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Style risks: The hazards of body piercing

March 22, 2010 14:35 IST

If you're going to get yourself pierced in the name of style, you should know about the risks involved. Photograph: Claro Cortes IV/Reuters

Body piercing, a cosmetic procedure popular in antiquity, has become very fashionable again in recent years. Apart from the ears and nose, other areas like the eyebrows, lips, chin, nipples, navel, tongue and even the genitals may be subjected to it.

If you are contemplating getting a piercing done, however, remember that these attention-grabbing procedures come with risks.

Possible complications

These are some of the complications associated with body piercing:

Precautions before piercing

Anyone considering body piercing must take the following steps to ensure safety:

Precautions after piercing

Reviewed by Dr Vishnu Mulchandani, a practicing general physician and surgeon based in Mumbai.

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