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Corpse brides, gothic Lolitas on the ramp

Last updated on: March 6, 2010 16:42 IST

Photographs: Uttam Ghosh

Duo Smita Singh Rathore and Shani Himanshu came up with a macabre theme of dark romanticism, titled 'A la mode a la mort' ('Fashionable to the death') for their showing at the LFW. As such, in the designer's own words, the creations were representative of "gothic Lolitas, corpse brides, lost little girls, and macabre tea parties".

Here's a look at the latest from their label 11.11, a brand of the Delhi-based CellDSGN studio.

First up is a deep mauve sack dress worn over nude leggings with floral print.

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Goth sari

Black spider web motifs adorn this midnight drape, worn over a bodysuit with the same vintage motif seen on the leggings previously -- unusual and appealing.

Wispy beige

If you look closely, you'll see that this almost sheer beige dress is actually a pinafore, worn over the designers' by now trademark flowery fabric.

Coat dress

This coat dress with its rouched sleeves and draped pockets clashes -- but in a good way -- with the tights below.

Strawberries 'n' cream

White and deep pink come together on this button-front, leaving the buttons at the bottom undone.

Shifting to solids

Fragmented edges hang off a stark white silk number.

Bound all the way around

Bondage details by way of criss-crossing strips of fabric characterise this layered affair.

Dynamic duo

Himanshu and Rathore put in an appearance at the end of their showing.