December 27, 2011
News: Mood in the Lok Sabha over Lokpal: Hatao yeh bill yeha se
The differences between the Congress and the BJP are too obvious and it seems, as expected, this Parliament is a divided house on the issue of fighting corruption
December 13, 2011
News: The Flying Hero of the 1971 War
Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon is the only Indian Air Force warrior to be decorated with the Param Vir Chakra. 'My admiration for his gallant action remains undiminished,' says M P Anil Kumar. 'It was not his day, yet he made it his own.'
October 14, 2011
News: Himalayan disasters force rethink of India's China border strategy
The high-level China Study Group has been asked by the Prime Minister's Office to review and re-prioritise projects along the high Himalayas, reports RS Chauhan.
February 15, 2011
News: Eye of the Predator: The Hunt for Baitullah Mehsud
'Mullah Omar hatches a devious plot to eliminate Mehsud, who becomes a thorn in his side. Mehsud has been undermining Mullah's position by constant attacks on the Pakistani establishment, which fuel Mehsud's growing, cult-like power in the region.'
January 19, 2011
News: 'Jihadist Pakistan is India's worst nightmare'
"Imagine a jihadist State with the fastest growing nuclear arsenal in the world," Bruce Riedel said. "And, if that doesn't scare you at night, you are watching too many horror movies."
January 07, 2011
News: Indo-Pak thaw resurrects sacred Sikh shrine
With the incremental improvement in ties with Pakistan, the proposal to open the corridor from DBN to the Kiratpur Sahib gurdwara some 4 kilometres away on the Pakastani side, founded in memory of Sikhism's founder Nanak Bedi has once again been resurrected.