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Video: My plans for Valentine's Day

Last updated on: February 12, 2010 14:44 IST

Abhishek Mande

So how does Young India celebrate Valentine's Day? We stepped out of our offices, took to Mumbai's streets and spoke with a bunch of college kids on how they were planning to spend the Day of Love.

First up is Neha, who says her Valentine's idea of the perfect gift would be a cricket kit. A safe bet for most guys right?

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'All guy's really want is a girl'

Next, Lovely plans to hang out with her friends this VDay.

Does she think it's overrated? Not really.

And her idea of the perfect date? "A nice dinner with that special someone," she says.

'You want to keep your girl? Respect her!'

Aditya will be spending this Valentine's Day promoting his college fest... and hoping that he meets his true love in the bargain.

And if he does, what's the one pick-up line he'd never use? "You're so hot, you make me look cool!" he says.

But what do women want? "Different women want different things, but if you want to hang on to your woman, you have to respect her," he says. Wise words! We have our fingers crossed for him, don't we?

'No cheesy stuffed toys for me'

Shazia plans to sleep in this Valentine's Day. But if she did have someone special in her life, she says she'd give the cheesy hearts and soft toys a miss and maybe put together a video telling him how much she loved him.

And what do men really want? "I don't think they know themselves. They're confused," she says. Hmm, she might be right!

'The best gift you can give is love'

Nidheesh and Suraj will be thinking up excuses to get out of the house on Valentine's Day so they can spend some time with their girlfriends.

As for their date plans? Well it all depends of the girls make it. If not? "We can always hang out with friends," they say.