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Vidya Malvade and other celebs share VDay plans

Last updated on: February 12, 2010 11:45 IST

Photographs: Anita Mehta

How do our celebrities celebrate Valentine's? Anita Mehta spoke to a few of them about their take on the day of love and their plans. Take a look.

Vidya Malvade

This year is extra special for the newly-married Chak De actress. She says, "I will be celebrating Valentine's day with my husband. We will watch a nice movie and then probably eat out or order in. Nothing elaborate -- just something simple and romantic. The biggest gift I have got is my husband and now there is nothing more that I need. This will be our first Valentine after our marriage and it's extremely special."

Purab Kohli

"I think Valentine's Day should be celebrated with anyone you love -- family, friend, dog," says model-veejay-actor Kohli. "It does not matter, as long as love is the agenda. I hope to get a lot of love this year from family, audiences and my loved ones. As for my plans, I'll be at work promoting my upcoming film Hide N Seek."

Divya Palat

Model and theatre personality Palat comes across as a true romantic. Says she, "I love Valentine's Day and all the mush and balloons associated with it. This year, Aditya and me are acting in (play) 'Let's talk about Love' on Valentine's Day, which will be showcased at the Kalaghoda Festival (in Mumbai). I wrote the story from scratch and I am really looking forward to it!"

Continues Palat, "In fact, I start celebrating a whole week in advance. I went to see the movie Valentine's Day with Aditya and a few friends and I was dressed from head to toe in pink! I was like a blissful bubble!"

So what is her idea of the perfect VDay? "This year, I am hoping to wake up to orchids and chocolate, which I totally love. We are going for the derby, so I will be dressed up and then head straight to our show! Aditya's booked a surprise dinner two weeks in advance and it's a big deal for me, because he does this ever so often!"

Anjana Sukhani

Anjana Sukhani may be single at the moment, but she certainly has a few ideas about romantic gifts!

"I'm going to be busy working this Valentine's Day, as I don't have anybody special in my life now," she explains. "But I would love to receive an Audi Q7 or a beautiful solitaire for Valentine's Day. And I think the perfect date would be Shah Rukh Khan. He is witty, intelligent and extremely charming, an ideal date for a gal." Are you listening, Gauri?

Nimrat Kaur

And finally, we have model and theatre personality Kaur. "As a teenager in school and college, I was part of the black squad, which would take away everybody's gifts and roses!" she laughs.

So is she going to be going the Sene route this year? Thankfully not. "Of late, I am more inclined to celebrating Valentine's Day, because I believe it's really kind of cool to have more occasions to celebrate life and party. This year I will be in Kolkata, so no special plans, but I am hoping I will be gifted a holiday on a boat or a yacht. And if I could get Hugh Jackman or George Clooney as my date, I think it would be a super VDay!"