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Government pays couples to delay having kids: Your say

August 14, 2009 10:12 IST
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It's no secret that India's growing population is a cause for worry. Around 1.2 billion Indians are competing for scarce resources, which puts an inordinate amount of stress on the country's economy and its development.

And so in an effort to curb the ever-increasing population, a pilot project funded by the National Rural Health Mission is offering couples cash incentives to encourage them to delay having children.

The project, introduced in Satara, Maharashtra, offers couples a reward of Rs 5,000 if they delay having children for two years, with an added Rs 2,500 for an additional third year.

The project, which had an initial sign-ups of 977 couples, has grown to 2,366 couples. Based on the response, Delhi and Assam, among other states, are also considering adopting this initiative. The first payments are expected to be issued on August 15.

Do you think the project should be introduced across the country?

Will offering cash incentives provide young couples a reason to delay having children?

Do you think this initiative will provide long-term benefits?

Tell us what you think.

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