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CAT 2009: 'The exam went off perfectly'

December 05, 2009 13:42 IST

Following the fiasco that CAT 2009 has turned out to be, we asked test takers to share their experiences and advice for candidates yet to take the test. Here, Samyuktha Jandhyala shares her experience:

To start with, even I was very apprehensive before appearing for my exam. I was done with my preparation and I reached the examination centre much before the stipulated time hoping that everthing would go well.

I had chosen the morning session. They allowed us in at around 8.30 am. As I was the first to enter my lab, I went through the biometric test and the identity verification.

Then I was shown my seat and was aked to be seated. I was just waiting for the test to begin. Some main instructions were already given by the invigilators. Then I had to go through some instructions that were written on a piece of paper.

Exactly at the stroke of 10, I was given an option to choose between Start Tutorial and Start Test. We had been given 15 mins time to go through the tutorial. I had gone through it for around five minsutes. Then I started with my test. It started with the DI section followed by Quant and then English. I solved it in the same order.

The exam, the labs, everthing was so well organised that as far as taking the exam was concerned it was a cake walk for all of us. None of the systems crashed; no navigational problems either. It was a very smooth affair. But as most students mentioned, you had to be extra careful because the 'Next' button and 'Quit test' button were adjacent to the each other. There are two more buttons: the 'Mark' and 'Review' button.

In case of any doubts, candidates can clarify them within the first 15 minutes to save time. But, the invigilators are always ready to help.

The paper, I must say, was very smart paper rather than a difficult one. After all that we heard, the exam was conducted in a perfect manner.

All the best!

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