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Shahana Goswami gets candid!

Last updated on: July 14, 2009 

Image: Shahana Goswami
Photographs: Rediff Archives

She wowed us in Rock On, (where she played Arjun Rampal's nagging wife), caught our attention in Firaaq, and has us waiting for Jashnn. However, this young lady didn't need more than one film to get noticed -- and talked about.

Actress Shahana Goswami talks to rediff about her real life relationship with supermodel Milind Soman, beauty and fitness regime, and her favorite things. Read on to get to know her!

My beauty secrets: I don't really have any beauty secrets besides wearing very little of it! The cleaner and fresher you leave your skin the better it is. Frequent washing with water and proper removal of make up is important. Water...the evergreen remedy!

How I stay fit: I don't really have a fixed workout regime but when I do go to the gym I do about 40 minutes cardio workout, some weights -- more repetitions than heavier weights, ab workout and stretching at the end. I try and do some pilates and suryanamaskars if I can.

'Accessorise what you're wearing with a nice piece of jewellery.'

Image: Shahana Goswami
Photographs: Rediff Archives

My fitness tips:

  • No carbs after 7 pm.

  • Smaller meals and more frequently.

  • Some form of exercise for even 20 minutes to half an hour a day.

  • Using stairs whenever I can.

  • Having lots of hot water or regular water through the day to flush my system.

    My fashion fixes and style mantra: My fashion fix would be to accessorise what I'm wearing with a nice piece of jewellery. My style mantra is to basically wear clean cuts, proper fits but mainly solid colours, and wearing fabric that drapes my body well -- satin, cotton with slight lycra, etc.

  • My favourite drink is nimboo paani

    Image: Shahana Goswami
    My favourite travel destination: As a one time visit, Seychelles. It's absolutely beautiful. It has the best of both the mountains and the beaches! There's something very fresh and pure about it.

    On a repeat value level -- Goa or Himachal.

    My favourite food: Anything that's edible is my favourite! I love food! But no...I love fish! I really like a nice stir fry vegetable, lightly saut ed. And I looooove cheese. And baingan -- Aubergine.

    My favourite drink: Nimboo paani, lemon tea.

    My favourite hangout: No one place, but I really like Indigo Deli in Andheri and the Bagel Shop in Bandra, Mumbai.

    'I like listening to old Hindi film songs.'

    Image: Shahana Goswami
    Photographs: Rediff Archives

    On my i-pod: You'll find mainly old hindi film songs and old english bands.

    Last movie I watched: Two weeks notice. I LOVE that film

    Last book I read: Persepolis 1 -- it's a graphic novel.

    My favourite book of all time: No single book as such...I like lots of books, but I really like this book by Philip Larkin called Jill. I also love all the Roald Dahl books. And I'm a HUGE fan of Murakami.

    'I ate a whole pizza by myself!'

    Image: Shahana Goswami
    Photographs: Rediff Archives
    My most recent indulgence: Food...I only indulge in food! A whole pizza that I ate by myself last night was my last indulgence!

    My favourite make up product: Kaajal is my favourite make up item. I don't wear much else.

    Is age a factor when it comes to relationships? Hahaha... I wonder why I'm being asked that! Well, for me I don't think its important...or maybe it is...I don't think I could be with anyone around my age! But actually it has to do with life experiences, exposure to different things, basic being and personality of the people involved and how they vibe with each other.