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'Self-confidence is the key to crack IIT JEE exam'

Last updated on: March 31, 2010 15:18 IST
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The IIT JEE is coming up on April 11 and we asked readers who have taken the test in previous years to share their tips on how to score well in the exam.

In a series that started on March 19 here are some responses we received from those who have successfully cracked the joint entrance examination and are currently studying at various IITs across India.

I passed IIT-JEE in 2002 (with AIR 118), when there used to be a screening test of objective type, and a main exam of subjective type. The pattern of the exam has changed since, but strategy remains the same. 

1. Get your fundamentals and basics clear. Don't rush, give ample time and effort to basic concepts. That's what will see you through the exam.

2. Practice a lot. This involves two types of practices:

a. Without time limit: Solve the solved examples, without looking at the answer. Then see if you were wrong, and if so, why? The purpose of practice is learning the right approach. Then solve other questions.
b. With time limit: Take few time-limited tests to simulate exam environment. The purpose is to improve speed and build temperament.

3. Then before the exam, take rest for a few days. Don't study new concepts, relax. That increases performance and improves temperament in the exam.

4. Self confidence is the key to crack this exam. From a comparative analysis of IITians, self confidence was one thing that I found common amongst all the good rankers.

Gyanesh Sharma
BTech, Computer Science and Engineering
IIT Delhi

'Don't worry as your hard work will bring you the success'

As you are nearing the exam day don't try to cover new topics. Just concentrate on the ones you are good at and try to consolidate them.

Take some mock tests on your own to get the timing right.

Exam day

Have a good's night sleep the day before and don't read too much on that day.

Before you start the exam read the instructions completely. Check for negative marking and the breakup of marks.

You can answer all the questions if the negative marking is -1 for a 4-mark question as you only need to get one in 5 to lose nothing.

If you feel that you have taken more time for a question just leave it and try to revisit it in the end if time is left.

Don't worry as your hard work will bring you the success.

Naveen Kumar Redy (JEE 2003, Rank 1098)

'Remember that this is just another examination and not the end of life'

A lot has changed in the JEE system after I had cleared it in 2006. But the basics rules are still the same.

Be confident but not over-confident. All the three papers in the exam are equally important. Don't presume your strengths and weaknesses because it may so happen that the questions in your favourite subject are a bit tough and you might get demoralised.

Don't run after attempting too many questions; getting them correct is more important. With less than two weeks to go for JEE, take care of your health and don't stress yourself too much. Just carry on revising basics everyday and make sure you solve at least two sample question papers (timed) everyday.

During this time, don't solve previous year's question papers as there are chances that you may either get very complacent or very demoralised.

In the end, remember that this is just another examination and not the end of life. All the best!

Sharad Sen Sharma
IVth year undergraduate,
Dept. of E&ECE,
IIT Kharagpur

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