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Fashion trends this monsoon

Last updated on: July 27, 2009 
Bright colours are in this season

We all keep our eyes peeled for the spring-summer and autumn-winter fashion collections, but few of us pay much attention to monsoon fashion, which can actually be the most fun.

Rediff spoke to a few Indian designers about the fashion trends this monsoon.

Fashion designer Asmita Marwah who hails from Hyderabad and has had the distinction of having clothed all the major Telegu film actors as well as legendary painter M F Hussain, likes bright colours and funky prints this time of the year.

"Monsoon fashion is fun fashion. Bright cheerful colours like corals and yellows are hot right now. In terms of patterns, checks and florals are in vogue right now. Layering is in, so try to mix and match your stuff. You can experiment a lot with that. Try wearing a white top with a sleeveless coral top; it's the kind of look that's in right now," she says.

Delhi-based designer Rimzim Dadu who calls her design label 'my village', agrees. "Though the monsoons haven't really hit Delhi yet, we're already seeing bright colours. That's what this time of year is about. Fun silhouettes and embroidery are in."

Anupama Dayal, another Delhi-based designer, whose 2007 collection at the Lakme Fashion Week was declared as 'easily the prettiest' by Vogue UK, says: "The colours for the season are sage green to deep green, as well as sexy shades of brown, like caramel and burnt coffee."

Lock up your jeans and grab a pair of shorts

Last updated on: July 27, 2009 
Shorts are hot this season!

However, the one thing that all designers seem to agree upon is the fact that hemlines are rising, and shorts are hot!

"Shorts in all lengths are very in right now, whether they are hot pants, knee length shorts or bermudas. Stick to light fabrics -- and that means no denims. Heavy fabrics are impractical for the monsoons, because once you get wet, you'll take forever to dry up. Loose A-line tops are also fashionable right now," says Marwah.

Rimzim echoes her thoughts, saying, "Denims are a big no-no. Stick to shorts and skirts of any length -- but keep all your clothes above the ankle."

"Shorts are very in and sensible right now. Also, these days, a new fabric finished with coating has become very popular. You see it internationally a lot, especially in Italy. Many Italian designers have experimented with it. It almost feels like raincoat material, and is great for this season, especially in a city like Mumbai which faces torrential rains. Relaxed styles are really in right now, though the dresses have gone shorter," Dayal agrees.

Grab a pair of funky flip flops

Last updated on: July 27, 2009 
Funky flip flops are in fashion

And for those of you who love your accessories, well, this is the season for you!

"Plastic funky shoes are in fashion right now, so go out and buy some if you haven't already. Save your leathers for better weather. You could also consider carrying a scarf -- it looks good and keeps your hair protected." says Anupama Dayal.

"Brightly coloured flip flops are very popular nowadays, especially if they have a funky print on them," adds Asmita Marwah.

While according to Dadu, one should use common sense while following fashion. "Materials like plastics and rubber are popular right now, because they are the most sensible, so if you think about practicality and fashion, they are closely related.