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Do wealthier men make better lovers?

January 20, 2009 13:29 IST
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Research conducted at Newcastle University has found that the amount of sexual satisfaction derived by women from their partners is directly proportional to said partner's wealth.

In other words, the wealthier a man is, the more often his woman is likely to have an orgasm!

Sounds ridiculous?

Well, scientists don't think so. While women may be offended at being perceived as inherent gold diggers, the explanation behind this odd conclusion has its roots in evolutionary pysychology.

Evolutionary psychology suggests that both sexes are genetically programmed to exploit their partners in order to bring about the best conditions for breeding and passing on their genes. So, it is natural for a woman to choose a wealthy partner who is able to provide her with stability. Such a man becomes more desirable.

What do you think? Is the study accurate? Do you think sex and wealth are linked in this manner?

Is it true that wealthier men make better lovers?

Post your comments, opinions and experiences in this regard on the message board below!

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