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Video: 5 signs to know she's just not into you

Last updated on: February 8, 2010 15:05 IST

Abhishek Mande

Alright so it can be pretty depressing to be without a partner on Valentine's Day. But isn't it better than being in a relationship that isn't going anywhere? Abhishek Mande tells you just how to know she's just not into you.

1. She refuses to acknowledge your presence in public:
You've been in a relationship for a long time but when she meets you in public she does not acknowledge you as a partner or your presence.

2. Does not show signs of taking the relationship to the next level:
When your meetings are restricted to midnight rendezvous, it's time to consider if you like the arrangement or are looking for something more meaningful

3. You've never met her friends:
On the other hand you have introduced her to everyone who means something to you. This is a big red flag. Find out why she hasn't done it. If it continues reconsider your relationship status.

4. You're the one who's always calling her up:
Another red flag! Don't stalk her. Move on.

5. She never makes plans with you
Or if she constantly cancels plans of going out with you. Let her be. Maybe she needs time and space. Or you're simply not the one!

The key is to talk and understand what she wants. If you cannot come to a consensus it's probably best you move on.

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