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B-school admissions: Real IIM GD topics

March 22, 2010 15:50 IST

As the B-school admissions pick up steam, candidates are busy preparing for the nerve-wracking group discussion-personal interview phase. To assist aspiring management grads in their preparation, students at IIM Lucknow have come together to pool their experiences of the admissions process and present these tips.

IIM Lucknow's post-CAT selection process consists of three parts:
1. Written ability test (of 15 minutes duration)
2. Group discussion (on a given topic for 20 minutes)
3. Personal interview

Last year, the process began with the written ability test, which is typically an essay-writing exercise. Over the past three years, the topics for this test have been one line abstract topics and the time allotted for this is 15 minutes.

Evaluation of the essay is done on the parameters of perspective and communication. This is followed by a group discussion on the same topic. The maximum time allotted for the GD is 20 minutes.

GD topics for CAT 2008

GD topics for CAT 2007

GD topics for CAT 2006

Personal interview

Typically personal interviews begin with the "Tell us about yourself" question. Candidates have to be well prepared for this question as the rest of the interview would be based on the answer they give to this question.

Candidates are also asked about their strengths, weaknesses, long-term and short-term goals. Candidates are asked questions on the core subjects of their academic stream and recent developments in that area.

Engineering students are expected to be well-versed with engineering maths as well as their final year projects. Those having prior work experience are questioned on their roles and responsibilities, their company and its competitors, recent performance, and industry trends.

The candidate is expected to have a sound reason for leaving his/her job and pursuing an MBA. Interviewers also ask questions on current affairs in the world of politics and business. Through this, they not only try and assess a student's knowledge and awareness but also his ability to think.

A candidate may also be asked to share details on his extra-curricular achievements and the hobbies that he has pursued.

While a candidate may not be questioned on all the above mentioned areas, it is always better to be prepared for them.

This is a compilation of student experiences and interaction with the faculty, and is not officially endorsed by IIM Lucknow.