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'Spent my first salary on Mohammed Rafi cassettes'

Last updated on: April 29, 2010 14:58 IST

'Spent my first salary on Mohammed Rafi cassettes'



We invited readers to share how much their first salary was and how they burst it up. Here we feature some of the responses we received:

My first salary was INR 8,500 way back in 1995. I joined Reliance Industries as a graduate engineer trainee in Mumbai. The world has changed so much that now, it is the salary of a clerk in a small establishment, but in those good old days, it was a great amount to have.

I used to stay in the company provided accommodation with my colleagues and have food at the company mess. I am a complete teetotaler and hence did not have any conventional "fun" per se with my salary. I do remember I bought six audio cassettes of Mohammed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar. Also, I bought a couple of branded shirts for my dad.

It was a very special day when my first salary was deposited in the bank. I still get thrilled by remembering the same.

-- Mandar Joshi (36), KPMG

My first salary was Rs 10 (per week), when I worked (half day daily before school) for a small vendor who made popcorn. This was in the year 1983-84. I had given this to my mother and took some from her for hiring cycle. Now I am an assistant vice president for a company in Bangalore.

-- Venkata Subramani, CA and lawyer

I'm in IT today (with occasional earnings in dollars) but my first salary was Rs 4,500 working for a construction company in Pune. I called over my best friend and ended up dining at Mainland China.

-- Anirban Mitra (31), Kolkata

I still remember the first month of my first job in 2004. Just into one week into my fist job, my father died. Still I reported at work in just 2 days. Due to some problem in HR, I got my first alary on the 50th day of my job. I gave the entire amount to my mother and six years later I still continue to give the entire salary amount to my mother.
I just love to see the smile on her face when I give her my salary.

-- Ibrahim Khan (29), Bangalore

Share your story by mailing us at with the subject line 'My first salary' and tell us what your first job was, how much you got paid and what you did with your first salary. And we'll publish the responses right here on! Don't forget to include your name, age, city and current job/ profession/ designation.

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'I bought tickets to Khamoshi'

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After completing my BTech, I came to Delhi for the search of job in 1996. I had a campus placement but that was in a factory and I was more interested in software. There were not many software companies then. After a lot of struggle I managed to get a job in software sweat shop for Rs 3,500 a month. The job was very stirct and was managed in a way that ultimately you would end up getting paid no more than Rs 2,500. That was what I got as my first salary.

With the salary, my friends and I all had good food at a restaurant (after a long time), we watched Khamoshi and while returning, I gave Rs 100 to a begger. I sent Rs 1,000 back to home (and of course had to ask for Rs 2,000 after 15 days :).

The remaining went in paying the rent, clearing the debts at a local grocery store and other monthly expenditures. Almost 100 per cent salary was spent in a single day and from the next day once again the routine of purchasing grocery on credit started.

Now I am owner of a software company and make much more than what I made then, however I can never forget the joy of getting my first salary and spending my hard-earned money.

-- Nitin Tripathi

When I was around 20 years, I joined a company called HTA, as an office assistant. When I got my first salary -- Rs 1500 -- I was the happiest person in the world as I handed it over to my elder brother, who helped me get that job.

-- Kailash Shirsat (35), Kalyan

joined my first job two years ago, and had to wait for almost a year during recission. When I got my first salary I went and bought 2 jeans and 4 t-shirts, and had one full handi of chicken biryani. I also sent Rs 4,000 to my mom.

That was the happiest day of my life.

-- Michael Gomes

My first job in 2001 fetched me Rs 4,000 while working as a lecturer. Gosh! I was so confused and couldn't imagine how to spend so much money. It took me three days to finalise my plans since my wallet had never seen more than Rs 300 and the money I earned seemed a monstrous amount to me.

I gave one-third of my salary to my grandmom, another one-third to my mom and dad. The rest, I made part
payment on a Rs 3,200 golden watch (an expensive watch back in 2001).

It travelled with me to UK during my most difficult years and stayed with me for five years. I got numerous compliments for the watch, which made me proud of my first gift for myself!

-- Ajay Pal Agarwal

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'I bought a Bharat Gas connection'

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In February 1999, my friend and I joined a Delhi-based software company as trainees. We used to get Rs 1,500 a month till we completed our 6th Semester. We tried our best not to ask any money from our homes. Finally in July both of us got jobs in the same company in the month of July 1999. Somehow events started running so fast and I decided to marry with the permission of my parents in the month of October 1999. 

I came back to Delhi with this development and joined my job. My salary was Rs 8,500 and when in the month of July I got my first salary (minus 13 days) I was really happy and saved it. I did nothing with that. After all it was not my full salary. As soon as I got my second salary that is the first full salary, I was really overjoyed as now I could buy what I wanted -- a Bharat Gas DBC connection. It costs me Rs 5300.

I still have the passbook of Central Bank with me that shows the debited amount.

-- Shridhar Natrajan (33), project manager at an IT company, Noida

I am a doctor and currently in a pharmaceutical company earning fairly well. My first salary in January 2003 actually was a stipend, which we got in internship. I got Rs 3,000 and I bought a pair of earrings worth Rs 2,400 for my younger sister and also made sure I didn't take any money from my father thereafter.

Rs 3000 was not too much considering I was staying in a hostel, paying for mess and medical books, but it was very satisfying.

-- Dr Kamal Kaushik, medical advisor, Ahmedabad

My first job was in fact articleship for which I got some INR 300 working for a firm in Chennai. I gave a treat to friends for INR 100 and deposited the balance in my bank account (eventually had to spend most of my money on fuel
for my RX135 ­Yamaha).

-- Abhinav Vijay (28), audit manager, Johannesburg

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