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Recommend a college to the Class of 2010!

Last updated on: May 10, 2010 16:00 IST

In a few weeks from now, millions of young Indians will leave school and head for college.

Liberated from the rather strict regimen of school, this new generation will savour every moment of the years they spend at college. Discovering brave new worlds virtually every day.

How do they decide what college they would like to spend the most decisive years of their young lives?

How do they decide which college makes the cut, and which doesn't?

Which college has the best teachers, the best facilities?

Where are they likely to grow the most and best?

Rather than post a directory of the nation's colleges, we thought we'd ask you, Dear Reader, for advice. What college would you recommend to our young friends out there?

Simply fill the form below with details of your recommendation -- name of the institute, location and USP -- and we'll publish it right here on (note: e-mail addresses will not be disclosed).

Your advice will guide millions of young Indians as they set out on the magical mystery tour of college life!