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August 12, 2003

The unforgettable Nutan-Dev Anand chemistry
They call each other names, they fight, they want the same house. A trip down memory lane in Tere Ghar Ke Saamne.

July 8, 2003

An ode to relationships
'Arth' depicts Mahesh Bhatt's ability to strike a near perfect consonance between his male and female characters' mental terrain
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February 02, 2005

Memories from Mrinalda
The great director reminisces.

January 31, 2005

'Bollywood's social, Parveen wasn't'
Kabir Bedi remembers Parveen Babi.

January 27, 2005

'Gosh, so many films with her!'
Amitabh Bachchan remembers Parveen Babi.

January 24, 2005

'We'll never know her story!'
A tribute to the late glamour icon.

'She would reach sets before AB'
In conversation with Parveen Babi's make-up man.

January 17, 2005

Amrish Puri: A towering talent
In notoriously youth-worshipping Bollywood, Amrish Puri became a star at 50!

January 14, 2005

SRK: 'He was younger than us!'
Shah Rukh says Amrish Puri is irreplaceable.

January 13, 2005

'We won't get another Amrish Puri'
More tributes for the great actor

January 12, 2005

'He could do anything with elan'
Tributes for the late Amrish Puri

October 15, 2004

Nirupa Roy: Eternal Mother
Her death severs one of our last remaining links to the Golden Age Of Bollywood.

October 6, 2004

Madan Mohan lives on
During his lifetime he never got the multiple awards or the commercial frontline his talent so richly deserved.

September 8, 2004

A Most Unusual Woman
Dimple Kapadia, who returns to the movies after two years. is an actress unlike any other.

July 9, 2004

Marlon Brando: Born to act
Raja Sen pays tribute to the Hollywood legend

June 1, 2004

Nargis would have been 75 today
Sunil Dutt salutes his wife's memory.
Nargis: A daughter remembers
'Whenever I remember my mother, it is always happy memories. You know how you often remember people and feel sad? That is not the case with my memories of Mummy.'

January 5, 2004

Pancham: One of a kind
Sukanya Verma lists some of her favourite RD Burman songs.

December 8, 2003

Shashi Kapoor: My tribute to Dad
Shashi Kapoor is eager to get Prithviraj Kapoor's drama scripts printed
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