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Images: A desi take on Valentine's Day!

Last updated on: February 12, 2010 12:45 IST

Photographs: Uttam Ghosh

Come Valentine's Day and the whole country gets ready to brew its annual storm in a teacup concerning a celebration of love.

So, to soothe both the moral police (although we're guessing they have no sense of humour) and the romantics (who we hope have one), our resident cartoonist Uttam Ghosh gives us his take on a slightly more Indianised Valentine's Day. Check it out!

The time is nigh once more,
For the guardians of Indian culture to come to the fore.

Can you see them now, brandishing their knives at Cupid?
To date even your wife on such a day would be stupid!

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Every bite of love you take...

They're going to judge it.
Pro-Bt brinjal? You've already fudged it.

You'll be chopped and hacked to the core,
Like the veggie; except you're free, the brinjal will cost Rs 350 crore.

Free? Actually, that's the wrong word...

Just in case you cheered when you misheard.

We're blowing giant carbon heart-prints into the sky,
And even the birds are going, 'Cough cough -- with all this love, we're so going to die!'

So no more feasting, no more flying high on the wings of romance...

Frankly, my dears, you don't stand a chance.

And as the VDay situation gets hotter and hotter,
Love is in shortage -- and so is the water.

But we'll still be fighting...

Year after year.
We won't give up, do you hear?

It's our right, we say, as we tear down the hill,
But why are we running? 'Coz blood will spill!

A red balloon may be no match for a sword,
But guess what -- we'll still have the last word!

Happy Valentine's Day!