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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » 'Cardio is most important to lose belly fat'

'Cardio is most important to lose belly fat'

Last updated on: December 18, 2009 17:58 IST

'Cardio is most important to lose belly fat'



Fitness instructor and creator of the Masala Bhangra Workout Sarina Jain chatted with rediff readers on December 15, sharing tips on how to lose belly fat and get those sexy six pack abs. For those who missed it, here's the transcript.

anni asked: hi i am 5.4 and 58 KG i wanted to loose 4 kg in 2 month can u provide mesome diet tips?

Sarina Jain answers: Hi thank you for your question. Assuming you workout, pick up the cardio and weight training, which is essential. In the next few months try to avoid soda, sugar-type foods and drink lots of water

ri asked: hi i am 5.2 and have 58 kg weight & my thighs & hips are obesse can u Provide me some tips to reduce it

Sarina Jain answers: Do lots of leg workouts to make your legs slimmer and stronger. We were born with what we have so now weight train by doing squats, lundges and butt-lifts.

abhishek asked: Hello i am 5.8 and 69 kg i am regular gym going i want to gain 6 kg in three months i am vegetarian.

Sarina Jain answers: Why do you want to gain weight. Eat lots of protein like yellow dal. pick up your weight training by lifting heavier weights.


Sarina Jain answers, ;First of all i dont believe in taking any form of medicines. i firmly believe in making time to do cardio, cardio, cardio and weight training to reduce any type of fat. and of course watching your diet. this is a pretty standard answer but you will always hear this. taking any medicines is only a short term recourse. if you workout then the results will last longer.

jitu asked: hi... im 5.8" 76.5Kg. have started gym since last 3 months. in this period my weight have increased by 1.5kgs. I work-out 5 days a week for 1 1/2hrs daily. my diet habits have not changed. kindly advice me.... ( MY TARGET WEIGHT IS 72.00 kG )

Sarina Jain answers: why have your diet habits not changed? and please remember that when you lift weights -- assuming you do -- you will gain muscle, which weighs heavier than fat. but you should see your body becoming lean. in one and half hours please tell me what kind of workout you do and pick up the pace.

shweta asked: Hi Sarina, My BMI is in normal range. But i wish to reduce the fats deposited around my hips/lowerback & belly? Ur suggestions on exercise or diet?

Sarina Jain answers: First of all workout... secondly cardio is the most important thing to do to reduce any fat -- go for jog, try swimming, or simply run on the treadmill for half hour. any cardio you do, do it for at least an hour at least six days a week. but you have to make sure you have to do this. especially for women, you must weight-train

Sachin asked: Hi I am 5.9, 62 KG, my body shape is normal and slim but recently i am feeling like my tummy is coming out..

Sarina Jain answers: pick up the weight training, do more ab workouts like planks. try doing pilates type ab workouts instead of your regular sit-ups. they are very effective.


'Calf-raises and weight training will help you get sexy legs'

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Sowmya asked: Hi, How much calories should I loose everyday day to maintain a healthy fit body?

Sarina Jain answers, ;hi sowmya. it depends on your body type, on what you're eating and what exercises you're doing. Without specifics it'll be difficult for me to tell.

tim asked: Hi Sarina, im 28 years male and normal physiqe...i have a a tummy which is awkward to my physiqe...wat are the home exercises that i can follow....

Sarina Jain answers, ;do lots of planks, holding for a minute or two. and try pilates-type art workouts -- check out the videos on, where i have demonstrated some quick workouts. PS do you even workout. if not, start

JUHI asked: Good Afternoon.... I have been doing exercises ..combination of yoga, jogging, gym, badminton over the past 1 year to get back in shape. And yes, the good news is I dropped down weight drastically after first 4 months. However, I find that my belly though has trimmed a lot.. is refusing to go flat. Now the situation is that I have become bit skinny but the belly is still protuding out like a ball. (though much less visible to the outside world now). How should I go about it. After working hard, I am bit dissapointed to see that round ball in the center while looking at the mirror. Yes...I have also concentrated on lot of belly exercises.. it is not working to my expecatations. Thanks.

Sarina Jain answers: Since its been a year, id suggest you try a different exercise altogether. instead of jogging, start running. try doing pilates or masala bhangra ;-) But for ab exercises try planks as i am a big fan of planks. definitely weight-train as this will make a big difference in body fat. if you need to see how to workout, check out the video on where i have given quick tips for abs

satish asked: hi...i am 26 year old male , height 5.6,weight 55 kg...i want to gain weight? what should i do?lease reply

Sarina Jain answers: eating-wise focus on proteins -- yellow dal and chicken are rich sources of protein. if you are veg focus on foods like tofu and foods high on fiber. plus start lifting heavier weights to gain weight.

umesh asked: Hi, my height is 6'2 inches.I weigh 104 kgs.Recently i have joined gym and working out cardio and weights alternate day for 1 hour,6 dyas a week.I kept a goal to reduce my weight by 18 kgs.How many months will i need to reduce 18 kgs.How may kgs a month can reduce with the excise regim i am following.i am eating healty.

Sarina Jain answers: Umesh, for guys the results are easier to see and quicker. you should start to see results in about 6 weeks. till remain consistent. Keep working out and keep eating healthy. After six weeks increase your workout by either adding more weight to your training and doing more cardio. this is a lifestyle to follow for life.

ppppp asked: It's very difficult to gain weight on the legs? How do I increase the size of my calves by an inch or so?

Sarina Jain answers: no it isnt. you have to start lifting heavy weights so the legs become slimmer, stronger and will have a really sexy shape. add weight when you do calf-raises.

BBUILDER asked: i am a computer engineer and i work from 9-9 with 1 hour break and with no exercise. I have a back strain due to fall during my childhood. and i do not do anything for my fitness. can u suggest me something related to my health and fitness?

Sarina Jain answers: you have a busy lifestyle but you have to find at lease half an hour every day to change your body. this is crucial and will help you in the long run. especially for your back try doing some yoga. if anything, stretch out everyday when you wake -- your flexibility will increase and your back will hopefully start getting better. if you dont do anything you will always have a bad back.

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'Eat on time and discipline yourself'

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shweta_9901 asked: hi sarina ji good afternoon, i am 5.6 and 66 kg weight, can u give me tips for lower body

Sarina Jain answers: what do you mean by lower body

eki asked: how many minutes of dance daily would help you get back in shape. I m ard 7-8 kgs overweight and my tummy is out too

Sarina Jain answers: a dance workout is great. but please remember in order to lose weight you have to do cardio for a good 45 minutes to an hour continuously. so take this seriously. this is why i make sure that masala bhangra is a continuous dance workout.

tummy asked: how to reduce tummy? how to loose weight current is 85 with age 25 what is proper weight for age 25 and height 5'10 ft also suggest diet

Sarina Jain answers: do you workout. if you dont start now. you will not see any results if you dont workout. of course in conjunction with a proper diet.

vibhor asked: hi i am 5'10 72kgs doing a lot of gym but cant get a six pack what should i do ?

Sarina Jain answers: reduce salt and sodium intake as this causes bloating. if you're gymming as much as you are then keep at it. cardio is important as you may want to increase it or increase the pounds of weight training. try different ab exercises as you may be burnt out from your old exercises. your body also gets used to doing a certain thing so maybe it is time for a change. so try a different exercise.

Atul asked: Mam iam working professional ,due to workload iam not able to tale my meal in right time, although iam 5'11 feet and 72 kg please suggest wat i do for proper diet

Sarina Jain answers: all i can suggest to you is to eat on time. you have to discipline yourself and change your habit. Atul, you have to start working out no matter how much your workload is. you will see such a big difference in your mental attitude once you start working out. and you will want to change your lifestyle yourself.

nehaa asked: hiie...please answer my querry

Sarina Jain answers: what question?

satish asked: hi...i am 26 year old male , height 5.6,weight 55 kg...i want to gain weight? what should i do?lease reply

Sarina Jain answers: start weight training and increase your protein intake.

red asked: i am 35 yrs old man, good built. i used to go to gym regularly but frm last 1 year stopped since i need a change and so go for jog and swim. what to u advice for fitness like aerobics, strength traning , dance which type etc. i want a break frm gym now. thx

Sarina Jain answers: since you dont want to join a gym, try taking classes at dance studios. or go for kickboxing classes. you also might want to consider hiring a personal trainer to train you outdoors for the strength training.

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'Coffee tends to bloat your body'

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pradeep asked: Hi Sarinaji, which would be a better option a. 2 hours continous cardio b. 2 sessions of 1 hour each

Sarina Jain answers, ;2 sessions of 1 hr each -- one in the morning and the other in the evening, if you are that serious. but do not overdo it as you will plateau out. definitley start to weight train to pick up the momentum

bigass asked: hi i am 38 and getting a lot of flab on my waist and on my chest. i cant seem to stop eating all day long. please help

Sarina Jain answers, ;Well, you have to have control over your eating habits. i love to eat as well. but i also workout so i can afford to have the foods i like to eat. once you control your eating habits you will see a lot of difference and will want to maintain that positive feeling.

menon asked: Can you suggest any alternative for Tea/Coffee ? I work in a/c environ. throughout the day and have no option but to drink Tea/Coffee frequently.

Sarina Jain answers: water is the best alternative. try adding lemon to your water. tea and coffee are good at moderate levels but not to the point of drinking it all day. coffee also bloats you out. it should be treated like a dessert. drink juice with half water and half juice to lower the sugar intakes. also try eating fruits with juice like apple and grapes and oranges.


Sarina Jain answers: yes. absolutely. but only if you have no health issues. spinning is fantastic and many people love this workout. start off slow and then slowly increase to your comfort level. have fun!

ksbaghel asked: Hi Sarina, I am a software professional, slightly obese. I am exercising to reduce my weight. but th eprobelm is I have got lower back pain because of which I can not run even for 2 mins. After running 2 mins, lower back start aching badly. Though I can walk briskly. Currently I am walking at treadmill for 30-35 mins @ 6.5 KM/hr. But I am afraid of doing other exercises because of this pain. Can you suggest me some good exercises so it wont affect my lower back and still be effective in weight reducing esp. belly part ?

Sarina Jain answers: try stationary biking. briskwalking is fine as you are doing this already. but most importantly you must stretch your body everyday. increasing flexibility will strenghten your body and your back. also at your own pace try lifting weights. the more ab workouts you do the stronger your back will be. when your core is strong, your back will be stronger. yoga is also amazing for the back.

sixpack asked: HI Sarina, i am 5.10" and weight 101 when started working out with diet as prescribed by Gym instructor , now i have reduced to 98 but my weight fluctuate on dailu on saturday i was weighing 97.4 and when i was back on monday for workout it shows me 98.6. what is the case with me..i am putting lot of hard work alternate day carido and full body circuit completing in 45 minutes. can you give me some tips please...

Sarina Jain answers: first of all start looking at your weight. it fluctuates everyday. secondly if you really want to look at your weight look at it after three months. stop obsessing and focus on cardio exercises. do cardio every day for at least an hour. once you increase your cardio you will see a big difference. twice a week try doing a body circuit weight training regimen. after three months i am sure you will see a difference. stick to this and stop obsessing. also pick one day during the week to splurge on food as that will be a treat for the week and the rest dont eat junk food.

pinky asked: Hi Sarina, I work out 6 days a week 3 times a week weights and 3 times a week cardio and follow a reasonable diet but yet I am not losing the desired inches. My weight is 60 Kgs and I am 5 ft 4 inches tall, I have no thyroid prblm

Sarina Jain answers: have you just started working out? if so as a woman you will start to see results in the next 3 to six months. for women it takes longer to seer results than men. dont give up. if you have been working out for a while, change your routine as you may have plateaued.

Sarina Jain says, ;Sorry guys, I will have to sign out now. It has been a pleasure answering your questions. Stay tuned for my seventh workout video to be launched in 2010 and most importantly thank you for your support in Masala Bhangra. I am celebrating ten years of Masala Bhangra being born, which is a huge acomplishment. Become a Masala Bhangra fan on Facebook.

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