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Mugdha Godse's fitness and beauty tips

June 9, 2009 16:11 IST

Image: Mugdha Godse
Nithya Ramani

She's one of the Indian fashion industry's best-known faces and she has a bod to die for.

Her debut movie Fashion was a major box-office success and she's now regarded as one of Bollywood's newest acting talents.

Here, in an interview with, the lovely Mugdha Godse shares her fitness regimen and beauty secrets with readers.

'Putting on weight is easy, but losing it is a nightmare'

"I have been working out since the age of 17,"Mugdha starts off. "Since I was employed at a gym, I know the basic nuances of exercise and dieting. Dieting and working out have become my lifestyle. Of course, there are days when I binge, eating pastries and other treats as I am sure nobody can live without them. But I make sure that I am always aware of what I'm consuming. Putting on weight is very easy, but losing it is very difficult -- a real nightmare!"

'I can't follow an everyday routine'

Image: Mugdha Godse

"I don't follow a particular diet chart. I make sure I have low carbs with high proteins and a high fibre diet. When I have options, I prefer salad, brown bread and generally less fatty foods," continues Mugdha.

"I can't follow a routine -- 'get up every morning and have eggs' is not my thing. I like to eat a South Indian breakfast, poha and eggs on different days. I get very easily bored in life. I have a lot of protein shakes and protein bars, which keeps me full when I feel like snacking on junk food."

'If you get used to a particular type of regime, it stops giving results'

Image: Mugdha Godse
Video: Still from Fashion

So what fitness regimen does Mugdha follow?

"I do 40 minute work-outs four times a week," she explains. "I work on different body parts. I enjoy weight training a lot, as it is the easiest and quickest. Depending on your body type, you can do athletic cardio or anything else, but as you get used to a particular type of regime, it stops giving results. Then you need to switch to something else. I dance, learning Kathak, which gives me a good cardio work-out. I do yoga too, which gives me mental peace."

'Get up in the morning and wear what you feel like'

Image: Mugdha Godse

Here are the model's style tips for readers:

  • You need to understand what clothes suit you. Check what your comfort level is and wear clothes that you can carry off well.
  • Wearing denims and a tee-shirt will never go out of style, but make sure you wear well-fitted denims. If you prefer wearing salwar kameez, that's good too, provided you can carry it off.
  • You can play with colours in this season. Solid colours are 'in'.
  • Simple clothing with good accessories -- beaded necklaces, bangles -- will make you look elegant.
  • Get up in the morning and wear what you feel like. That is the best statement you can make. Don't follow magazines and do what they say just because it is trendy. Wear what you like and you will be a different styled person.

Video: Hitesh Harisinghani

'Keep your skin clean, always'

Image: Mugdha Godse

One thing Mugdha stresses keenly on is skincare.

"Keep your skin clean always," she states emphatically. "Follow the CTM method -- cleaning, toning and moisturising. Understand your skin type. Try products accordingly and stick to them. Don't use something just because you've seen it on television. Wash you face before sleeping and never go to bed with your make-up on."

'Keep your mane as fresh as possible'

Image: Mugdha Godse

And finally, here's the hottie's guide to haircare:

"Like your skin, you need to know your hair type. Check what products suit your hair. Use proper shampoo and conditioner and keep your mane as fresh as possible. You can talk to your hair and skin and make sure they glow," she signs off.

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