that dry skin more than doubles the speed at which wrinkles develop.

Study experts found that women with well-hydrated facial skin develop persistent wrinkles slower than those with dry skin, reports The Daily Express.

According to the study, published in the British Journal of Dermatology, for a typical 28-year-old woman with dry skin, the amount of visible wrinkle will have increased by 52 per cent by the time she reaches 36. But her wrinkles would increase by just 22 per cent at age 36 if she had well-hydrated skin, the scientists said.

Dr Greg Hillebrand, lead author of the paper on the study of 122 women aged between 10 and 72 and principal scientist for cosmetic giant Olay, said: "The results suggest that the quality of the stratum corneum -- the skin's outer layer -- can profoundly affect the rate at which expression or temporary lines will turn into persistent wrinkles."

"It stands to reason that women, and probably men, can dramatically delay the age of onset of persistent wrinkles by protecting their skin daily with an effective moisturiser and sunscreen from an early age, although it is never too late to nurture your skin and protect against wrinkles."

Source: ANI