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Deepavali: Illogical fun

By Shwetha Bhaskar
Last updated on: February 12, 2007 12:18 IST
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The Thirupathi Brothers have come up with Deepavali, a fun and watchable movie, despite liberal doses of gruesome violence.

Billu (Jeyam Ravi) is the son of a respected well-loved Mudaliar (Vijayakumar) who has managed to convert several rowdies to hardworking good citizens in Chennai's Royapuram area. The people in this locality are highly indebted to this family and are willing to give up their lives for Billu or his father.

Susi (Bhavana) is a young damsel from Bangalore, who has temporarily shifted to Chennai and lives in a house next to Billu's. Friendship between the two blossoms into love. However, Susi is filled with terror at the thought of revealing this romance to her father Chidambaram (Lal), a cruel ruthless individual with underworld connections.

The story is largely unbelievable and even ridiculous in many places. But you will most likely be willing to compromise and accept these illogicisms because this is an entertaining film.

Kudos to director Ezhil for ensuring that an unbelievable plot like this does not cause aggravation or frustration to the viewers.

There is a refreshing innocence about this film and Bhavana and Ravi manage to endear themselves with their easy charm.
For once in a Tamil film, the heroine manages to overshadow the actor. Bhavana takes full charge of this movie with her effervescence and prowess at handling emotional scenes. Ravi provides suitable foil to her talent, as the angry young man, who is still desperately sensitive and lovelorn.

Vijayakumar as the affable father is likeable, contrasting with Lal's character (who is despicable and provokes a sense of uncomfortable dread among viewers). However, it is puzzling why Raghuvaran (in his small role as the doctor) puts on a laughably ridiculous accent that is completely uncalled for!

The music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is outstanding, and will ring in your ears even after the movie has ended. There is none of the standard tapang fare with garrulous beats dished out by most music directors these days and the songs are thankfully melodious and catchy.

On the whole, park your logic at the door and enjoy Deepavali.

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Shwetha Bhaskar