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I got into fashion by fluke: Masaba Gupta

Last updated on: September 25, 2009 

I got into fashion by fluke: Masaba Gupta


Matthew Schneeberger

For fashion designer Masaba Gupta, daughter of famed actress Neena Gupta and West Indies cricket legend Vivian Richards, Lakme Fashion Week was a big coming out party.

As part of the GenNext fashion show on Day Two of the LFW, Masaba's collection turned heads with its vibrant colours and bold patterns. She won the 'Most Promising Designer' title and generally had the crowd buzzing.

Earlier this year, she also won three awards at the SNDT University fashion show.

But according to Masaba myself, she got into fashion by 'sheer fluke'!

Here are excerpts from an exclusive interview with

First, how does it feel to debut at Lakme Fashion Week? What were you thinking in the run-up to the show? Now that it's over, how do you think it went?

It feels great since I'm still a student, so it's a kick.

I wasn't thinking anything. If you ask me I was numb, I just wanted to get done with it.

I think it was superb. I got a fabulous response and thought the energy itself was fabulous in the room.

Photographs: Sanjay Sawant

'The way I use colour is because of my heritage and my background'

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You won three big awards at the annual SNDT fashion contest. How does debuting at LFW compare to that?

Debuting at Lakme Fashion Week is a class apart. I think no award can match up to that. Especially since I debuted in the GenNext show, which has been a platform for many designers, like Sabyasachi, Nikasha and more. So I look at it as a huge responsibility, since the future of fashion is in your hands.

What inspired your collection? If you had to describe your vision in a few sentences, what would you say?

I'm inspired by the labour class women, the ones below the poverty line. They are the ones who really understand design and do something really striking. My vision is to create something straight from the soil, something fresh yet vibrant. Also to revive Indian textiles.

You have a unique way of using patterns and colours. Where'd you develop this style?

I think the way I use colour and stuff is just something I have always done. I think it's because of my heritage and my background.

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'I love Carol Gracias, she's wild on the ramp'

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How did you get involved in fashion? And when did you realise that you wanted fashion to be a career? Is there any other career path you'd like to pursue?

I got into fashion by sheer fluke! There wasn't even an interest, I just applied for the course for fun and got in and happened to enjoy the journey, so it was great.

I wanted to be a singer and got into fashion!

Where do you intend to go with your design career?

I plan to take a while, at least, to settle. It's not an easy industry. I want to venture slowly into bridals and menswear and stuff, so I will try and chalk put my steps accordingly.

Are there any designers you really admire?

I admire Sabyasachi for his approach to fashion, Nikasha in the way she has kept her work Indian. Also Anuj Sharma is great and so is Swapnil Shinde. They're very fresh!

Are there any Indian models you really admire? Internationally, any favourite models?

I love Carol Gracias. She's wild on the ramp. Also Shubra Aiyappa and Candice Pinto are stunning. Internationally, I love Naomi Campbell.

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'My parents have been very, very supportive'

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What's your personal fashion statement? How do you dress for casual and formal events?

My personal style statement is chic and easy. I don't like fussy clothes that you die in once you wear. They should be easygoing. For a formal event I'd wear a nice dress, maybe with a jacket and heels. And casually you'll find me in dhoti pants and loose pyjamas with a top.

Do you think having celebrity parents helped you get your foot in the door in fashion?

It helped me in the sense that people were curious to see my work, because of my parents and who they are. It didn't help me be appreciated. People like my work, so they acknowledge it, else they wouldn't.

How supportive have your parents been of your fashion career? Have they given you any advice?

My parents have been very, very supportive. They like this field and my work and they think I'm good at this, rather, best at this.

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