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Akshay Kumar shares his fave recipe!

Last updated on: October 27, 2010 19:20 IST
Akshay Kumar on Master Chef India

The Bollywood superstar has shared his fave recipe on Twitter!

In a bid to promote his latest stint as host of television show Master Chef India, Akshay Kumar has posted one of his best culinary preparations on his Twitter account.

Here's a look, as he's written it -- enjoy!

For all those of u asking for the Khiladi sizzler u go, see I do read ur comments :)

Do let me know how it turns out...yaad rahe, Tasty Dish, Varna Game Finish!!

For the Momos:



Finely chop all ingredients, combine with salt, pepper, oyster sauce, soya sauce and one tbsp oil. Keep aside.

For the dough:


For the Pad Thai Noodles:


Cut the vegetables into juliennes. Keep aside. Boil Water. Add Noodles and cook till almost done. Drain off excess water, add oil and mix well. Wash in running cold water and keep aside. Heat oil in a wok, add the vegetables and the remaining ingredients. Toss well on a high flame. Add cooked noodles, season well, toss well and keep aside.

For the Stir-fire Veggies: