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December 31, 2007
Planning ahead? The 2008 Must List!
If you missed it in 2007, we've picked the Musts for 2008! Absolutely, positively everything you must do in the next 12 months!

December 28, 2007
Wild, wonderful street food!
The world’s strangest street food: From stinky tofu to fried water beetles, find the soul of a destination through its sidewalk snacks.

December 27, 2007
Top spots to bring in the New Year
It's that time of the year again, when some of us long to get away from the madness of it all and introspect as the clock turns another year.

December 26, 2007
That irresistible call of the Himalayas
Kanchenjunga beckons. Get Ahead reader Sumana Govada shares his visit to Darjeeling and Sikkim.

The year's 10 top travel stories
Do you remember all the innovations, near misses and crazy inventions? We’ve gathered the best stories. A look back at the year in travel.

December 24, 2007
Oberoi Udaivilas is the world's best hotel
The Udaipur property also tops the lists for best small hotel and best hotel in Asia.

December 19, 2007
Sabarimala, Kumbh: World's top holy spots
At Sabarimala visitation estimates vary from five million to as high as 60 million annually, while the most recent Kumbh Mela had an estimated 70 million in attendance.

December 17, 2007
An idyllic island getaway
Looking for a quiet getaway? Devbagh Beach Resort off the coast of Karwar in Karnataka may be the place for you, says Deepak.

December 14, 2007
Boomtown Bangalore
In the heart of India's Silicon Valley, Bruno Maddox finds a city transformed by globalisation, dreaming of the future.

December 12, 2007
Spellbound in God's Own Country
A cruise along the Vembanad Lake in a luxury houseboat is one of the most exhilarating experiences, says Sabari Giri.

December 10, 2007
Looking beyond the stripes
A jungle safari is not just about spotting a tiger discovered Disha Pinge on her recent visit to the Bandhavgarh and Kanha wildlife sanctuaries.

December 06, 2007
Trekking to misty Kudremukh
Reader Anil S says the beauty of the Kudremukh landscape cannot be described in words and the tiring trek up to the peak was worth all the effort.

December 03, 2007
The goddess saved my family
Get Ahead reader Archana Pande recounts her visit to the Kamakhya temple in Guwahati, Assam.

November 28, 2007
Romancing the mist
Get Ahead reader Srinath Sridhar shares his visit to the romantic misty mountains of Coorg, the Scotland of India.

November 23, 2007
The fair in honour of a horse
Come December and the valley where the famous battle of Haldighati was fought will come alive with a festival for horses.

November 19, 2007
The absolute serenity of Coorg
The mystical beauty of Coorg is perfectly blended with the simplicity of its dwellers, says Malati Karthikeyan.

November 16, 2007
In the land of Lord Buddha
Get Ahead reader Sunil Mukhopadhyay shares his visit to Nalanda, Rajgir and Bodhgaya in Bihar.

November 15, 2007
Maravanthe: A quiet beach getaway
Maravanthe beach on the west coast of Karnataka was an excellent alternative to Goa for Get Ahead reader Vivek Nadiminti.

November 12, 2007
Yercaud: Mining a hell out of heaven
Get Ahead reader Anil S was taken aback by the ‘development’ taking place in Yercaud.

November 08, 2007
The magic of Jammu and Kashmir
Get Ahead reader Priyanka Prakash shares her visit to the indescribably beautiful Jammu and Kashmir.

November 06, 2007
Stairway to heaven
Sumit Bhattacharya stumbles across an India untouched, high in the Himalayas.

November 02, 2007
The season's most exciting destinations
Here are a few options for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle and take a short vacation.

October 26, 2007
Trekking to the mighty Chembra
Chembra Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad, Kerala, at 2100m above sea level.

October 09, 2007
In the lap of the Dhauladhars
Rediff reader Shikha Sood sent us pictures of her vacation to Palampur in Himachal Pradesh.

October 04, 2007
To Jog's raging waters
Rediff reader Thejas KR says watching the vigorous water of the Jog Falls cascading down the ravine like a heap of crystals was an exhilarating experience.

October 03, 2007
Driving to Ganpatipule
It is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the Konkan region, says Pushkaraj Deshpande.

September 28, 2007
Escape to Kakkabe
Get Ahead reader Vivek Nadiminti says the enchanting beauty of the place makes it a paradise for people looking for serenity.

September 27, 2007
Rediscovering Manali
A summer trip to this tourist-over-run hill station is still incredibly enjoyable, say Vidisha and Manish Gupta.

September 25, 2007
Under the Kuttalam falls
The rains is the time to dance under the thundering waterfalls. Have a 'healthful' oilbath. And afterwards have some hot bhajiyas, says A Ganesh Nadar

September 21, 2007
Trekking to Lohagarh
Lohagarh Fort is situated on a side range of Sahyadri mountains, in Maharashtra. Text: Arun Singh Bisht | Photographs: Chitrangda Kapur

September 20, 2007
Snapshots: Vagamon
Rediff reader Deepu Matthew sent us pictures of his vacation to Vagamon, Kerala.

September 18, 2007
Matheran, a walk with Nature
Matheran's most attractive feature: it is a vehicle free hill station, says Pooja Mehndiratta.

September 13, 2007
Goa: A food lover's paradise
There is some outstanding non-vegetarian food to be had in Goa.

September 12, 2007
A Topslip adventure
The spirit of discovery took us to an isolated island in the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, says Poongundran Krishnamurthi.

September 07, 2007
Ajmer: Surreal but lovely
Reader Deepshikha recounts her fascinating visit to the holy cities of Ajmer and Pushkar in Rajasthan.

September 05, 2007
Biking to Raigad
Parikshit Vaidya plans to go back to explore the remaining parts of this huge 100 square acre cliffhanger fort!

September 03, 2007
The old world charm of Belgaum
Nestled at the foothills of the Western Ghats, Belgaum is a quaint little town in Karnataka, says Tasnim Munim.

August 30, 2007
My date with leopards and tuskers
Shreyas Ranganath writes about his visit to the Nagarhole National Park.

August 24, 2007
The enchanting mists of Munnar
On the winding roads of South India's prettiest hill station, with Kanika Goswami.

August 22, 2007
Postcards from Ooty
Queen of the Nilgiris beckons.

August 17, 2007
Ever been to Chhattisgarh? Why not!
Its beauty and wealth of natural resources makes its a place worth visiting again, says Mrs Vijaya.

August 06, 2007
5 budget honeymoon destinations
Here are some great honeymoon locations to fit your requirements.

August 01, 2007
Looking for a free stay abroad?
If you're young and would like to holiday abroad living free of cost with hospitable foreigners, look up The Hospitality Club today, says Piran Elavia!

July 31, 2007
Trailing the monsoon
An amazing trek to Patta Fort in Maharashtra.

July 20, 2007
Apples in God's own country!
Resmi Jaimon was thrilled to find apple orchards in Kerala.

July 17, 2007
The magic and mystery of Arunachal
Sunil Mukhopadhyay shares his visit to Tawang, which is also called the hidden paradise.

July 12, 2007
Silence speaks at Rewalsar
Vidisha Bhardwaj suggests Rewalsar in Himachal Pradesh if you looking for some peace and quiet.

July 06, 2007
Biking down the Konkan coast
A two-day holiday at my office in Pune was a great reason to take off for a bike adventure down the Konkan coast, says Parikshit Vaidya.

July 05, 2007
Adventure holidays: Get your blast of adrenaline
Check out some exciting ways to spend your holiday!

July 04, 2007
Travelling in the monsoons?
People love going on vacation during the monsoons, despite the risk of their travel plans being washed out! Learn how to make the best of such situations.

June 29, 2007
A Kodachadri sunset
The sunsets in Kodachadri are meant to be spectacular and in one spot it is possible to see the sunrise and the sunset says Shivaram.

June 28, 2007
Assam diary: Poachers, rhinos and tigers!
A visit to a sanctuary of the one-horned rhino offers more adventure than Archana Pande bargained for!

June 22, 2007
Sikkim: A mountain welcome
Aranyak Sen, who works as a retail marketing manager in Kolkata, shares his pictures of Sikkim.

June 20, 2007
Jungle tales: Up close with the Rhino
A jungle holiday was a great way of enjoying the uninterrupted serenity of nature, says Aniruddha Sen.

June 15, 2007
Walking through the Western Ghats
Tungareshwar, near Mumbai, offers an amazing trekking path with waterfalls and lush green surroundings says Pradeep Sudarshan.

June 13, 2007
Where tigers rest in your lap
Meghana Trivedi, a regular rediff reader, sent in a unique travel experience – one that will take your breath away!

June 07, 2007
Aurangabad: For caves that thrill
Give summer's beaten track - Manali, Mahableshwar, and Matheran - a miss and head to the incredible Ajanta-Ellora. The time's just right.

June 04, 2007
Planning your next holiday?
Here are a few tips to help get your vacation off to the right start.

June 01, 2007
Ooty: Call of the Blue Mountains
At 7,228 feet above sea level, Ooty continues to be one of the most sought after summer getaways in south India.

May 31, 2007
Escape to the hills of Kumaon
Apart from its idyllic natural beauty and great views of the majestic Himalayas, the Kumaon hills offer orchards, wildlife sanctuaries, religious shrines and adventure activities.

May 29, 2007
Wayanad: Your ticket to paradise
Wayanad-- with its mist-clad hills, sprawling spice plantations and evergreen woods -- was a rejuvenating experience says Arun Ganapathy.

May 25, 2007
Paradise is not that far away
The snow had just begun to melt. Its valleys were greener, and bigger... To be in Kashmir was a blessing, says Prasanna Zore

May 24, 2007
Thenmala: Your date with nature
Today, it is an eco-tourism destination! Yesterday, it was just a small village at the foothills of the Western Ghats...

May 22, 2007
Mist in my room: Munnar diary
Prakriti Sulaiman writes about her recent trip to Munnar.

May 18, 2007
Shillong: Nature's pampered child
Shillong’s cool climate and abundant natural beauty has led to it being dubbed the Scotland of the East.

May 15, 2007
My Kashmir diary
I had never imagined I would travel to Kashmir, but there I was with my wife on a Mumbai-Delhi flight recently…more

Plan a vacation for your kids
Here are a few tips on how you can manage the little ones better while on holiday.

May 14, 2007
Save money on your vacation
With a bit of planning, your dream getaway could be a cherished memory for the right reasons.

May 09, 2007
Snapshots: Uttarakhand
Rediff reader Dilip Thakkar sent us pictures of his vacation to Uttarakhand..

May 08, 2007
Your Say: Have you been to Ladakh?
Share your Ladakh travel experience and discuss them.

May 07, 2007
Your Say: Where would you like to holiday?
Are you a beach-lover, or are you at home in hillstations? Tell us why!.

May 03, 2007
Touring Chennai city
Reshmi Jaimon explores the tourist spots of Chennai, a city that presents a mix of the old and the new...

May 02, 2007
On the tiger trail, in Corbett
Reader Sweta Samota shares her thrilling tiger spotting experience at the Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand.

April 30, 2007
The holy magic of Rewalsar
Mandi and Rewalsar in Himachal Pradesh are perfect places to cool off in summer, says P Sunder.

April 27, 2007
Sikkim: A treat for the senses
Once you roll into Sikkim, you are pretty much experiencing another land..

Tell us: When your travel plans go awry
Have your travel plans ever suffered thanks to the negligence or inefficiency of an airline?

April 26, 2007
Mussoorie: The Queen of Hill Stations
Vaihayasi Pande Daniel discovers that even as this town bustles and evolves into the favourite weekend haunt of Dilliwallahs, it is a place packed with nostalgia.

April 24, 2007
You will love Varkala beach!
Tanya Munshi recommends this quiet seaside beach in Kerala for a peaceful vacation.

Heading for a safari? Read this!
A holiday in a jungle? Not a bad idea, says Kanchan Maleskar.

April 23, 2007
On top of Kudremukh
Kudremukh peak in Karnataka is a golden destination for any trekker says Shreyas Ranganath.

April 20, 2007
Make a travel package work for you
Here are a few things you should keep in mind before opting for one.

April 19, 2007
Your Say: Have you been to Imphal?
Share your Imphal travel experience and discuss them.

April 17, 2007
Feeling the heat? Head to Manali
Reader Srivatsan KV says his paragliding experience was the high point of his holiday in Himachal Pradesh.

April 16, 2007
The old-world charm of Darjeeling
Charming Darjeeling with its magnificent views will leave you speechless, says D Mookerjea.

April 13, 2007
Your favourite holiday? Tell us!
Share your most memorable travel stories with others around the world.

April 12, 2007
Let Shimla take your breath away
Nothing can really prepare you for the beauty of this charming town, says the writer.

March 22, 2007
Beat the heat in Kodaikanal
Also known as the Princess of the Hill stations, Kodai was set up by Americans during the British Raj!

February 23, 2007
When IIM grads came tumbling down
Jeannette Marsh, a first-year from IIM-K shares her first bungee jumping experience.

February 19, 2007
Travel more for less!
Here are nine ways to make your journey a pleasurable and low cost affair.

February 13, 2007
These lovebirds went dolphin watching
Devbagh is an ideal place to have a quiet holiday, says D Mookerjea.

February 06, 2007
Thrills 'n' spills at Hogenakal
Rediff Ravindra Prasad says a trip to Hogenakal will rejuvenate tired bodies and lift sagging spirits.

January 24, 2007
Weekend getaways around Bangalore
Tanya Munshi lists nine interesting places to choose from.

January 16, 2007
Weekend getaways around Delhi
Our capital city has easy access to the naturally-endowed states of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, and Himachal Pradesh.

January 15, 2007
Weekend getaways around Pune
If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle, here are five options you can choose from.

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