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Real estate opportunities in India

March 12, 2009 14:21 IST
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Do you know what's the going rate per square foot in your neighbourhood? Is it the best time to buy real estate/ home? Or should you wait for a while before buying your dream home?

What are the chances of real estate prices going further down? Or are they likely to go up in the near future? When will the property market stabilise?

To answer these and various other money and invetsment related queries, real estate expert Tushar Bungley, hosted a chat with GA readers on March 6.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:

naavin asked, Hi, This is naveen from banglore.I want to buy a property near ramaiah hospital,the seller is quoting 35lacs for 450sft built on 3 floors and a rent of approx 15k.Is it worth paying the price?
Tushar Bungley answers,  at 2009-03-06 13:50:50Seems to be a reasonable deal. You can go ahead with it. Though rental value quoted here seems to be a bit high compared to the existing market.

Vinayak asked, Hi Tushar!! I want to buy a house in Bangalore in Malleshwaram region. There is this developer who is quoting 80lac (including stamp duty) for an apartment which is 1730sq ft... Is he quoting high price ?
Tushar Bungley answers, Price is fine, though you can negotiate a bit given the current market.

bala asked, Tushar how are you?I am currently living in overseas planning to buy a flat in chennai,I am looking in vadapalani and the current price for a sq.feet is Rs 5,000 thats what the brokers & builders say, Is this the correct value for this area?will this price come down in another six months?Do I have to wait to get the best bargain?Please advise
Tushar Bungley answers, Bala - The price quoted at Vadapalani is correct. Interesting fact is that prices in chennai haven't gone down as compared to other cities. Would advise you to wait till middle of Q2 2009 and negotiate hard on prices.

dinesh asked, dear sir you never my question this is my 3rd time , i have invested in apartment in hydrbad in alwal buildler janapriya total cost coming 35 lacs gated community is the for 1500 sft is the price and decision in investing in hyderbad is wright or wrong pls reply
Tushar Bungley answers, There should not be much to worry about here, give it 3 - 5 years of minimum waiting time for good ROI.

smruti asked, when will be realestate again boom!
Tushar Bungley answers, All markets are moving south (down wards). It's hard to say but as per our guestimates the marketsmay look very gittery for real estate for at least 2 quarters. Given India is a sentimental economy the boom would also be driven by western economy gaining momentum.

neel asked, which is the best place to invest in agricultural land? which is the best place to invest in agricultural land?
Tushar Bungley answers,  if you are fine to invest for long term places around metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore would be good option. They would certainly see good appreciation with govt looking to have many projects, SEZs etc lined up here

bosco asked, Hi I want to know the price in bangalore for 600-900 sqft ready bult house
Tushar Bungley answers, Which locality in Bangalore ?

ramesh asked, hi Tushar, could u please tell what is current price range for 3BHK flats in gurgaon.Also what trend prices expected to follow in next 1 yr.
Tushar Bungley answers, Price here is around 3500 Rs/ sqft for apartments depending on amenities and other facilities.

Ubaid asked, When you look at property prices, do you see an affect of commercial real estate on residential real estate?
Tushar Bungley answers, Reverse is true residential typically govern commercial except govt plans where new infra comes in and residential develops around it. So in general the commercial does not impact residential howebver infrastruture led/based commercial development does drive residential. example if a new SEZ or Mall or ITpark declared in some area

sander asked, conservative estimates predict a fall of 40% in the bangalore apartment sector.Will this really come true
Tushar Bungley answers, Depends on locality to locality, cannot be generalized, but 15-20% correction seems more realistic.

amit asked, What is the price / sq.ft in warje/kothrud or pashan in pune
Tushar Bungley answers, Kothrud apartment prices are around 4000 - 4700 Rs/ sqft

interestedbuyer asked, Experts are saying that real estate crash can happen and prices will come down by 20% - 60% across India, in another 3-6 months time. Should I wait for some time to buy home
Tushar Bungley answers, You can wait and watch at the same time negotiate for best prices till about Q2 2009

rana2 asked, which is better option for investment for 2nd home eighter new panvel,kharghar or baner , bavdhan in pune ...and what will be rate per sq feet ?
Tushar Bungley answers, for second home if you want as a holiday home best is Panvel for investment you can think of kharghar, baner and bavdhan areas. As the markerts are stabilizing the rates could cary from 2400 - 3500 in these areas

Tushar Bungley says, Hi

Kamlesh asked, Hello Mr.Bungley, I'm interested in buying 1BHK in Mulund (East) area what would be the rates in Mulund (East) in near future. is there any chances of rates fall upto 5K sq ft
Tushar Bungley answers, Mulund right now is about 5500 to 7300 Rs/ sqft. You might want to wait till Q2 2009,though not much correction is expected in Mulund.

Bob asked, Is this the right time to buy a flat in Gurgaon?
Tushar Bungley answers, Yes this is the right time to purchase property in Gurgaon, the prices have gone down drastically

adsfsfds asked, hi Do you still see fall in prices in RE ?
Tushar Bungley answers, Yes reports suggest that by the end of the year, prices may still go down, but can't predict also general elections are round the corner

Ubaid asked, As per a report by Knight Frank there are 332 Malls in Tier I cities in the pipeline for 2009 alone. These are sole commercial developments without residential developments in in the vicinity of these malls. The over supply should bring about a correction of prices. Will this not drip into the residential segment then?
Tushar Bungley answers, We dont know how many of these will actually see the light of the day. These were planned, but with the current economic scenario, many have been pushed for later.

Jasraj asked, Prices have dropped by around 20-25 percent in a locality in mumbai. Few have suggested that they will correct by 40 percent in near future. Should I wait for it?
Tushar Bungley answers, n some pockets there is a possible forecast about it but it's really would happen in more smaller pockets or even localized to some builders. To ensure consumers do not feel a price drop many builders are offering goodies with it trying to keep up with the same prices

mumbaiguy asked, lokhandwalla, andheri, can one expect to buy a resale 3 bhk flat @ Rs. 7000/- per sq.ft at current levels?
Tushar Bungley answers, Yes, this is a good price.

Appu asked, What is the average price per sq feet in meenakshi temple area in Bennerghatta Road Bangalore
Tushar Bungley answers, Not sure about Meenakshi road, but Bannerghata road apartments are around 3200 - 5000 Rs/ sqft

malicknak asked, hi sir, i have 7000 sft land in Chennai,Velachery, LIC nagar. Shall i hold or sell Malick
Tushar Bungley answers, Is this commercial or residential land ?

manoj asked, tushar manoj here from delhi i have booked a flat in dlf gurgaon 2215 sq feet @ 2250 per sq feet . what should i do whether to retain the booking or to withdraw the booking
Tushar Bungley answers, Retain the booking, because that price you may not get in the later half of the year

xcv asked, Hi Tushar, is buying a flat under contruction a good option in todays market in Bangalore North off Tumkur Road, especially as I may not get the flat for occupation for another 12-18 months? The going rate that the builder is offereing is around 2000/- per sft SBUA. Please advise. Thanks
Tushar Bungley answers, 2000 Rs/ sqft seems a little high, though this depends on the amenities that you are getting along with this. Now is good to buy as buyers have more scope for negotiation.

neel asked, which is the best place to invest in agricultural land?
Tushar Bungley answers, Places in Tamil Nadu and also places in Bangalore close to North Bangalore

James asked, Also with a budget of 35 lacs, in Cochin, do you think its better to go in for a plot of 4-5 cents and build a house or go in for a flat, looking at the resale possibility in another 10 yrs time. Please advice, since I'm in a fix and confused on this and whether to wait for some months more or to go in for it now
Tushar Bungley answers, Land historically has given better returns, but ultimately it depends on what you want to do. Check for new flats / land in Cochin.

MMV asked, I have a apartment in chennai, now due to slowdown i'm facing 30% loss from the estimated profit, can i sell it now? or i have to wait for market to come up.
Tushar Bungley answers, You can wait for sometime before selling.

TALATI123 asked, Hello sir, What is the future of real estae in indore
Tushar Bungley answers, Indore is a good investment option, the focus of the IT shall probably shift, once tier I of metros are overloaded and costly

Kamlesh asked, What lower price we can see in mulund (east) within next 6 months??
Tushar Bungley answers, Speculated prices are around 5000 - 6000 Rs/ sqft

Shri asked, Sir, What will be the near future situation in Pime Kothrud,Pune? Is Rs. 4000 per sq. ft. rate reasonable? Is it better to wait & watch or go for Flat purchase for own occupation?
Tushar Bungley answers, This seems to be fine.

bill asked, hi Mr. Tushar is there any place where I can get property prices? or do you publish any reports?
Tushar Bungley answers, there are many sources but the are local even in local newspaper you can find some info. You can possibly see online portals may be my portal to see the current property rates from the properties posted here. We as of now do not publish reports but may be in future we may think of.

draj asked, What would be the realistic price in malad (w)
Tushar Bungley answers, 4500 - 6000 Rs/ sqft in Malad West for apartments.

prashantb asked, Hi Tushar, I am in dillema. I am leaving in chennai and want to buy flat/house with 25 lacks of budget. If I go for ready possesion flats, orices are 4000-5000rs / sq feet which is very high. If go for new project nobody knows which real esatte company will go busrt in current scenario os its a risk. Please suggest what to do (my plan is 6 lacks cash remaining home loan). Thanks, Prashant
Tushar Bungley answers, Please go in for the current apartment which you have chosen, 25 lakhs seems to be good deal. New projects cant predict, depends on the completion in this market situation. If you are availing a loan then not advisable

heman asked, Hi Tushar, I want to Buy 2 BHK in Santacruz ( west) mumbai ...what could be ideal rate in new society or 5-10 yr old building
Tushar Bungley answers, Around 15,000 Rs/ sqft

mnk asked, Hello the real estate market is going we expect home loans to be get down in the same way?
Tushar Bungley answers, Yes home loans will go down, several banks will follow SBI route to be ahead in the competition.

James asked, Do you think I should wait for some more time or is it now the right time to make a purchase in the Cochin area? Thanks in advance for the advice
Tushar Bungley answers, what kind of property you would look for? For apartments better to wait or even be cautious. For land deals you can certainly wait and grab a best price mat be in next 6 to 9 months in cochin.

Dinesh Singh asked, Hi Tushar, Is 6500/- a good price for properties in Goregaon. Do you think prices will bottom out further ?
Tushar Bungley answers, Good but can be negotiated further. The prices will go down by year end as per reports, year 2009 is worst compared to 08 for real estate sector.

kalpya asked, hi tushar, can you let me know the average price around juhu scheme and andheri (w)
Tushar Bungley answers, Around 8000 - 9500 Rs/ sqft

mumbaiguy asked, Sir about andheri - lokhandwalla u agreed on say Rs. 7000/-...shd i wait for lower prices? Do you think it can happen?
Tushar Bungley answers, You can negotiate, but no big correction expected.

Surenddra asked, can investment in kharghar property is profitable in future?
Tushar Bungley answers, Yes Kharghar is a good investment option you can investment taking into consideration a long term investment option

fhcgbv asked, fhcgbv says, Please Answer This:My agent is quoting a price of rs. 60 Lakh for an independent duplex villa at sector 55 faridabad measuring 172 sq yards. Is it ok? Also. i have a property at Andheri East, Chakala in a reputed society(Rustomjee). 1090 sq ft. My asking price of 9500 is justified?
Tushar Bungley answers, Your price in Andheri east is fine. Not sure about Faridabad.

Ganesh asked, What about real estate rates in mulund,thane,bhandup are thety expected to reduce in near months
Tushar Bungley answers, Yes these places have seen a downfall, it will go down further as demand for tier II cities are increasing.

Abhinandan asked, Hi Mr Tushar, Need your advise, I work in Noida but want to have a builder floor/ Appartment of approc 1500sft in Delhi region (Mayur vihar). Can you please help in 1. as what would be realistic price in mayur Vihar and Janak puri. 2. Should I wait for 6-8 months or this is right time Thanks in advance
Tushar Bungley answers, Mayur Vihar is around 6200 - 7800 Rs/ sqft

dfgsdfg asked, Hi tushar, i have booked 2BHk for 21lacs beside bangalore university (mysore road). do u feel its a good deal ? and what are the future aspects of the surroundings/locality
Tushar Bungley answers, What's the square footage ?

abhishek asked, Hi Tushar,recently DLF has slashed the flat prices in bangalore by 32 %,do u see others following the suit?if yes how much reduction is expected.
Tushar Bungley answers, Others might follow if demand reduces. Realistically you can expect around 15 - 20 % fall depending on the city/ locality and the amenities of the apartment.

rt asked, please answer this : Hello Tushar, I bought a flat in 2007, and took a home loan for that from a private bank, the EMI of which is I am still paying. After the registration is done for the flat, I came to know that the flat is illegal and I am not even able to do the mutation done for that flat. Nobody is living in the flat, it is vacant till date as there is no water and basic facilities available there. Now I want to sale it off, the problem is coz the mutation is not done, nobody is ready to buy it. Can I ask help from the bank in any manner?
Tushar Bungley answers, You can talk to our legal team who can help you out with this. Check out

manoj asked, hi tushar i could get the answer the question is that i have booked a flat in dlf gurgaon 2215 sq feet @ 3500 per sq feet whether to retain the booking or to cancell the booking
Tushar Bungley answers, You can retain it taking into consideration the current market situation. DLF is a good project and completion will be on time.

anurg asked, Hi Tushar, I have got a 90sqm house in a draw(just Ground floor) in Greater Noida and possession will be given in 2010 by the authority.I have paid 16.5 lacs till now and expected to pay another 6 lacs at the time of possession. What would be market price of this property right now?
Tushar Bungley answers, Prices in Greater Noida are around 4000 - 6000 Rs/ sqft

vijay asked, Why prices in Pune are not seeing correction ?
Tushar Bungley answers, Tier II status is making Pune to be hot destination and good investment option, naturally prices are constant or going up.

Kathir asked, what is the land price in Hosur???
Tushar Bungley answers, Around 1500 - 2200 Rs/ sqft

R24121821* asked, Hi Tushar, is there any flat available for 11 to 12 lac or near it with home loan available in delhi or near delhi.
Tushar Bungley answers, Do check out and perform a search with your required parameters.

manoj asked, sir have i invested in a right project or not that the property which i am asking is new town heights in gurgaon
Tushar Bungley answers, Its good investment as long term investment option. The project is good, no need to worry.

dips greater noida asked, sir, i have bought a readymade flat in greater noida at rs. 2000 per sq feet from. is this a good buy?
Tushar Bungley answers, Price seems to be very reasonable.

vijay asked, Why prices in Pune are not seeing correction ?
Tushar Bungley answers, Demand is still good in Pune, that's why correction in prices haven't been seen yet. Give it another 3- 5 months.

dips greater noida asked, sir, i have bought a readymade flat in greater noida at rs. 2000 per sq feet from. is this a good buy?
Tushar Bungley answers, Yes this is a good buy,G noida has good connectivity and shall be a good long term investment option.

abd asked, What is the per sq. feet price for flat in Trivandrum? What will be the resale value after 20 years?
Tushar Bungley answers, Price is around 2500 - 4000 Rs/ sqft in trivandrum

lalu asked, I want to purchase a apartment at kolkata south range 20to 25 lakh. Should I wait?
Tushar Bungley answers, Can go ahead and purchase seems to be good deal, but can wait till July, prices may still fall.

vishwa asked, what do u think about indirapuram this is the right time to take a flat
Tushar Bungley answers, Indirapuram is a good investment option. Try to negotiate with the builder and take it forward, though prices in this region have not gone down.

anoop asked, I am planning to buy 2 BHK in mumbai/pune, is this the right time to buy. Mumbai continues to be over the roof, but Pune looks good !! Ur suggestions?
Tushar Bungley answers, Pune and Mumbai are different markets, depends on where you want to go for. You can wait till mid of Q2 2009 while starting to negotiate from now.

MMV asked, Are real estate prices expected to come down across India?
Tushar Bungley answers, Yes reports suggest that it shall come down further, by the end of this year, year 2009 has a downward trend for RE compared to 08

Nidhi asked, I bet my question will not be answered, It has never been answered before in rediff chat. I am interested in buying land, which is the best city out of Pune, Nasik and Nagpur to invest in. Approximately at what point of time should I buy land plot in one of the above three places and what are the prevailing rates, and preferred areas in these cities.
Tushar Bungley answers, You can go for Pune out of the three. Best time to invest would be from now to next 5 months. Pune land prices vary from 2000 - 6000 Rs/ sqft depending on the loclaity.

deva asked, I am salaried and plaiing to buy a Flat at Bhopal (Nehru Nagar) MIG @ 10 Lakhs. Is it worth for future.
Tushar Bungley answers, Can venture out to buy if its MIG,will help in the future.

eazy asked, hi tushar, i am getting a place at Panaji,Goa for 40 lacs, it is 1200 sq ft built up apartment,located about 6 kms from Panaji centre on Belgaum High way overlooking Mandovi river.Its residential area with club and swimming pool facilities. Is price ok? thanks
Tushar Bungley answers, Price is good, you can go for it.

Faisal asked, Hi! Tushar. In Mumbai thier has been no major fall in realestate in residential properties prices, is this expected?
Tushar Bungley answers, There is a fall in price, 15-20% fall, it will still more go down.

garry asked, I am offrd res flat by dlf in hyd at 1800/sqft.Pls advise whether it is good buy or need to wait till it go down further.
Tushar Bungley answers, This is a good deal as right now supply is too much compared to demand.

kishore asked, I am planning to buy a flat right now at Rajahmundry(Andhra Pradesh). Are the prices in that place going to come down.
Tushar Bungley answers, Yes it will come down further, but cant predict also general elections are round the corner.

New Neel asked, Hi Tushar its been long since i booked my flat in indirapuram but haven't got possession. Is it good time to sell it. Is there futhure upside expected in prices soon?
Tushar Bungley answers, No upside expected soon.

hemansu asked, Dear Sir i had invested in piyush city Bhiwadi three years back @1400 Rs. per square feet. Already paid 5 lac Rs. one year back. Now please advice me what to do. Whats the future of piyush city in bhiwadi becaue Honda has delayed its small car project in Khushkhira ind. area in Bhiwadi.
Tushar Bungley answers, Tier II and III cities are expected to see good growth in 5 - 8 years.

rahul_4k asked, sir i own 2 flats in Puri,orissa.I am in urgent requirment of money.The flats are just giving me my purchase i am least intrested in selling because i wont get any profit.Please help till when the real estate market will recover
Tushar Bungley answers, Prices in Orissa are not expected to move up in the short term.

kuppan asked, What is the cost of the land per sq.ft in saidapet (chennai)?
Tushar Bungley answers, Land in Saidapet should be around 5000 - 7000 Rs/ sqft

kishor asked, I have a Villa under construction at Sainikpuri in a gated enclave. Is it possible to go for an exchange for flat T SOUTH BANGALORE?
Tushar Bungley answers, You might want to check out

mickey asked, what should be a reasonable price for 3bhk in Juhu gulmohar road or in JVPD?? kindly reply
Tushar Bungley answers, Prices in Juhu are around 10000 - 14000 Rs/ sqft

rawat asked, Dear Tushar, i m planning to buy 3bhk appt. in ahmedabad please suggest me should i go ahead or wait for correction as is does not seems correcting at the moment, plesae answer
Tushar Bungley answers, This is a good time to buy here, you can go ahead.

viky asked, Hi I am planning to buy a flat in Nagpur! Please suggrst me a good project and if possible the rates! Thanks
Tushar Bungley answers, Check out and perform a search under Nagpur.

Sivakumar asked, Why property price correction is not happening in North Chennai? Should I wait & watch for another 6 months?!
Tushar Bungley answers, Yes, that seems to be a good strategy right now for chennai.

Build asked, Is it better to pay back Rs 5 lacs or to keep it in HSBC's smart home account? which will reduce the EMI & principal payback?
Tushar Bungley answers, Not sure about this, but right now SBI home loans seems to be the best deal.

gopikiran asked, Hi,Is it worth of buying a flat now in bangalore or else shall I have to wait for some more time for the correction?
Tushar Bungley answers, This is the right time to purchase the property in Bangalore as the prices have gone down by around 20%, if planning to buy apartments, can negotiate for a good prices and amenities.

dodododo asked, I am planning to buy a 3 bedroom appartment in Dwarkashish Project ARAVALI HEIGHTS at Dharuhera (near Bhiwadi). Rate is rs 1500 PSf. My questions: 1) Is Dwarkashish reputed builers?. 2) Is rs. 1500 PSF good rate? Date of completion is december 2010.... PLEASE REPLY.
Tushar Bungley answers, Don't know about the builder, but the rate seems to be good.

Swamy asked, Hi Tushar, I wanted to buy plot in Ullal, Mallathahalli, Bangalore. What is the current price is going on there and what was the price before recession?
Tushar Bungley answers, Prices are between 1500-2500, good place to buy, but can wait for still more correction in places

Solo asked, Hi Iam living in Chennai...Hope you must have heard about Cosmo City Project by Provident Housing ( Budget homes division of Purvanakra) is it a goood inv as they have opened for around 1800/sq ft in OMR ( off OMR inside some 6-7KMS)]
Tushar Bungley answers, Price is good, but OMR is getting saturated, don't expect high rental rates here.

Chetan asked, Will prices fall in Pune
Tushar Bungley answers, Pune may not see fall in Prices as of now.

nitti asked, As Dlf has reduced the price around 30%.And shobha developers provided discount.What is the future of other builders?.. Are they going to reduce ?..And in next 2 quarter what do you think about price trend for flats in bangalore..Which is the best time to buy??...
Tushar Bungley answers, Best time to buy would be in the middle of the next quarter, buidlers are expected to reduce prices as they are pressurised to get the sales moving.

SHOBHA asked, Hi Tushar, I bought a flat in 1994 at new mumbai Khandeshwar.We have not got the position till today. builder always give some excuses. can u tell me what action should we take
Tushar Bungley answers, Please contact us on and our legal team can work with you and take this forward.

mumbaiguy asked, Dear Sir, In andheri oberoi springs..1 guy selling at 9000 per sft. resale by it a good buy and when will it get ready?
Tushar Bungley answers, It's a good buy, not sure about completion dates.

santoshl asked, I want to buy a flat in Goregaon(East). What would be the reasonable price which I would have to pay.
Tushar Bungley answers, Around 6000 - 8000 Rs/ sqft

saif asked, Mr Tushar, Where do you think the real estate market would be in another 6 months in term of completion and rates?
Tushar Bungley answers, Real estate has a bad road path in 2009 compared to 08, it is favourable for buyers. Again completion depends on the end customers, if they pay the instalments to the builder on time, and Banks oblige the builder with finances, then shall be smooth.

vikasbijlani asked, Hi I have purchased a Resale flat 2 & a half years back now I want to sale the same as prices are reducing. Am I liable for capital gains.
Tushar Bungley answers, Please talk to our tax experts on

TNS asked, hi Tushar, DLF bangalore is a good deal to wait for 36 months completion as they are yet to get clearences?
Tushar Bungley answers, Dlf is a good deal can wait, clearances shall be got, these are part of the administrative hurdles,but no need to worry

hio asked, tis is right time to buy any land?
Tushar Bungley answers, This is the right time for purchasers to invest, any investment made now could be beneficial when real estate picks up

Niki asked, Hi tushar, am asking this 4th time-please answer am willing to buy 2bhk flat @ 2150rs/sqft (1155sqft)in jeedimetla/suchitra area(hyderabad)- is it a good deal
Tushar Bungley answers, This seems to be a bit on the higher side. Do try to negotiate to 1800 - 2000 Rs/ sqft

Ramanathan asked, Hi .. real estate prices in Kolkata don't seem to be dropping as they have in other parts of the country ... is there indication of any price drop in future?
Tushar Bungley answers, Some correction is expected here, though the magnitude might vary.

daamukaka asked, What is Tier 1 & 11 cities ??? it's a group of societies
Tushar Bungley answers, Tier I cities are metros, and Tier II cities are next level cities closer these metros. Tier II cities have good investment potential compared to Tier I cities.

kiran asked, What is Land price in JP Nagar Bangalore?
Tushar Bungley answers, Around 7000 - 9000 Rs/ sqft

rkg asked, are prices expected to fall in gurgaon further
Tushar Bungley answers, Gurgoan shall see further fall in prices

Ravvi asked, Hi Tushar, I am planning to buy a 2BHK flat in Bhakti Park. Builder is quoting Rs.8000/sqft. I am waiting since last August for the prices to come down but builder has not reduced the price. What do you suggest? Shall I go ahead?
Tushar Bungley answers, Price seems to be high.

nils2k1 asked, Wht are the property rates going for the 10 yrs old building in following suburbs in Mumbai- i) Andheri(W) ii) Andheri(E-Haridas Nagar) iii) Borivali(W) iv) Kandavali (W-Mahavir Nagar) Also advice if the given price is on Carpet/Builtup/Superbuitup.
Tushar Bungley answers, Andheri (W) is around 7000 Rs/ sqft Borivali (W) is around 6000 - 7000 Rs / sqft Kandivali (W) is around 4000 - 6000 Rs/ sqft

Saran asked, Is it time to wise to invest reality in cities like Salem (TN) as i am from this city.
Tushar Bungley answers, Yes good investment option

piyu asked, which is the better place to invest Thane or Koper Khairane - Navi Mumbai? this is very important decission i have to take , kindly advise. Thanks
Tushar Bungley answers, Navi Mumbai seems to be a better option at this point in time.

ArunS asked, Hi, why have prices not corrected in chennai inline with other cities? Do you see a correction in near future? Perhaps after the IT sector starts lay-offs?
Tushar Bungley answers, Correction in chennai to the tune of around 10 - 15% is expected in the next two quarters.

hellobin asked,  HI, i would like to sell my flat in kothrud-38. Its 800 sq ft, what price can i expect. its 3 year old and semi firnished.
Tushar Bungley answers, Around 3000 - 3500 Rs/ sqft

neerajchaudhary asked, i've recently booked a DLF home in Bangalore at Rs. 1850 per sq. feet for a 1820 sq. feet flat. Is this a good price and right time to invest? How do you see it from investment point, and also if I plan to actually move in there when it's ready after 3 years.
Tushar Bungley answers, The price is very good and will give good returns on a 5 - 7 time frame.

vetri asked, Hi Tushar, whats is your take on second/third tier towns like Pondicherry.. where do you see th price going forward ? I didnot see much decline, though there seems to be little movement
Tushar Bungley answers, Movement is little, but over time they are expected to have better traction than Tier I cities.

subbu asked,  Hi Tushar, Pleeeesssssseeeee Answer. In chennai, What is the price of residential land on 200 ft road that connects OMR and GST road (Pallavaram), about 1 km from CTS office towards Pallavaram (Very close to the 200 ft road)
Tushar Bungley answers, Prices here are around 3000 - 4000 Rs/ sqft

vijaykrishna_c asked, iam from chennai, here the property prices not yet reduced, can we wait for few more months?
Tushar Bungley answers, Yes it would be a good idea to wait.

saurabhsuperb asked, Is it true that most real estate companies are major defaulters currently?
Tushar Bungley answers, No not true, market situation has made people think like that, only a perception.

Bhuvan asked, realstate - best is what u can afford !!!
Tushar Bungley answers, Good investment

nils2k1 asked, Resale property price need to be considered on Carpet Area /Builtup / Super - Builtup ??
Tushar Bungley answers, Do check out

tushar asked, hi tushar, this is right time to but a flat at mira road, mumbai, and what is price there
Tushar Bungley answers, Mira Road prices are aroun d 2700 - 3100 Rs/ sqft. It's a good time to invest here.

Samik asked, Hi Tushar, I have been offered a flat for Rs. 68 lakh (all inclusive) at HSR Layout in Bangalore by a reputed builder. The apartment is of 1800 sq.ft. and the completion will be in 3-4 months. Should I go for it? I feel there is scope for further negotiation. If yes, what price should I quote? Thanks
Tushar Bungley answers, This is a good deal, but you can neogotiate further. Settle for 1700 Rs/ sqft

Tushar Bungley says, Thanks a lot for your questions. Feel free to check out and talk to our legal experts there for any of your queries.

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