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Get to know model Pia Trivedi

Last updated on: July 27, 2009 

Photographs: Matrix Models

Known for her pretty face and poise on the ramp, Pia Trivedi hasn't restricted herself to any one aspect of modelling. Having sizzled on the Kingfisher Calender, in advertising campaigns and currently dabbling in television, this lady has big dreams, including that of being a superstar someday.

But did you know that she loves animals, Baskin-Robbins ice cream and sunglasses? Read on to know more about Pia Trivedi, the person!

How I got into modelling: I got into modelling because of my sister, who is a few years older than me, As a child I used to be taken to her fashion shows with my mum, who'd always accompany her. The flashlights, attention, makeup, hair and good clothes immediately caught my eye and I knew I wanted to model too.

Serious actor, sex symbol or superstar? SUPERSTAR for sure!

If I wasn't a model, I would be... Ah, an interior designer or an air force pilot.

'Work out everyday but don't starve yourself'

My fitness tips: Work out everyday but don't starve yourself. Eat healthy. Due to my work schedule I don't get enough time to work out everyday, and I'm a full-on foodie. So I eat everything, but in moderation -- one serving.

My beauty tips: Remove your makeup before hitting the bed and cleanse your face throughly everyday.

My personal sense of style: Chilled out and cool. It varies from jeans and a ganji to knee length dresses, shorts, skirts...

'Losing my dad was the biggest challenge of my life'

My greatest challenge in life: It was when I lost my dad. I knew I had to stand on my own feet, support my family and make sure I fullfilled all his dreams.

I knew I was famous when: It had to be my first Kingfisher Calender assignment. I had no idea how huge it was to be part of it. Of course, during the shoot I did learn all about it, but on the day of the launch, at the JW Mariott hotel, when I got into the lobby there were tons of photographers who just started flashing their bulbs at me. That was my first time with the press and I knew I had become known.

'My favourite travel destination is Ibiza in Spain'

Quick facts about me:

Food: Indian/ Mughlai

Drink: Chilled watermelon juice

Makeup product: MAC

Book: Same Soul, Many Bodies and Kite Runner

Travel destination: Ibiza, Spain

Music: Alternative, R'n'B, Trance, House

Indulgence:: Sunglasses

Guilty pleasure: Baskin-Robbins ice-cream

'Bad hygiene in a man turns me off'

What turns me on in a man:I like well-spoken, well-dressed, well-mannnered men with a good sense of humour and romantic too.

What turns me off in a man: Bad body odour, not well-spoken, ill-mannered men, especially with bad hygiene!

In my spare time: I relax at home, listen to music, play with my dog and catch up with friends. I also go trekking and like to help abandoned and stray animals.

'Cindrella and Dirty Dancing remind me of my childhood'

My perfect day would be: When I'm not working, to wake up slightly late, at 11-ish, roll about in bed, play with my dog, take him out, then go shopping or spend the day by the pool. Or even hop into my car and drive to a friend's house and hang out all day. I'd also love to catch some movies.

When I think of my childhood, the movies that come to mind are Cindrella and Dirty Dancing.

'I'm waiting for the right break to get into Bollywood'

Photographs: Uttam Ghosh

My most embarrassing moment: Is yet to come.

My passion: Animals

I can't leave home without: My car keys and wallet.

My future plans: As of now, I'm really enjoying television, but I'm waiting for the right break to get into Bollywood. And someday, I'd like to open my own animal shelter.