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Restaurant review: Fine dining at 5

By Jahnavi Sanghvi
August 12, 2009 14:19 IST
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We invited GA readers to contribute restaurant reviews and share their opinions on their neighbourhood eateries with us. Here, Jahnavi Sanghvi from Mumbai tells us all about 5 - The Restaurant located in Khar.

My friend and I drove around Mumbai, scouting for a restaurant where we could get a good dinner and talk. We chose 5 at Santacruz (W), SV Road. It is situated between florists and a row of other shops and can be missed if you're not alert.

The tables were lit with candles and adorned with flowers. Their fragrance was refreshing. The aroma of baked bread and cheese was also heavenly. It made our stomachs churn. We were sure we would discover something to tickle the palate. The dim lighting attracts romantic couples who wish for privacy. We saw a pair sitting on the table opposite us. They snuggled against each other and no one bothered them. The calm discouraged loud talk. I would have liked some soft, soulful music, but the absence of it was compensated for by the scrumptious food.

The menu is Italian -- my favorite cuisine. It is also understandable for a first-timer, with no alien names and with a detailed description of the dishes. I could choose wisely. The staff was always pleased, suggesting the finest gourmet, contrary to the bad experiences I have had on occasions elsewhere. The generous hospitability and swiftness were impressive.

By now the atmosphere of the place had sunk into me and the only true test for the place was to win my heart with good food. I was skeptical about it in the beginning, because vegetarians do not have a lot of options. But I was delighted to see that we were treated equally here. And that too with a fine spread.

We ordered red wine, Sula's Satori Merlot. They had an assortment of Indian Sula wines, made from the Nagpur vineyards. Among the white wines was Sula's Chenin Blanc, which I have never tasted but would like to soon. We ordered for starters -- baked potatoes -- and the staff suggested some other starters too, like the parmesan gnocchi.

For mains, I ordered cannelloni and my friend, risotto, and they were the best he and I had as compared to any other Italian restaurant -- sometimes it's too sweet, sometimes there's too much cheese or a wrong combination of fillings. But here everything was just right. Rather, it was the finest Italian food I had in a long time. I was happy that I had built up a good appetite before dinner because everything looked, smelled and tasted so good. All I wanted to do then was eat. I don't remember looking my friend in the eye while talking, because I was so engrossed in bingeing and I wanted to savour every bite! Finally the dessert arrived -- Mocha Fudge -- and looked mouth-watering, living up to my expectations.

When the check arrived, it was a modest amount for two, coming up to just about Rs 600. I would have happily paid more, as the place had pleased all my senses and the portions of food give you value for money. 5 has surely scaled its way up in my list and I would love to visit it again.


5 - The Restaurant
S V Road,
Near Yoko's,
Santacruz West,

Phone: +91 (0)22 2600 0367
+91 (0)22 5693 9919

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Jahnavi Sanghvi