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Join the campaign against caste in census

Last updated on: May 11, 2010 17:48 IST
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Caste, alas, is a demon that refuses to go away, and remains perhaps the single biggest hurdle to the evolution of India as one nation, one people.

Each time we fill a form that seeks caste details -- be it in education, employment, and elsewhere -- the notion of equality celebrated in our Constitution takes a beating.

The biggest blow for caste has been struck with the Manmohan Singh government including 'caste' as a criterion in the ongoing census, the first time since 1931 that India will do a headcount of the Other Backward Class communities.

There can be no justification for breathing life into and conferring legitimacy on caste. We at believe that caste is a monster that should be eliminated, and seek all like-minded people to join the initiative.

Please fill the form below mentioning your name, e-mail id (this will not be revealed) and your reason for opposing 'caste', and we will ensure it reaches the decision-makers in government.

Let us do our bit for abolishing caste from our midst!

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