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Five tips to avoid 'Messting'

Source: ANI
December 18, 2009 11:40 IST
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'Messting' is the new term coined for ruining your life by sending text messages.

Golfer Tiger Woods is the latest entrant to the club of 'messting'.

His extra-marital affairs with a number of women were exposed through the messages he had sent to his mistresses.

So, to avoid falling from grace, a list of five things to think about before hitting 'send' has been advised, reports CBS News.

1. Love is temporary, text messages last forever.

2. How will I feel if this message is printed on the cover of a newspaper?

3. What will happen if this message gets forwarded to 100 people?

4. There is no such thing as a confidential communication (everybody tells at least one person).

5. Will the naked photo of myself I'm about to send hurt my ability to get a job?

Tell us about your SMS gaffes! Have you ever sent a message intended for a colleague to your boss? Or sent a private message only to find 10 other people know about it? Tell us about your 'messting' mistakes right here, on the messageboard below!

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Source: ANI
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