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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » 10 things before I die: 'Want to kiss Aishwarya Rai!'

10 things before I die: 'Want to kiss Aishwarya Rai!'

Last updated on: November 13, 2009 16:07 IST

Photographs: Still from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam; Illustration: Uttam Ghosh

We asked readers what they would do if they had only three years to live life to the fullest? While the contest closes on November 23, here are some interesting responses. And keep them coming, because the best entries win prizes from

First up, we have 30-year-old Naresh Kumar from Bilaspur. Here's his wish-list:

1. I shall travel all the world by plane.

2. I shall date as many girls as I can.

3. I want to kiss Aishwarya Rai.

4. I want to taste non-vegetarian food to see how it feels, because I am vegetarian.

5. I shall leave my job and go home to live with my family in my village.

6. I shall stop doing everything else and give all my time to my wife and daughter.

7. I shall go to gambling bars and play upto such a time that I have either nothing left to lose or win so much that I go to sleep right there.

8. I shall attend the marriages of all my relatives, which I used to miss when I had my job.

9. I shall buy a car and drive it for as long as I can.

10. I shall play cartoon games so as to remain happy upto the end of life.

'Learn to ride a bike, adopt a stray'

Here's what Rupa Choudhury, 28, has in mind:

1. Quit my job.

2. Go and make up with all the people I'd ever fought with.

3. Go back to family. Look up friends.

4. Read lots and lots and lots of books.

5. Go and meet all my teachers from school (even the ones who painted my report cards red).

6. Eat to my heart's content without bothering about weight issues.

7. Adopt a stray.

8. Learn to ride a bike, play the violin and bake a decent cake.

9. Go back 'one last time' to all the secret places, nooks and corners that I cherished as a child and a teen.

10. Have one round of dumb charades (or any other dumb game) with a bunch of strangers every Friday night.

'Fly a fighter jet'

Shrriram T, 25, from Gurgaon, has the following ideas:

I would:

1. Keep reducing my extra weight and get slim before I die.

2. Have sex for 1-2 weeks.

3. Resign from my job and spend time with my parents.

4. Spend time with disabled children.

5. Fly a fighter jet (getting permission to do so somehow).

6. Roam extensively around India to all religious places.

7. Visit the most haunted place in India.

8. Tell the girl I love how I feel and ask for a date.

9. Eat the most exotic vegetarian delicacies in India.

10. Ride to the most remote and highest place in the country, eating my favorite snacks and drinking and then wait for my death with my family.

'Visit Las Vegas'

And here is what Mukesh Agarwal wants to do:

I will:

1. Spend most of the time with my wife and kids.

2. Visit America's Las Vegas.

3. Liquidate all my investments.

4. Slap all my foes.

5. Fall in love.

6. Throw a party and invite everybody in town.

7. Fly a fighter plane.

8. Stop going to work.

9. Dance will all good-looking girls.

10. Die near water, holding my kids' hands.

Stay tuned for a lot more responses coming up! And let us know the 10 things that would make it to your priority list -- mail us at (subject line: '10 things I'd do before I die') along with your name, age and contact details!