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Deepika: I don't think size zero is attractive

Last updated on: August 24, 2010 13:39 IST

Deepika: I don't think size zero is attractive


Syed Firdaus Ashraf

With her brand new movie Lafangey Parindey in theatres across the country and a brand new love interest in young millionaire Siddharth Mallya, the lissome Deepika Padukone has a lot to be happy about.

At the age of 24, the former model is now a successful Bollywood star and it seems rather ironic that she told us, back at her first fashion week showing at the age of 19, that "every second girl in India seems to want to make it in the world of glamour, be it movies or modelling." Now, in a career spanning all of six years, she's one of the few who actually made it.

In a quick-fix interview with, Deepika tells us about a few of the things that make her tick:

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in life?

What I want to achieve for myself is the biggest challenge.

Which is your favourite movie of all time and why?

So far, I think it's Vicky Christina Barcelona.

You always look fabulous -- do you have a diet mantra?

Eating healthy food.

How do you keep fit?

With yoga.

Any special makeup you use that you can't live without?

Lip balm.

Photographs: Courtesy Tonic

'I prefer to hang out at home'

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Which is your favourite cuisine?

I love South Indian food.

Which is your favourite drink?


Where do you love hanging out?

At home.

Which is your preferred travel destination?

That would be the South of France.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

One where I can sleep, eat and spend the day in a spa.

Photographs: Cover of Harper's Bazaar Magazine
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'Movies are not as easy and glamorous as they look'

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Do you have any advice for youngsters who want to follow in your footsteps and join the film industry?

It is not as easy and glamorous as it looks. It takes a lot of hard work to be here, a lot of commitment and dedication. And you also have to be true to yourself.

In your spare time, what you like to do?

I love spending time with friends and family. And I love eating, so I try out different kinds of cuisines.

Which is your favourite book?

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

Which is the most frequently played song on your iPod at the moment?

It's Man Lafanga from Lafangey Parindey.

What's the one thing that you cannot leave home without?

Myself (smiles).

Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar
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'Saina Nehwal is brilliant'

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What is your personal sense of style like?

It's all about being comfortable.

What's your take on size zero?

I don't think it is attractive.

What's your biggest indulgence?

I love dark chocolates!

What are your biggest turn-offs?

I think people who lie and who are not themselves.

Your father is a former badminton champ. What do you think of Saina Nehwal, do you have any message for her?

She is brilliant and I want to see her at the Number One position. I would surely love to play with her once!

Photographs: Cover of Vogue Magazine
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