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Best VDay dates, gifts according to the Zodiac!

Last updated on: February 11, 2010 17:14 IST

Photographs: Uttam Ghosh

Is your date a Cancerian or a Scorpion? What gifts do Saggitarians appreciate? If you're a Libran, is a Leo a good match for you? Astrologer Monisha Dudaney answers all these questions and more in this Valenine's Day Zodiac special!

(March 21 to April 20)

If your date on Valentine's Day is an Arian woman:

She's likely to be the life and soul of any party, thanks to her bouncy enthusiasm. Fiery, passionate and extremely warm, make sure you pepper her with a lot of praise, love and affection on VDay, because this Arian expects it. She can go from being romantic, sexy to being very aggressive, so we suggest you be prepared for the same!

Arian women adore firsts, so plan something you've never done together before. It could be as elaborate as a hot air balloon ride or as simple as a stroll in the park or a drive across a new bridge. Bring along a few surprise gifts -- a single rose, a love poem to share or some tasty treats you know your Valentine craves.

If your date on Valentine's Day is an Arian man:

Prepare to find an enthusiastic and passionate mate. The day out with an Arian man means dealing with someone who demands your best at all times and does not hesitate to let you know when you are slipping. A man who offers a lot of freedom, Arian men will follow you every step of the way to make sure you do not fall. So you can be rest assured -- you will receive a box of candy and red roses to start your day on a romantic note!

They are dominating and like to have their own way, so allow them to decide how they would like to spend this special day with you. Let him lead and just sit back and feel like a princess. Arian men at best are rash and passionate, so make sure you get your sexiest perfume on.

Valentine gifts for the Arian woman:

A cruise, a travel guide, fancy hats and delicate jewellery make for perfect gifts for the Arian. Her tempestuous nature loves the fire and sparkle of gemstones so even a diamond ring would work wonders. If you can't afford such a high-end purchase, a charm bracelet with your names engraved in a heart will thrill her to the tee. She will laugh her throaty laugh if you gift her something extremely personal -- a picture of both of you together, or a DVD of the first movie you saw together.

Valentine gifts for the Arian man:

Tickets to a ski resort, flying school or river rafting would be an ideal gift for your Arian man. Adventurous equipment will have them smiling from ear to ear too! Make sure you giftwrap them in red foil or tinsel as that gets their passionate streak going.

Best match for the Arian woman:

Pisces and Capricorns will keep her fire burning bright.

Best match for the Arian man:

Librans and Sagittarians will make him a special love match.

Taurus (April 21 to May 21)

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Taurean woman:

Get ready for an incurable romantic. Taureans like to take things slowly and romance is no exception, so you're in for a long interesting ride. On Valentine's day, your Taurean will love to get pampered and enjoy tactile gestures, so schedule a couple's massage or soaking in a hot tub together. Most Taurean women make for excellent cooks, so expecting a home-cooked meal, with candlelight on your balcony for the two of you will also be her idea to make the day special. Sincere, social, peace-loving and affectionate, once you win the heart of a Taurean you will find them to make peaceful and happy companions.

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Taurean man:

You're looking at a a man who's reliable, generous and faithful. Given to showy gestures, Taureans will gift you the biggest bunch of chrysanthemums to start your day. Also, he's likely to have asked you out at least a week in advance, given his practical bent of mind, or at least dropped many a hint of his intentions.

Your Valentine's date with a Taurean will work best if it's at home. Given what homebirds Taureans make, don't be surprised if your Taurean preps up a candlelight dinner on his terrace, orders delicious food and his favourite movie on his LCD player. Your man is a sensualist, so appeal to all his senses by looking good, smelling divine and making for superb company!

Valentine gifts for the Taurean woman:

A bottle of fine champagne, a wine hamper or a box of quality chocolates would suit Taureans just fine. Silver jewellery, a sexy bathrobe or movies will be her preferred gifts. Taurean women are extremely house-proud, so buying some exquisite crockery or stunning silk cushion covers would not go amiss. Wrap it up in blue or green tinsel for a perfect touch. If you buy her something she hinted at, the fact that you paid attention will score you extra points.

Valentine gifts for the Taurean man:

The price tag of your gift will matter to the Taurean man. So make sure what you gift them has both class, style and the moolah attached to it. A fountain pen, old classic movies, and rare books will make for a perfect gift for your Taurean man. Dash the gift with your signature smell and he's bound to keep even the wrapping paper as a momento!

Best match for the Taurean woman:

No-nonsense Virgos and bright Leos add a lot of fun to her life.

Best match for the Taurean man:

Pisceans and Capricorns will play a perfect girl for him.

Gemini (May 22 to June 21)

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Geminian woman:

Make sure you are doing everything to hold her attention. Asking a Gemini woman out in advance may be a good idea, else you could be left fighting a line of suitors. Intelligent and able to hold their own, Gemini women will prefer to have all their senses stimulated. So plan an early dinner, a whirl at the disco followed by a nightcap, giving her time to sparkle and chat! Geminis like outdoorsy activities, so if you can, whisk her away for the weekend to declare your love and you will find it returned in full measure.

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Geminian man:

First up, we'd like to congratulate you. Getting a Gemini to choose amongst his various love interests and ask you out is a biggie! Now that you have got him where you want, keeping him there on Valentine's Day and beyond will need tact and perfection.

A Gemini man finds faults easily so make sure you live up to his expectations on a Valentine date. Dress immaculately and play a witty, charming and exciting companion, with a tiny pinch of indifference. Cling too much to Geminis and you will find a perceptible coolness in their ardour. Geminis may not show their feelings easily, so don't expect a bouquet of flowers or candy or sweet nothings if you've been dating them only for a few days. However, if committed, the Gemini man will go all the way, leaving no stone unturned and script a perfect fairytale evening for you, from picking you up from your doorstep to dancing under the stars! Enjoy.

Valentine gifts for the Geminian woman:

Naughty gifts like sexy lingerie in silk and lace will be a hit. Try personalised stationery, tickets to the theatre for a play or even an all-expenses paid holiday -- these will make for the ideal gift. Add a dash of yellow and orange to wrap them up and you will definitely arouse their curiosity!

Valentine gifts for the Geminian man:

Gadgets and toys will work for the Gemini boy anytime, anywhere! Geminis prefer a bunch of things rather than just one big present, so make sure you indulge his multi-tasking streak. Give him a ton of things that will set him thinking -- a sexy puzzle picture of you, a Rubik's cube, an Amazon Kindle or simply a yearly subscription to the best men's magazines! Or be bold and gift him a holiday with his guy pals that will win him over instantly!

Best match for the Geminian woman:

Detached Aquarians and flirty Saggis make for great company.

Best match for the Geminian man:

The same goes for him -- Aquarians and Saggitarians.

Cancer (June 22 to July 23)

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Cancerian woman:

Prepare yourself to be delighted. Cancerian women put their heart and soul into relationships and there are no half measures when they fall in love! Cancerians are moody, with very little time for flirtations, so we suggest you make your intentions clear right from the start. Begin her day with a flowery card, a potted plant (as most Cancerian women are blessed with a green thumb) and a love message from the heart. Follow it up with pearls, chocolates and a memorable dinner at her favourite restaurant and you will have hit her imaginative button. Being surrounded by nature works well for Cancerians, so choosing an outdoorsy meal by the river, or even under the stars and the full moon will put them in super spirits!

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Cancerian man:

Then you are a lucky girl! Your Cancerian man believes that life without romance is monotonous. Expect the world from your man on VDay, as he will be on a mission to please his princess. Perfect pink roses in bloom with a hand-written card to start your day, followed by chocolates, special music and many a surprise up his sleeve-- your Cancerian man will do everything in the book to make this day special. A dinner date in a seaside restaurant or a candlelight dinner on the boat will push his romantic buttons even more. Order drinks and appetizers of his choice and you will make him extremely happy, because the way to this man's heart is truly through his stomach!

Valentine gifts for the Cancerian woman:

Cancerian women will be delighted with delicate silver jewellery. Scented candles for the Cancerian will ignite the flame of romance and giving them IOU's for breakfast in bed or a night of passion will have them feeling cherished!

Valentine gifts for the Cancerian man: Your Moonboy will love a meal prepared by you or a gastronomic delight that tickles his palate. Gifts which show your effort and time spent will work well for them -- customised cufflinks, an engraved money clip or even a set of books/ movies he's wanted to curl up and read. Cancerian men are also very big on family, so a set of picture frames with his family, favourite cousins and his pet or even pictures of the two of you celebrating special moments will be an instant hit!

Best match for the Cancerian woman:

Steady Taureans and Loyal Leos will catch her fancy easier than most!

Best match for the Cancerian man:

The same signs go for him.

Leo (July 24 to August 23)

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Leo woman:

Get ready to go with the flow. Leo women make for ambitious, ideal and passionate partners. Leos love being treated like royalty and the centre of attention, so make sure you plan your day around her -- even just taking her shopping or running errands with her will make her smile! Organise something offbeat for your Leo -- maybe booking a stretch limo or a plush Merc for your date, or book an entire theatre to make her feel on top of the world. They love extravagant gestures, so whatever you do, just make sure it's different.

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Leo man:

Then get ready for a long night with many parts to it! Dinner, dancing, a drama may only set the scene for an even more interesting nightcap. Leo men dislike displaying their passion in public, so be prepared for an intimate time post the public rendezvous -- a long drive or just some quiet time on the balcony or being whisked to his lair, which will be laced with sensual delights. What will knock a Leo man's socks off will be a very sexily dressed you, revealing just enough to keep his imagination wheels turning at double speed. Given his flair for drama, expect a profusion of exotic flowers delivered with handmade liquer chocolates, and a risque message to get you in the mood.

Valentine gifts for the Leo woman:

Leos love jewellery; choose something stunning and expensive! You will always be remembered for this gift. Designer clothing and big perfumes come a close second, along with books and movies that they like to collect. Make sure it's wrapped up with fancy frills and bows that will appeal to the passionate Leo.

Valentine gifts for the Leo man:

The more extravagant, big and attention-grabbing the gift, the better your Leo will like it. A bottle of the best champagne or single malts for your man will work like a charm. So choose something with a brand name or a genuine leather satchel or a wallet.

Best match for the Leo woman:

Romantic Pisceans and a driven Capricorn will make her purr with satisfaction.

Best match for the Leo man:

He likes women who can stoke his sensual side Scorpions and Arians are up to this task.

Virgo (August 24 to September 23)

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Virgo woman:

She may be shy and self-conscious to start with So we suggest you put her at ease and really tell her how much you love her and watch her blossom. A good start would be to send her small but meaningful gifts every hour throughout the day, till you meet her to re-affirm your affection for her.

Your Virgo woman may be hesitant about making the first move, so make sure you hold her hand whilst crossing the street, open the doors and hold her close whilst dancing to allow her to drop her guard. Virgo women make for dependable, sincere lovers so make sure whatever you do is heartfelt and that will win them over instantly.

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Virgo man:

You are in for a treat! Organised, efficient and thoughtful, your Virgo man will plan a date to the tee. Love messages when you wake up, pink carnations tied with ribbons and balloons or even a CD of your favourite songs will be small gifts he will send to keep your spirits mushy and romantic.

Your dinner date will be romance and elegance personified in a well-lit restaurant, discreet music and fabulous food allowing you much space to talk about all things Your Virgo man will be intelligent, sincere and have many a surprise up his sleeve, depending upon his intensity for you, so make sure you are up to to the task of indulging all his senses with intelligent wordplay and classy attire.

Valentine gifts for the Virgo woman:

The earthy Virgo woman craves tangible proof of your commitment. Engraved rings or a gym membership for the two of you to spend time together will have her buzzing like a bee!

Valentine gifts for the Virgo man:

Listen carefully and most Virgo men will subtly convey what they like to receive on Valentine's! Giving them what they need will make the practical Virgo very happy. A fancy electronic organiser, super headphones for their iPod, a book by their favourite author or even a designer tracksuit will please the Virgo. Gifts that need assembly or are difficult to operate will keep them entertained for hours.

Best match for the Virgo woman:

Quiet Cancerians and steamy Arians make for a well-rounded couple with her.

Best match for the Virgo man:

Innocent Arians or cool Aquarians will make a perfect partner.

Libra (September 24 to October 23)

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Libran woman:

You have found a woman who is in love with love! Romantic relationships are an art for Librans, and the Libran woman will go out of her way to make you feel special. Writing poetry, cooking elaborate dinners -- nothing is too exotic for her.

Make her feel special and secure in your affections by making sure you plan her day in a stylish setting, pulling out all stops. Wake her up early to watch the sunrise together, plan a cosy lunch with a gorgeous view and then an evening at home with bubbly, wine and your favourite DVDs and you will have made just the right moves. Librans are terribly indecisive, so instead of gifting you one big present, she may gift you many, including something wild like a temporary tattoo or a meal in bed! Enjoy.

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Libran man:

Sophistication will be the key! Expect even the most normal gestures to be accompanied with a flourish and a bit of a song and dance. Expect orchids with a delicate piece of jewellery from him on your big day. Libran men are experts in the matter of the heart and will pull out all their charm to woo you.

Sincere, affectionate, equipped with impeccable manners, grace and savoir faire, your VDay date with a Libran will be a delight. He will choose a soothing garden restaurant with waterfall, restrained music and delectable food to provide you with an evening to remember. If you've just started dating a Libran, don't be surprised if he gets his entire gang to party at his favourite nightclub. Remember to smile, because even meeting his friends is a big step for you!

Valentine gifts for the Libran woman:

Libras won't care if a gift is expensive, but you should choose something well-designed or beautiful. Delicate anklets and bracelets, expensive bath oils, spa vouchers or even an IOU allowing them to shop with girlfriends, whilst you take care of home, will make their day. Whatever you do, wrap your gift up in stylish bows and ribbons and yes, attach a love note!

Valentine gifts for the Libran man:

Libran men won't care if a gift is expensive either, but you should choose something well-designed or beautiful, like a great tie or a trendy shirt or a bottle of cologne. Librans love experiences they can share or talk about so a pair of tickets for a cricket match, the upcoming F1 season or a wine-tasting class will land you extra brownie points.

Best match for the Libran woman:

She smiles brightest with intelligent Geminis and agile Scorpios.

Best match for the Libran man:

Sophisticated Saggitarians and calming Virgos match up to the Libran harmoniously.

Scorpio (October 24 to November 22)

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Scorpion woman:

Get ready for an intense evening. For Scorpion women, love is a consuming flame worth any sacrifice. The sensual side of a Scorpion craves your total attention, so plan a getaway to somewhere hidden and romantic, and watch as she absolutely swoons.

Rather than an over-the-top display of baloons and flowers, even a walk by the beach together might make her heart skip a few beats. And if a Scorpion is convinced of your love, she will more than match your intensity turning the evening into one of delights. A meal fit for the gods, exotic perfume, lacy lingerie and if you are lucky, even a game of strip poker! Whatever it is you do, just make sure you don't get distracted by any other face and make sure you keep your eyes only on her, or you will face the cold sting of the Scorpion

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Scorpion man:

Mystery will rule the evening. Scorpion men will love the element of surprise, so we suggest you be prepared for anything and everything. From a weekend gateway at your favourite beach destination to cooking your favourite meal or even a movie in a special theatre just for the two of you, the Scorpion man will set out to conquer all your senses.

Chances are you will be wooed with fragrant tuberoses, your favourite perfume and a branded tee in a gift basket. Impulsive in love, dynamic in action and passionate between the sheets, your Scorpion man will only need your 100 percent attention and affection to bring the world to your doorstep! Intense about displaying their romantic streak, just make sure to appreciate every gesture, because they can't handle any criticism from the one they love.

Valentine gifts for the Scorpion woman:

Unsual chokers or jewelled cuffs will make for great gifts for the Scorpion. They love smelling sweet and a basket of perfume/ deo/ splashes will be help you up the romantic alley! A brocade sari or a luxurious shawl will also rate highly as presents.

Valentine gifts for the Scorpion man:

If you know a Scorpion intimately, dare to give a seductive gift, sexy-smelling perfumes or colognes or pamper him with a sensual massage. Otherwise, whodunits on paper or on film make for good gifts for most Scorpions.

Best match for the Scorpion woman:

Earthy Leos and enchanting Arians will make it an affair to remember with a Scorpion mate!

Best match for the Scorpion man:

Moody Cancerians and Determined Taureans bring out the best in a Scorpion.

Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21)

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Sagittarian woman:

Then you are going to have a chilled-out evening! Amenable and free-spirited, they are happy to go with the flow and will be fun to be with. Her light-hearted affection and blow-hot-blow-cold airs may make you think, but relax, because she's all there!

She may take her time to commit and going out on a Valentine date may just be the big sign that you should look out for. To make your date with her perfect, anything outdoorsy will work. A short trip on a boat/yacht, a little hike before lunch or even a drive on a big bike whilst she feels the air on her face will make her deliciously happy. Saggis love their drink and food, so make sure you pick a restaurant that's got a fab chef!

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Sagittarian man:

Allow yourself to be wined and dined! Sagittarian men love the good life and have expensive taste. So expect yourself to be treated to fine wine, gourmet food and an experience worth remembering. Sagittarians love travel, especially on the offbeat track. So don't be surprised, if you are whisked off for a luxury trek or to a spa-resort. Saggis like to win the day with humour, so don't be surprised to receive corny love jokes every hour on text, teddy bears and smiley gerbera flowers!

Valentine gifts for the Sagittarian woman:

Sexy eveningwear and funny gags that appeal to their sense of humour will work, so try both! They love sparkling jewellery, so anything with crystals will appeal to their chirpy side.

Valentine gifts for the Sagittarian man:

An overnight road trip to a cabin in the jungle will please his outdoorsy soul. If that's too tough, then get tickets to a great comedy show or movie he's been keen to watch.

Active Sagittarians like adventure, so chip in for an experiential gift like a paragliding lesson, a day at the derby or even just a bartending workshop. Stimulating his mind with a book on philosophy or an Art of Living introductory course will also make for welcome gifts.

Best match for the Sagittarian woman:

Flirty Librans and thoughtful Virgos will end the chase faster with her.

Best match for the Sagittarian man:

Hunters team up best with intelligent Geminis and zany Pisceans.

Capricorn (December 22 to January 20)

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Capricorn woman:

Get ready to laugh all evening. Cappie women have an infectious giggle/ laugh and coupled with a mad sense of humour, they make for great companions -- once they have overcome their natural reserve and shyness, that is!

A walk under the moonlight sky is just what you need to bring out the romantic side in your her; be assured there is one, for still waters run deep and the Capricorn passion, once aroused, is both intense and fiery. If you have been dating her for awhile, then it's a great idea to relive your first date. Caps love revisiting the past, so you can actually surprise her by visiting the same restaurant and dancing to 'your song'.

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Capricorn man:

Know that it will be a fun day for you. Your Capricorn man will do what it takes to please you, from spending all day with you to surprising you with the perfect flowers. They are not demonstrative or bold in their moves, so dropping a few hints of what you might like to do on Valentine's Day will not go amiss! Capricorn men are slow and cautious, dependable and steady partners. Their style is solid, so expect a bouquet of long-stemmed roses.

Valentine gifts for the Capricorn woman:

Cappie women love practical gifts, so make sure its something they need! Vintage books, classic shoes, rare wines will add a sparkle to the witty woman's eyes.

Valentine gifts for the Capricorn man:

Pick a leather briefcases or a stylish watch for your Capricorn man. They have a weakness for shoes and shirts in solid colours. They are very quality-conscious, so make sure whatever you pick up is branded or has a tag that he would be happy to wear!

Best match for the Capricorn woman:

She makes a perfect match with dramatic Taureans and lively Geminis!

Best match for the Capricorn man:

Cappies make a happy match with Pisces and Scorpios.

Aquarius (January 21 to February 19)

If your date on Valentine's Day is an Aquarian woman:

You need to plan it to make an interesting evening. Aquarian women have a low threshold for boredom, so the usual flowers-dinner may hold little appeal. Arouse their curiosity by constant surprises -- try a walk in the middle of the night under the starry skies, a posey of wild flowers or a raid at the ice cream parlour, followed by an aimless drive. Your Aquarian girl will need to be intellectually stimulated and attracted before she contemplates romance, so make sure you are on the same mental wavelength before you ask her out.

If your date on Valentine's Day is an Aquarian man:

Get ready to talk about everything under the sun. For an Aquarian man, nothing is more important than having an intelligent companion. A man of the world, it may be tough to get time with your very popular and in-demand Aquarian date, but once he's with you, Aquarians make for charming companions. Time will fly, especially as he will take you to an open-air restaurant with non-intrusive music and quiet service and you will enjoy your date immensely. Big on social niceties, your Aquarian man will buy you red roses and candy, and a gift that you will like very much! So get ready for a surprise.

Valentine gifts for the Aquarian woman:

Sensitive poetry, romantic novels, interesting furniture or art deco pieces will make this woman smile. They love new-fangled digital stuff, so buying her a Time subscription online, the new iPad, a Kindle or a webcam could work!

Valentine gifts for the Aquarian man:

Aquarians will appreciate humorous gifts that help keep romance light-hearted and fun. Anything that plays up the intelligence quotient will make him think, from a new iHome, to complicated puzzles or even a gift of golf clubs!

Best match for the Aquarian woman:

Free-spirited Sagittarians and trendy Librans keep her on her toes.

Best match for the Aquarian man:

Cool Aries and intense Scorpions will keep him hooked!

Pisces (February 20 to March 20)

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Piscean woman:

You are looking at a classic romantic! Piscean women epitomise class, compassion and beauty and are extremely dreamy and committed in love. They often emerge battle-scarred from their relationships, so it would be wise to be upfront about the intensity of your feelings.

On a date, a Piscean woman is easy to please, especially if you choose a cozy setting. Spend your evening being focused on this woman, or make your gestures genuine and it will bring out the stars in her eyes! An unplanned holiday, scuba-diving or swimming, surprise tickets to a concert or even looking through old pictures will make it a perfect day for the mermaid!

If your date on Valentine's Day is a Piscean man:

You will have much to tell your friends! Piscean men are perhaps the most romantic of all signs and your romantic and intelligent partner will make your day one to remember. Sending you love SMSes throughout the day, clearing his calendar, picking you up in a fancy car, strewing your bed with petals -- Pisceans will put in all the effort and thought to make the day perfect.

They love their food and drink, so expect your dinner to be a seven course meal. Attentive and touchy-feely, don't be surprised, if your man is holding your hand throughout dinner. Expect the best gift that your Piscean can afford, from a Louis Vutton bag to classy jewellery!

Valentine gifts for the Piscean woman:

Soul-stirring music, pillows stuffed with floral fragrance and bubbly wine will make a Piscean leap! Telling a Piscean how you feel is important, so a written love-note pouring out your feelings for her is essential. You can even gift her a total escape, with a replenishing day at the spa or the latest fantasy novel, or pamper her feet with a reflexology kit or a new pair of shoes. And of course, you can't go wrong with a new fish for her tank or water sports equipment.

Valentine gifts for the Piscean man:

Buy anything with heart for your Piscean man and he will love it. From a designer watch to a new mobile phone -- anything thoughtful and selected with care will make him beam.

Best match for the Piscean woman:

Easy Librans and determined Cappies make her dreamy instantly.

Best match for the Piscean man:

Passionate Arians and Cancerians go well with this fish!