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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Video: 3 great ways to get flat abs

Video: 3 great ways to get flat abs

Last updated on: December 10, 2009 14:14 IST

Video: 3 great ways to get flat abs

New York-based fitness trainer Sarina Jain is currently in Mumbai to shoot her seventh masala bhangra workout video. Here, she shows just how you can get the flat abs you've always wanted using a simple fitness technique.

Click here for a demo on how to tone your back.

"Cardio exercises and weight training are the most recommended ways to get flat abs," says Jain. "But besides these, I believe a few quick exercises will go a long way."

"Firstly, explosive-type moves help you tone the muscles around your back and stomach as well as your thighs. Keep your legs apart, knees and toes parallel, sit down and jump up like you're shooting a basketball into the basket. Do this at least 20 times."

"The second workout involves keeping your body parallel to the ground. Only the parts of your hands elbow-down and your toes should touch the ground. Then you simply move back and forth for at least 20 times."

"After you do this, flip to a side the part of your hands elbows-downwards and a side of your feet still touching the ground. Now get your hips all the way down to the ground and then swing them as high as you can. Do two sets of 20 on each side and you'll have flat abs."

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